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  1. 737NGX won't install update

    I would simply reinstall if I were you.
  2. First flight into FlyTampa's new Boston for P3Dv4 from Atlanta. The scenery is simply outstanding. The level of detail you get even when unchecking much of the eye candy in the configurator is exceptional, especially the snow and slush on the taxiways. Smooth on final but a little heavy on FPS taxiing around the terminal.
  3. PacSim just released Reno-Tahoe for P3Dv4

    I don't think you can. From experience, it's heavy on the system. I removed all cars at the airport via the config tool and keep autogen at sparse and I'm still getting stutters.
  4. Captain Sim 757-200

    Included in the latest hotfix. I'm waiting for 1.1, too. After some test flights there's still too many crucial things not working for me. I find it strange that some bugs only seem to occur to some people but not to others. I tried descending again in FL CHG this time and it put me into overspeed and again descending like a stone falling out of the sky. At some point it raised the nose until speed was dropping so quickly it was near a stall. Also, the trim setting on the T/O page in the FMC is wrong. When I set stab trim to the exact value calculated by the FMC the airplane is completely out of trim upon rotation and I have to pull my yoke back all the way to avoid crashing after getting airborne.
  5. Captain Sim 757-200

    I actually just spend an hour at FB KMSP in the NGX adjusting settings for increased performance and I was getting steady 30 FPS (locked with Nvidia Inspector) throughout. Then I loaded the 757 and apart from getting 2 FPS less it was just like the NGX, performance-wise.
  6. Thank you. Is Flyinside still a must-have with the Odyssey or is native VR in 4.2 on par?
  7. Captain Sim 757-200

    In my case it seems to be a little more taxing on the system than the NGX. After pre-flight at the gate of a default airport TrackIR movement was not entirely smooth anymore. During cruise it was the same but I was flying over an overcast NYC area so I'm not sure if it was the airplane. Aircraft movement itself like turning during taxi was still mostly smooth. You can turn off the virtual cabin.
  8. Captain Sim 757-200

    Tried again and there was still a lot of yelling in the F/D :)
  9. Do you still see pixels in the picture? Can you read gauges of the NGX (provided you own it) without having to lean forward or zoom? What does the outside look like, both from inside the cockpit and outside view? What I mean by that is do all the eye-candy scenery addons like airports and environment textures become redundant because you can't really see them clearly? I'm aware of the fact there's no HD VR (yet) but I returned my Rift because I couldn't stand the pixels and overall image quality.
  10. P3D 4.2

    Overclocking refers to making the CPU faster, not the graphics card. I assume yours is not overclocked, otherwise you would know.
  11. Captain Sim 757-200

    My throttle was at something like 40%, the usual spool up before engaging A/T. I flew a long time manually after takeoff, doesn't VNAV engage if armed even when the A/P is still off? I'm proficient in Boeing airplanes in general, especially the NGX, so there isn't really much to learn except for some smaller differences. The FMC is even less comprehensive and imo easier than the NG's. 304 kts on waypoints below 10000 on the LEGS page and not even the speed I had put into the VNAV page for climb definitely shouldn't happen. I used plenty of derate on takeoff but, obviously, still climbing very fast which was expected and not the problem. Things started getting out of control during descent with the dive that VNAV put the aircraft into as well as applying full thrust when it called for drag and speedbrake was extended. CG was 28%. I'll take it out for another try and see if I run into problems again. As for the check ride, I didn't file the PIREP so no one knows ;)
  12. In that case what you can do (before a flight, just in case winds are going to be calm) is clearing all weather/setting wind to calm and see what runway the sim puts you on when selecting the active.
  13. Captain Sim 757-200

    I took it out for a first flight after purchasing today and it ended with me closing the sim during descent because I couldn't bear it anymore... Setting up the FMC I put in 290/.78 for climb and descent as well as the 250 kts speed restriction. On the LEGS page, however, it had 304 kts for two waypoints below 10000 so it didn't seem to care much about the VNAV page and I had to change it manually. On the first takeoff roll, just above 80 kts, EPR switched off by itself and thrust went back to idle. I taxied back into position and tried again, this time all was fine. After takeoff VNAV didn't engage automatically (it was armed) and things got a bit stressful. During cruise, every time the aircraft turned on A/P after crossing a waypoint it either lost or gained speed while turning and it struggled to maintain .80. Once the wings were level it got back to speed. Descent turned into a nightmare. I have to admit I screwed it up a bit because I forgot to set the altitude window during descent several times since I'm used to an altitude horn sound. When VNAV tried getting back on path and said it needed drag I applied speedbrake. The autothrottle responded by going full thrust and exacerbating the rapid descent. At one point I descended at -6700 ft/min and broke through the clouds like a space shuttle with the nose dramatically pointing to the ground. This flight was a check ride for my VA (haha) and for realism purposes I flew an empty plane except for 4 people on board. No idea if the low weight played a role here. I enjoyed the aircraft very much just checking it out before the flight but I have absolutely no idea what the heck went wrong.
  14. Captain Sim 757-200

    VNAV is supposed to have been improved with the latest hotfix. From your statement that's not the case?