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  1. Hello Pilots, I've been working on a Jurassic Park scenery for FSX/P3D simulators. Here's a video demo. Enjoy... Thanks, John
  2. Not sure what you mean deleting all waypoints. I've had no such problems with p3d v4 and VoxATC's latest release. Just some of the same problems that plagued the FSX version such as AI planes getting stuck on taxiways. I also still have blank screen for "recent Coms" window. "Save a flight" - in P3d v4? John
  3. Thanks Jay, I'll look into those options. John
  4. I'm a bit confused regarding UT2 ai aircraft along with VoxATC in p3d v4. I have the stock UT2 and had been using voxatc with the bridge to bring in all those wonderful UT2 liveries into Voxatc when I was using FSX. Now what can I do to get those different real-world planes into Vox without a fps hit from older non- v4 compliant aircraft models? What are my options? Is it better to wait a while until somethings is better developed for voxatc traffic integration? Thanks, John
  5. jabloomf1230 - re: my assessment, I wasn't complaining (I think it's a remarkable addon) - I thought the developer wanted such things brought forward. As I said in my original post, I'm still a fan - and immediately bought the registration number before I even installed it in my new p3d v4 setup. As for flight planning - I think the only reason I ended up with the 'high-flying' arrival route to KMSP was because I was using FSBuild for flight planning and had it set for the CRJ700/900 rather than the B1900D, which I was flying. I adjusted the cruise altitude but it kept the arrival. I should have checked that before posting, as I regularly use Foreflight on my ipad for planning and flying, but hadn't studied the arrival chart before posting. My flight in the CRJ was interrupted with a CTD and I've grounded that aircraft until Aerosoft releases the fix for it. Thanks, John
  6. I agree Rick, and I think it would involve changing the size of a bmp file somewhere like needs to be done in FSX with runway lighting when set to really wide screen (like 3 monitors). I haven't played around with it or googled a fix for that recently, but might go back and look at those different bmp files in fsx to see if I can figure it out. John
  7. Thanks jabloomf1230, I posed that question in my post but should have looked it up myself. I forgot to add the issue in my original post that I also get some clipping of the atc audio messages that I didn't notice in earlier versions. John
  8. Is Vox7.4 the beta ? Regardless, I'm still a big fan of VoxATC. I've downloaded the p3d v4 version and installed it along with the voxpop voices. I've just noted some minor issues: The Recent Comms window is blank or empty (no recent comms text is being displayed there). Some unusual altitude changes on one of the flights - KDLH to KMSP, Bainy3 Arrival I was on an IFR flight at cruise alt 14000. I get to the Bainy3 arrival and ATC instructs me to climb to FL240. Don't know why it did that (does Bainy 3 have such altitude restrictions?), then ATC eventually has me descend to 7500. Why 7500 on an IFR approach? Other than these minor things, VoxATC worked very well and I was vectored down to the ILS and taxied to and from takeoff to parking without problems. I did notice that the taxi instructions seem to be staggered, with the illuminated path also lighting up staggered rather than the entire path to parking or the runway hold line as it has done in past FSX versions. This version seems to guide me to an intersecting taxiway before giving me further instruction and lighting the path. This is not a particular problem - just different than previous versions - not sure if this is the intended behavior. John
  9. If you've added additional voices (I think I found 4 others out there for download (3 male and 1 female). If installed correctly they should indeed appear in the left pane. Perhaps you might try reinstalling them, as it appears they didn't install correctly.
  10. I thought it worked off of the first intersection that matched your current STAR if included in your flight plan - perhaps if you included the shared intersection that matched your approach not including the old one it might bypass old intersections and pick up from there - though not sure about this. John
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