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  1. Finally! Thanks guys, download in progress. Tonight is going to be long. PS: The pmdg home page is absolutely irresistible, like putting a kid in a candy store.
  2. That explains the problem I just realized I have on the Q400. Don't know if it is a 'relatively' new issue of if it has been there lurking.
  3. I'm sure @ $228m it is just the list price by Boeing... sorry by PMDG ... they just might give us a 'little' discount on it. Let me check my balance at the Federal Reserve
  4. coragwu

    Step climb.

    I think Romain basically hit the nail on the head with maximum flight level and range to TOD.
  5. Great PMDG, thanks for the unexpected update. Good opportunistic move to improve on a great product when they saw that they the could make a difference. Every little bit saved in memory counts a lot. Impressive that there are already more than 140 comments in a 2 day old thread, shows PMDG and the T7 are winners. Happy New Year to all.
  6. Just when I thought I got my year-end spend under control.... now I'm going for the night environment. Oh well, you only live once
  7. That's good to know. I'm about to revive my old PC which I stopped using some years back. Hoping to setup it up to play with networking two pc's for flightsim. Great if I can still use my PMDG products on it.
  8. Thanks for that, didn't know what I was doing wrong.
  9. The Queen V1 has served many very well. When launched, there was nothing on FS9 remotely close. Indeed she feels dated by today's standards. Now it's time to send her into a quiet tranquil retirement while we await V2 to take to the skies in her full modern day glory.
  10. Anxiously waiting for this update. I can almost imagine the PMDG servers being worked extremely hard on launch date One thing I will like to see with the 747v2 is engine and wheel well fires visually modeled and fire handles which light up, annunciations and all. A cross between random failures like modelled in the old Aerowinx PS747 with applicable visuals on the PMDG will take the Queen to the next level of simulation. Seeing bits fall off (like an engine or tail piece) as some suggested might be asking a bit too much though.
  11. By golly! No not yet gotten into Night Environment. Nice pic.
  12. The best package to me is FlyTampa Dubai Rebooted (OMDB). This is not just a scenery within the airport perimeter but Dubai city is extensively modeled in very high detail. Not many airports can boast of it. Next, not surprising if FlyTampa Kai Tak (VHHX) for the very same reason. I personally like to view a city's skyline during approaches and departures, makes the best of realism.
  13. Not necessarily, it means it only takes longer as you don't have the wear and tear from previous flights. For example, if i log cumulative flights totalling say 100 hrs, reloading clddrk would not have these hours of wear saved. If the saved clddrk state had 100%, you will always have that 100% oil each time you load it. If however I save at 65% oil qty, loading that saved file will continue from that quantity until I top up or ruin my engines in flight, which ever comes first Chinedu.
  14. I save the flight at the end of a session (before exiting the simulator or changing aircraft) so when next i start the simulator, I load the particular flight I saved (includes the panel state). Alternatively, you can load a panel state from the FMC. If you load a default panel state like 'cold and dark', the parameters like oil quantities and 'run' hours remain at that default. Chinedu.
  15. You obviously have never cooked your brakes before :rolleyes: Yes, there are times where use takes its toll. With excessive application, brakes overheat and fail, tyres lose pressure. Engine oil needs top up or when it runs too low in flight, you will experience overheating of the engine leading to engine failure. I like to save flights as this keeps the hours of operation logged. Chinedu.
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