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  1. I think it got broken somewhere. With addons like orbx pnw pfj or alaska and the tongass addon that come with custom waterclass the ocean boundaries are now sharp lines and squares/tiles instead of soft blendings. I tried unistalling reinstalling the addon areas to no avail. I returned Texture replacements like rex and hifi to the initial backups but it did not help. Also dx10 on/off did nothing. What could be the files responsible for this? Any ideas? Thank you!!
  2. im afraid, this is not possible! you can of course offload things like weather, flightplanning, some atc-addons via simconnect but that won´t gain you any fps.. all the framerate-hogs like traffic and scenery have to be run from one system
  3. newish1

    Lights issue

    as far as i remember there is no fix yet for ftx 3d-lightpoles, but this will soon change with the new 3d-lights for ftx-global (don´t know if it will work with the regions products though)