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  1. I have KSYR which is their latest and supposedly their most detailed (which isn't on sale...) and like it quite a bit. Can't comment on the other, older airports.
  2. Was actively flying the Sublogic flight sim on a Tandy TRS80 Model III - had been for about a year ± at that point iirc. Can't stress enough that in those days, it was just incredible to be able to be at home and "transport" oneself into a simulated realm of flight. Been at it ever since...
  3. Ha! You've dated yourself and I'm about to join you 😉 Ah yes, the Aeroworx B200 - truly a ground breaking plane for flight simming for its time. As far as I know, it was the first to introduce the possibility of a turbine "hot start" into the equation. Loved that plane - flew it around the world twice in addition to the umpteen gazillion other hours I logged in general flights. I will purchase the JF and hope it affords a similar amount of satisfaction.
  4. Understood and thank you. Well, the 20% off sale will probably get my CC out of hibernation. I've been a TIR user since they first came out but their pricing is just a little too high now and especially with this Tobii sale.
  5. Thanks for this info. You say here "You can pause tobii or reset camera view" I just want to be sure you're saying that you can "freeze" the Tobii view at whatever angle you're currently looking from and not that you can just stop if from tracking. Would you please confirm? Thank you.
  6. I am very much in the market for either a replacement TIR or the Tobii. It concerns me that you can't "freeze" the view with the Tobii. Is there any hard evidence that they are aware of the desire by the community to have this implemented or is it just wishful thinking that someday it will be an included feature?
  7. Manual Pg. 18 "3.5.5. Assign combo" talks about assigning a combo key to axis. I want to assign a combo key to control AP VS increments via joystick buttons. New user here and I just don't know if this is possible. I'd like my pinky button to serve as the "shift" function in combination with a hat switch up/down to adjust VS values. Doable? Any further instruction or info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers,
  8. Check the MilViz 310R, you will find your wishes realized.
  9. When you get this, do yourself a huge favor - open the side storm/vent window prior to starting. The sound...😂 I predict you will always have that window open for start - taxi - and shut down for every subsequent flight 👍
  10. Can't / won't fly without it and that's been true for years and years. I've talked to people who didn't like it and it almost always is due to them not taking some (enough) time to experiment with getting a good profile setup. There are baseline setups included that can be modified and there are quite a few on the net from other users sharing theirs. To the new user - make sure you set up a "center view" button that is easy to access with your hardware. Mine is the trigger on my joystick. Yes, if your setup is perfect you probably won't need to center view that often but in reality, you will so make it convenient. And as others have mentioned I have an easy to access "pause view" which coupled with the FS zoom function you can easily get a nice stable, tight view on whatever you're getting at - FMS, radios etc.. That said, I still set up at least one custom view usually for the FMS which is simply more convenient when entering a lot of data like a flight plan. When my current TIR gives up the ghost, I will take a hard look at the Tobii head / eye tracking system. It's more expensive than TIR but there are what looks to be significant advantages and advancements vs. the TIR - not to mention that no hat or headset clip is required. $0.02. Hope it helps someone in the decision making process...
  11. The airport linked in the OP post has been available since Sept '21 and is excellent for freeware. There is a newer KPHL done by a different dev released Mar. 2 https://flightsim.to/file/28790/philadelphia-international-airport Not saying one is better than the other - just offering an other option. Cheers,
  12. Just picked up the Waco YMF-5 (my first MFS payware a/c) and am really enjoying it. Just wondering though, how or where any updates for this plane are handled? Will I get an email? Will an update show in the marketplace? Or, other method(s)? Cheers,
  13. Have a friend who's been suffering chronic CTD's. I wonder if having two community folders and him placing mods in the "wrong" one could be the source of the problem. I will link this post to him but would appreciate any comments confirming that this could be the issue. Cheers!
  14. Hi Bert, Seems the days of editing cfg files for "eyepoint" are long gone (some one please correct me if I'm wrong). In addition to some custom views that I have created as mentioned above, I have settled on a hybrid approach to cockpit views. First, I am a longtime Track IR user but I still need some tweaking even with that. I have bound increase/decrease cockpit view height, translate cockpit view forward/backward as well as translate left/right to a 4 way hat switch. These are found in the "Cockpit Camera" settings. But secondly I also use the camera controls found in the GENERAL options area. Here, there are additional camera (viewpoint) settings available that are PERSISTENT and that maybe you're not aware of. Go to OPTIONS -> SETTINGS -> CAMERA and you will find Cockpit Camera HEIGHT, HORIZONTAL POSITION AND ZOOM sliders that can be adjusted to your liking. They must be set to your liking in each aircraft although you may find that one setting works for all or many. I have found that I leave L/R centered, and only need to adjust height from 50-75 and zoom from 30-60 for the different planes I fly. There are quite a few a/c that share the same settings at least for me... Hope this helps and even if you knew it anyway, maybe it will help some one else. Cheers,
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