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  1. I am enroute on the first flight with this mod and I love it! Only have two issues or thoughts really- -Prop cycles extremely fast on a runup. I have not flown the Bonanza since the update so it may not be the mod. Have not tested it without yet. Fast power changes have the same effect. -The strobe, nav, and beacon lights illuminate the cockpit and fuselage at night (at least during this flight) at a very uncomfortable level. The strakes at the leading edge of the wing by the wingtip light housing should prevent this... Unless you are in the clouds of course. I may have missed these documented somewhere or said previously. Otherwise, I am having fun with this. I fly a turbo-normalized 182RG in the real world and, although it is a different machine completely, I find it crazy how much of a difference it makes. Well done thus far! (Also an avid RealAir legacy fan FYI 🙂 )
  2. Your efforts are appreciated on all of this! I was really looking forward to this airplane when they announced it. I wish they’d have spent more time... maybe soon they’ll go back through and fix the countless bugs on it and other aircraft.
  3. Fuel flow is still high (at least it is for me)- Shouldn't burn more than maximum around 1200lbs/hr combined at a high speed setting... should be able to get it on an economy setting of less than 800lbs/hr combined. I love the CJ series of Citation- hopefully it gets some Microsoft attention for tweaking. CJ4 is a great airplane.
  4. Real world Bonanza’s as I am aware never had deice boots. There is an STC for a lot of older models, and the newer models (maybe a factory option on the G36?) for a TKS system. Effectively what that does is put contoured plates on the leading edges with million of microscopic pores that are hooked to a pump and tank. With this system, you secrete TKS fluid to both prevent ice and/or remove what has built up. Addressing the other comment above about prop deice- that usually consists of either electrically heated pads at the root end of the blades or a prop slinger for the TKS fluid. In the real world, there are two categories of aircraft when it comes to ice certifications- those that are FIKI, and those that aren’t. (Flight Into Known Icing) Which is exactly as it implies. Generally a front windshield hot plate or some sort of windshield sprayer, in addition to other differences determine if an airplane is FIKI or not. If it’s not FIKI, it is NOT legal to fly into known ice and the system is just used as a safety to get you out of unforecast icing conditions should you find yourself in them. There are a lot of internet resources out there that cover things like the different types of ice, what temperatures and conditions can cause ice, the super dangerous SLD (supercooled liquid droplets), and other type of icing issues that are beyond what most people realize (induction ice for example). You could also check out the company that owns/produces the STCs (and make the OEM products) for the TKS “weeping wing” system that could be installed on a Bonanza (and is what the Caravan has in MSFS) along with other possible airframes. Their website contains great icing information here: https://www.cav-systems.com/icing-conditions/ as well as informations about their retrofit kits here: https://www.cav-systems.com/tks/retrofit/
  5. I was going to update from 32 this year but heck with that. I'll just wait for Microsofts Flight Simulator now instead of spending the money. I've yet to try the FMS. I've done the fix Bert mentioned in another thread and will see if that sorts it out for my GTN750 vertical guidance. Edit: Oh, it's you Carl. Didn't realize that LOL
  6. Bert, I'm having the same problem but I'm using the Flight1 GTN750.... I wonder if this method will also work for that?
  7. Is anyone else having a problem with getting the autopilot VNAV and APR functions to work with the Flight1 GTN? I have been unable to get it to follow VNAV or a coupled approach like their 550.... Also, I can't get the backup horizon to stop saying itll be ready in several thousand seconds. Version 1.1
  8. Here we go again... We are trying to find a common denominator to the issue that several of us are having that may (or may not be) related to the 747 issue that some are experiencing on that forum. You are clearly not having this problem (thankfully) and although I cannot speak for others, I am positive the cause is not pilotage.
  9. FYI- I have an open ticket about this with PMDG. Currently I do not have the nose-stays-afloat issue (it still seems to lightly fall normally as the airplane slows) but I am unable to go into reverse until the nose is on the ground. I've done about 4 flights now trying different things that they suggest. Will post any major discoveries here if we hopefully find them.
  10. That is correct. I've delayed following up because I wanted to do a couple flights and unfortunately my results were negative. Although doing touch and gos went well, on flights it still has the same behavior. This happens nearly every time I fly it. I've also been following the discussion over on the 747 forum. I don't own the 747, but it sounds as if the people there that are reporting the issue are experiencing the same problem. I think I'll open a support ticket and see if there's a way that PMDG would like me to test or report from the sim in some way.
  11. Ok, here is something I may have found. I haven't tested this on a full flight, but I've found that FSUIPC (for FSX in my case) has the ground friction LUA enabled. This "should" only be active under a set speed (I think 20kts is what mine was set to) but I went into the LUA and added a line to step the script whenever an aircraft with PMDG in the name was used. I figured this is the one thing I remember that has any possible effect to the ground, friction, rolling, etc. I just did a touch and go (fun to do in a 777 the right way) and two full stop landings and was able to activate reverse immediately on touchdown, had no perpetual floating that needed to be interrupted (or force the nose down), and spoilers deployed as they should. Big difference. Could you investigate on your end? Hopefully the others that reported earlier in the thread see this and might be able to as well. In your FSUIPC.INI file (modules folder of your sim) check to see if there is an entry that says: [LuaFiles] 1=DynamicFriction If so, in the modules folder open that LUA and change the section near the top from this: -- Modded by Bob Scott to restrict wheel and brake reduced rolling friction effects to taxi speeds -- in order to preserve FDE-driven TOLD performance (on hard-surfaces only) ipc.RestoreFriction() -- The original FSX values are shown in the comment at the end of each code line to this: -- Modded by Bob Scott to restrict wheel and brake reduced rolling friction effects to taxi speeds -- in order to preserve FDE-driven TOLD performance (on hard-surfaces only) ipc.RestoreFriction() acftname = ipc.readSTR("3D00", 35) if string.find(acftname,"PMDG",0,true) then ipc.exit() end -- The original FSX values are shown in the comment at the end of each code line and see if that makes a difference. I will fly a couple hour test flight tomorrow night (don't have time to do one this evening) and see how it goes.
  12. Interesting this is reopened. I also continue to have this happen, more often than not. (I actually get surprised now if I end up with the proper response at the proper time when I first go into reverse on touchdown) I don’t think it’s cause for grounding the airplane.... but it certainly is annoying. Originally I opened this thread to try to communicate to other users that are having this happen to try to find what the cause is. I don’t think it’s a 777 problem, but something that is affecting it. Some more info- the other night I recorded a landing with a stabilizer camera (as a small view to the side of my main cockpit window). I noticed that the main trucks’ rear tires sunk into the ground and stayed in this position for a couple second delay, then jumped to the flat “weight down” position... and at this time I was able to apply reverse. Would the people who are also experiencing this be willing to sit down on Discord or something and sorta conference call to compare addons? And possibly narrow down what may be happening? Again, not saying the 777 has the issue, but I do think something is interfering with it. Thanks Nick
  13. I am not sure it's the airplane just yet. I have some questions: Would you mind listing what addons are in use while you are flying the 777? Are you on FSX or P3D? What version? Do you use FSUIPC? Do you have addon scenery for where you fly? What about just AFCADs? Does this happen every single time or have you had times where it does not? Just trying to see if we have some similarities that might be the culprit.
  14. What do you mean the acknowledged bug for lack of deceleration with the nose gear in the air? In FSX or just P3D? That's exactly what we are talking about........ I did a flight the other night and did not record my landing, but I wish I did. Calm wind, planted the mains (I think it was -280 vs) and released all pressure from my controller to try to test this. I held in my button for rapid "F2" repeat and watched as the speed tape flashed about 6 times in 3 seconds between no v-speeds (like I'd touched down) and back to the VREF showing like I hadn't. It would not let me go into reverse and I GAINED 3 knots. Engines at IDLE thrust this entire time. I let it go for about 4-5 seconds before I reached and pushed the nose down so I would not run out of runway. As soon as the nose touched it was all back to normal. This being said, I'd done something like 6 or 7 flights in the last 10 days and only one of them resulted in a normal touchdown where I was able to start reverse thrust immediately while the nose was still in the air. Dan, I'm not trying to cause an argument or disagreement but we will just have to agree to disagree. As I've said before you clearly do not have the problem those of us on the thread are having. We are having the problem (it's definitely a problem) and came here to try to find a solution, whether it be a bug in the 777 or another addon that is interfering with the airplane and causing this.
  15. Dan, are you reading anything typed? Something has changed to cause this problem to happen, and several people have noticed it when it didn’t happen before. When this happens I am unable to apply reverse thrust until the nose touches down. A clear indicator that the airplane does not think it’s on the ground. My flight last night ended on a normal landing, much to my surprise, and it was literally no different than the one in the video except everything worked as it should and allowed me reverse thrust as soon as the mains touched down and the nose came down naturally as it always did before this started happening. In fact, in my flight last night I purposely rotated more than I did in that video and it still worked perfectly. Something is causing the issue and I came here to chime in with others to see if we could try to locate the cause. You may not have the issue, but there’s no reason to aimlessly keep suggesting everyone is doing something wrong in landing when, at least in my case, I’ve changed nothing in all the time I’ve flown the thing. Yet, the problem started a short time ago and still persists.
  16. Is your above video in replay mode? It is interesting that there have been similar accounts with 747 folks. I still believe an addon is causing some sort of interference. What other non-aircraft addons do you have?
  17. Ok interestingly enough it did not happen to me on the flight I just tried despite happening on the last three flights at least. I was able to find it in one my past streams. If you click on the link below, it should put you at the 1:23:15 mark of the video on short final. (sidenote: I know I was high on this approach and landed long. Overlook that for now haha) Click here You can see in the video that the speed tape swaps back and forth a few times as if the squat switches are going back and forth from ground to air rapidly. From the moment you hear the spoilers deploy, I am holding a button that I have bound to quickly, repeatedly press F2 in order to get reverse thrust. You can see it will not unlock the reversers until the nose is well on the ground.
  18. Dan, While I appreciate the efforts, I will not accept that it is a methods issue. If you land something, no matter what, hundreds of times and then all the sudden something happens that makes it act differently EVERY time, then you notice it. I've noticed this and it is not normal. I believe there is something (like an addon I have) interfering with the touchdown process and the plane does not bounce, rather skips indefinitely on the mains until the nose contacts the ground. I'm going to do a flight with it now to try to recreate it and post the video afterwards so it makes more sense.
  19. The problem is not the settling of the nose gear.... Kindly re-read the descriptions of what we are describing. I’m neither coming in too fast, nor over-rotating. In fact, I’ve tried landing with minimal flare to really plant the mains and it still happens. It may not be happening in your environment, but there are some of us that are experiencing it and that’s why we are posting here to see if anyone else has found a solution. I tend to lean toward something else causing this to happen but have been unable to narrow down what exactly it may be. I do not have this problem at all in the NGX.
  20. Bumping this thread- I have been experiencing this as well with the 777 and it is very annoying. By the book numbers and I am confident there are no problems with methods, but it's like the plane just skips and skips (at idle thrust) until I force the nose down. I am sure it would skip all the way down and off a 12,000ft runway if I let it. Autothrottle in RETARD mode and it skips back and forth between NO VSPDS and VREF on the speed tape as this is taking place. Our ACARS also registers all (or most) of these as bounces. This is odd because I have put quite a bit of time on the 777 since I bought it when released, and this is something that has been happening in the last few months or so. I'll see if I can post a video of it happening later tonight or tomorrow from in the cockpit. I stream on Twitch every so often and this has stopped me from doing so. Hopefully someone can find a solution or maybe PMDG can confirm/comment.
  21. Very much looking forward to the 747 and I know many of our pilots are. I will continue waiting patiently :wub:
  22. Hey All, I'd like to give a quick update to anyone interested in the event. We have added a LARGE number of prizes since the initial announcement. These can be found on our current list, located here: PRIZE PAGE Also, we will have an event teamspeak available beginning Friday night USA at 10:00pm Eastern Time, 0200Z. All are welcome. The TS3 sever address will be events.fedexvac.org. This will be a friendly and welcoming environment for anyone participating in the event to meet each other and chat while they fly. I look forward to meeting many new people. See you in the skies!
  23. Hey All- So I am thoroughly enjoying using the data uplink features of the 777. It was one of those "wow, look at that!" moments that you might get when you discover something profound. However, I have a question. This isn't necessarily a problem or I guess a direct question for the 777, however it is something of a fairly good inconvenience I have now that I am using the wind uplink features with Active Sky Next and the 777 SP1. So this is my scenario: I load into the sim, get all the necessary things done for pre-preflight: Start the ADIRU aligning, start FSINN, connect to VATSIM, file my flightplan, set payload and fuel, close the doors, etc. I then set my departure/arrival airports and datalink request/load my flightplan. This creates the .WX file AND loads it into FSX. Now ASN picks it up and populates it's flightplan and route coverage, allowing me to step along with my pre-flight and uplink route winds and descent forecast winds. This is where my problem begins. I noticed an abnormally frequent request of the destination METAR from VATSIM being performed, which shows at the top of my screen. It only usually happens at my own request or when I file/update a flightplan, however I assumed it was happening automatically because of the 777s WX creation and loading of the flightplan into FSX. I next notice that the filed flightplan on FSINN, and subsequently VATSIM, has changed to a waypoint-by-waypoint list of my flightplan, just like what is loaded in ASN and FSX. But this isn't really a proper flightplan. My problem is that no matter how many times I refile the correct plan, any adjustment to the route in the FMC or passing of a waypoint triggers it to refile on VATSIM. I don't think controllers would like me very much if I kept doing it. I know that as a controller myself, I wouldn't like just a point by point route in a long flightplan. What I have resorted to is just letting the FMC create the WX file and then I go and load it into ASN manually. Of course this is no fun because I really like how I can have it all do it automatically and work together. So what do you do? Have you experienced this as well? Again, I wouldn't normally post this question here because it's not strictly a 777 thing, however it only happens with the 777 so I want to catch those who are in my same situation. What do you think? Thanks in advanced!
  24. I thought I should post our current list of prices: The FlightSim Store AUD$50 coupon (4x) Aerosoft Airbus X Extended (1x), Anchorage X (1x) Commercial Level Simulations (CLS) 747-200/300 (5x) Orbx/FullTerrain Product of Choice (1x) A2A Simulations Product of Choice (1x) FS2Crew Product of Choice (1x) Simmarket 10 Euros off coupon (10x) More on the way!
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