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  1. Sounds like ATC is requiring a side step landing for rwy __R. Basically line up to land on left runway, then side step over to right rwy. Youtube shows excellent side step landings for a visual landing at EHAM with a B747 crew
  2. Dolphinhog

    B-47E Stratojet

    Just became my desktop background - on a 42 " monitor
  3. Dolphinhog

    Pushback Stop

    make sure park brake released or you get the sudden stop
  4. Dolphinhog

    Keeping FSX Loaded

    Likely a VAS issue at the 4gb will usually cause a OOM
  5. anyone using FreeNav DB group will have noticed no updates to the airac cycle since June 2018. There doesn't seem to be any changes to the website. Anyone else have the same story. Any news?
  6. Dolphinhog

    Scenery Configurator

    normally you can do a restore going through the menu and select directory for fsx...should repopulate, then remove any files not directly associated with scenery,
  7. Dolphinhog

    Flight planning Very close to the real deal. saves plan in many formats. Sometimes busy but lately very smooth. Uses real world navaids.
  8. Dolphinhog

    Descending too slow Very accurate Flight Plans you can even follow on flightradar24, as well ASN weather can read the saved flight plans (many formats) Basically ignore ATC for heading changes without being terminated - annoying callouts but still no IFR cancellations. Ask for altitude changes and stay ahead the curve. Lots of time to set up your stars and ils approaches.
  9. You are up to date. Nothing new or updates for some time. Suspect their latest weather engine AS2016 is going to see the bulk of the attention. Check website for latest build, but I've had 6255 for some time and I always check. cheers
  10. Dolphinhog

    ULTRA-RARE footage of the Red Baron (100 years ago)

    Splitting hairs here. Developed but not mastered until Fokker working with the Germans perfected it. Fokker being Dutch, Garros French, WWI was the amplifier.
  11. Dolphinhog

    ULTRA-RARE footage of the Red Baron (100 years ago)

    The German engineers developed a gun mechanism that allowed the guns to only fire when the blades could not be struck, basically timed to miss the propellers. Some actually had metal reinforcement to deflect rounds off the blade without damaging them. Still other had the guns mounted above the blades and the trigger was above the pilot. Imagine believing that this was all done thousands of feet above the earth, and no parachutes!!
  12. Dolphinhog

    FSX Gold Edition and Windows 10?

    My FSX gold works better under 10 than 8