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  1. maybe check if you have installed anything that might affect the mission. to my experience add-on scenery / ground mesh can interfere with the default missions if it alters the area where the mission is taking place
  2. glad to be of help.. but i wonder why you had the default 2.0 there. are you using the aircraft.cfg files that came with bernt stolles archive, or did you just update your original aircraft.cfg files to point to the new airfiles [i.e. sim=185_tundra]? just asking to make sure, because there are many many changes in bernts aircraft.cfg files that interact with the new air files (more indepth flap settings, weight distribution and the like) cheers and happy taildraggin' :)
  3. i am a little late to the party, had the 185F bush pack for a while now but just found out about these new FDEs so i started flying it again for those still taildragging with this FDE: i found a solution for the missing flaps sound. Bernt Stolles config file changed the [Flaps.0] settings. to get the Flaps click sound on all positions open the aircraft.cfg file (for each version) and change extending-time=1 to extending-time=2.5 with this change the flaps will move a tiny bit slower, but the flaps sound will properly play.
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