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  1. It's all about addons, not even really about the sim itself. People who disqualify MSFS as a scenery simulator I think tend to equate the abundance of available addons such as sophisticated airliners with the base sim itself. If one took away all the addons from P3D, it wouldn't be anywhere near the complexity many are looking for. Much of the criticism against MSFS, while certainly valid in many cases, can be applied to P3D as well. For example, the default P3D flight model isn't spectacular either and the default aircraft aren't any better and possibly worse than those in MSFS, so you would have to discredit P3D as a lesser simulator based on that too, but that's not really being done because the wealth of addons is what makes the difference and turns P3D into that 'proper' simulator. I'm sure that when more high quality airliners and GA aircraft are available for MSFS there won't be many left that call MSFS a scenery simulator, even if the base sim didn't change at all.
  2. When I purchased the FSL A320, my forum account was automatically set up with my real name (from the purchase information). I immediately changed it to a nickname and got a temporary ban from the forums which is still up because I don't post there so I never bothered to change the name again. I can however download all liveries and mods from their forum's download page.
  3. I'll add the fact that you always have the same weather all the way up to the horizon instead of different weather systems in different places, at least when using AS. I'm using EA on every flight but I honestly expected more when they said it was officially out of beta.
  4. If only it was like that. With all the performance improvement reports that come with every new driver release, we'd be running our sims stutter-free at 500 FPS by now. 😝
  5. It's a bug with EA that has been reported during beta testing of P3D v5 already, according to beta testers, but not been fixed since then. On initial loading of the scenario, often the clouds won't load. It's a P3D/EA bug but the extent appears to vary between users, for example I almost always have clear skies instead of a few clouds (default fair weather theme) without AS too and need to go to the weather menu to get them back. It is only after that that I launch AS and let it control the weather. If AS is running and the clouds won't show up, it's not because of AS but because the new cloud depiction injected by AS wasn't loaded by P3D due to the bug.
  6. Yeah, that bug has been present ever since the first P3D 5.0 version. It's not a bug with AS specifically btw, it happens without AS, too.
  7. There would be clouds with this slider not all the way up, just not enough for an overcast layer. I think what @YoYo is seeing is one of the limitations of EA we currently have to live with. AS can only depict the weather at your current position and that will be the same weather for every other weather station, meaning you will see the same cloud layer all the way up to the horizon. If one is not quite yet within the area for which overcast is reported or if AS hasn't updated yet, there will be different weather conditions there until one enters the area or AS updates. Another thing is a bug that makes EA clouds not show up initially after scenario start so you will have a clear sky. You then need to go into the weather menu and manually add a random cloud layer which will make the clouds appear. Then start AS and let it do its thing.
  8. I have it enabled. I think it makes sense to let AS do what it needs to do to work best with EA on. I find that this option does make the clouds look more realistic. It can be turned off if you want to use custom tweaks for the clouds, but if you don't use any custom tweaks, it's probably best to turn it on and AS will take care of it.
  9. Thanks! I'll list the things I have found that don't work or do work but not without issues in case this helps: (As mentioned) CDU control doesn't work at all (As mentioned) ND/EFIS knobs will only be put into the next position, disregarding the actual position commanded WX/TERR selector doesn't work ACP control doesn't seem to work; when commanding to switch input or output to VHF2 or both nothing happens (mic and speaker selectors) VOR/DME manual <> auto switch doesn't seem to be supported (F/O side) 'Multiple position switches' (for lack of a better word) like pack selectors, standby battery, engine start selectors, etc. are always briefly turned into the first/leftmost position before being put into the commanded position (this for example results in a brief standby power outage when first turned to OFF) Pressurization panel doesn't seem to work at all (system selector, landing altitude window) Panel lights commands don't work Alternate flaps and gear switches don't work
  10. Thanks! I also noticed that ND controls don't work right; for example when I tell the F/O to switch his ND to map mode or whatever, he will only turn the knob one position further instead of selecting the specific mode. Same with the range selector. A few other switches don't seem to work right either, but I don't know how much I could reasonably expect MCE to do with any aircraft.
  11. I'm working on translating the 757 preflight flows into MCE commands to use with the CS 757 III right now. The only thing I can't get to work are FMC commands. The F/O will confirm the command when I test it but doesn't seem to be able to actually execute the command. Can MCE control (parts) of the FMC in this aircraft?
  12. The G2 runs at 90 Hz by design. You can go to Mixed Reality settings, headset display and then under experience options you can open a window to change between 60 and 90 Hz.
  13. The reason is likely how you set up the aircraft which prevents VNAV from engaging according to real world logic of the systems. Have you changed something in operating the plane? Are you doing anything differently than before? I don't know of any bug in the NGX that would prevent VNAV engagement and there was no update to the product/nothing was changed from the developer's side, which is why it's probably user related. In any case, we need some more information. In what situation does it not engage? How did you set up the aircraft?
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