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  1. Wow; Amazing!! Hands down most realistic looking sets of screen shots every posted here.
  2. Thanks Tony, definitely getting myself a 6TB external HD today and linking to my new XP-11 500GB SSD.
  3. Nice shots there Tony, I also picked up this beauty this weekend and it's an absolutely great plans and fun to hand fly.
  4. Tony; what's the average tile size for this selection of Ortho? (Can't experiment because I'm all out of space on my 120GB SSD card 😌) I'm looking to do the entire US and a few other regions, with a total estimated tiles of about 1025, so I need to do my computed data calculation for a new HD.
  5. Unfortunately; X-Plane “seems” to be an afterthought and is not their main targeted market.
  6. Great capture; those snow caps and sky color is absolutely beautiful.
  7. Splendid set there; they're a beauty, the skies colors look great. xEnviro weather rendering and XP really does a fantastic job.
  8. I asked the same question on the org, but haven't gotten a response. In my case I can't file a flight plan. I'm getting a Abort message stating "openscenery not found at custom folder" even through its there.
  9. PB9 seems to be running much better on my test rig: i5-2500K @ 3.4GHz / 16GB/AMD Radeon HD 5700/1024MB with rendering options set to medium or high, running stock scenery with only xenviro as addon. With PB8 I was getting FPS anywhere from 16 to around 22; FPS are now 26 to 34 on the ground, 32 to 38 while air borne with XE doing it's wonders. The AMD performance improvement works.
  10. Go get it; see release notes. Ben: "Clouds: I am still fighting with cloud performance, so this work is not in a public beta yet, because it’s not quite ready for prime-time". Interesting!!!! http://developer.x-plane.com
  11. Thanks Hans, slow going but getting the hang of things.
  12. Would like to give this a shoot during a few down time this week; Which is the best/latest up to date tutorial for ortho4xp? I've seen a few YT videos but they seems to be missing a step here or there for a newbie to orthoscenery.
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