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  1. +1 for Navigraph Charts and FMS Data. Controllers use the latest AIRACS and procedures. We can accommodate you if you don't, but the best practice is to keep your navdata updated.
  2. Great Post! So many people are scared of VATSIM and I don't know why. Yes it can seem intimidating, and I respect the people that want to stay off until they feel a lot more competent, but why not jump in and take advantage of the training opportunities there are? VATSIM's own training materials coupled with Authorized Training Organizations like VATSTAR make it very friendly for new users to get guidance and not have to just "go it alone." Yes, some controllers can be cranky and understandably give negative impressions to the new user, but if you're unfortunate enough to run across one, don't let it dissuade you.. Try again with another controller and I'm confident you will have a pleasant experience. We controllers love new pilots who have a desire to learn and get better. It's the ones that refuse to get better and view ATC as a burden that get under our skin sometimes!
  3. VATSIM are having trouble with their new mail sending program resulting in popular email domains, especially Microsoft based ones, rejecting the emails containing passwords and new member info. They are working on a solution with the provider so give them a few days and try again.
  4. Hello Mr. Randazzo. Congratulations on the upcoming release. I know that the P3D version will likely be $Texas for many of us and before I drop that on the product I want to be sure of my investment. You said that you are still planning on protecting users on a conversion to x64 P3D. Imminent or not, is there any reason to fear deviation from this plan? If so, would there be a reasonable upgrade price or would it be the Louisiana purchase all over again? I apologize for being skeptical, your products are worth what they cost, but it is still a lot of money to invest for what could end up being only a 2 year or shorter return. Thank you for the clarification.
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