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  1. I confirm this behavior. Workaround is to be prepared for this to happen and quickly get on VS and adjust accordingly after selecting new ALT.
  2. Hi everyone, Guess this thread is as good as starting a new one for my issue. I am getting an "offset" in the location of some airports. Using MSFS the airport as "drawn" by LNM (with clickable information etc.) is located near but not exactly on top of the image of the airport being generated by the underlying scenery. Any ideas on how to resolve? Thank you very much in advance for any help. Cheers,
  3. @cwburnett Modified the text to 45,000 and no issues.
  4. @cwburnett Haven't had a chance yet but will test again and will let you know. Thanks for the follow up. Cheers,
  5. It was a climb not slew or travel to. And I totally understand about the Longitude. Hopefully sometime it will get fixed. Thanks again!
  6. Thanks a ton for doing this! Finally usable... Two questions: 1. I still get cabin alt warning and I did install all files as per your instructions. 2. Any chance you could do the same mod for the Longitude? Cheers!
  7. No issues except the know issue regarding "pause" TIR being a little sketchy.
  8. A helicopter seems like a must given the level of detail the scenery will provide. What better way to explore and appreciate it all? I think Bell would be the most likely as MS already has a partnership with Textron the parent company of Bell.
  9. In case they're checking this thread, I add myself to all the others' requests for MSFS TIR support as soon as possible. Thanks!
  10. Can anyone confirm a rumor that if you agree to accepting the MSFS tech alpha, you cannot have that installed on the same machine as P3D?
  11. I can confirm this. Just bought it 2 days ago from simmarket so it's the latest download. In addition to the hdg bug, the course knob, altimeter setting knob and radio altimeter knob all rotate opposite of every other a/c I have flown (mouse wheel forward reduces value not increases as normally would). I am using windows 7 pro and P3D ver Slightly OT, so far after 5-6 flights I've yet to hear any audible warnings including test functions. Normal? And along those lines, they advertise a fantastic 3 phase gear down wind noise which varies with changing airspeed but frankly I don't hear ANY wind noise from the gear...
  12. Well people, looks like no help here. What I did as a band aid fix was remove the offending sound file. At least now I can fly in and out of ORBX KTEX with this jet...
  13. Same problem using Orbx KTEX. Any help would be appreciated.
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