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  1. I've observed on other approaches that VNAV used to cross points with an "A" at about 500ft above. As I couldn't remember what altitude I was at when the aircraft plunged I assumed VNAV crossed at something like 500 above instead of the exact altitude and therefore was a bit too high and tried to grab the G/S in a pretty wild way. Just a theory though. I still have no idea why the plunge. This occasion makes it desirable to have a good, realistic ATC...
  2. But if you leave ZESTY at 4000A you're not going to arrive at 4000, are you? I think I was higher than 4000 and above the G/S at that point so the A/P made the aircraft plunge to try and capture G/S. On the second approach I was at 3000 and the aircraft plunged again when G/S became active...
  3. Thanks everyone, it's clear as day to me now!
  4. Just flew the ILS into 12R at KMSP coming in via the KRUGG IAF. At G/S alive the A/P sent the aircraft into a steep dive in order to capture the G/S and I had to switch it off and fly a missed approach. Now I'm conducting my own NTSB investigation... Between the KRUGG IAF and the FAF are two waypoints, EFEXX and ZESTY. The approach chart shows no altitude for EFEXX but 4000 for ZESTY. The FMC showed 6000A for EFEXX and 4000A for ZESTY, the latter being exactly what the chart said (underlined = do not go below?). I'm thinking I was too high because the aircraft crossed the waypoints "above" instead of exactly at the respective altitude, thus being too high to properly capture the G/S and sending the aircraft into a dive. This has happened before although very seldom. Even when I get an FMC message informing me there's no descent path after XXXXX it usually works just fine. Now I'm wondering: is it correct practice to put in the exact altitudes into the FMC or leave the XXXXA altitudes be? Thank you chart
  5. I have my texture resolution set to ultra 4096x4096 but it just crossed my mind this is only because FB and (I think) FSDT sceneries want it like this. Since a 4k TV doesn't even have this resolution I'm doubting this even makes sense to select? On the other hand, will turning it down to high yield any performance increase when there aren't even any textures actually using ultra resolution?
  6. I checked, it doesn't. Guess I'll have to go without then.
  7. I'm aware that this is not any malfunction, but is there a way to keep the PMDG sounds (engines, packs etc.) audible when switching to other applications (charts, OFP, ACARS...)? The sim sounds are still there.
  8. I don't do any GA flying myself but it sure looks appealing, judging by the pictures.
  9. It may well not be a P3D specific issue, but it's the only application behaving like this. Happens too when P3D is the only program running, no anti-virus. I find it very strange that the issue carried over from v3 into v4, a whole new program installed...
  10. FSX

  11. I have had this issue for some time and it's pretty annoying at times. When I click on certain menu buttons in the scenario screen (Flight planner, load flight plan, exit cross on the upper right side) nothing happens and I have to click countless times for windows to open. When they do open, they open several times in quick succession. This happened first in P3D v3 after I tried the flyinside demo. The issue persisted after uninstalling the software and even carried over to P3D v4.
  12. I'm a bit delighted with these pictures so I thought I'd share them, especially the ones with the sun effect. Thanks for viewing!
  13. Thanks.
  14. What does the flashing mean?