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  1. threegreen

    Captain Sim 757-200

    Does the aircraft lose speed and subsequently increase thrust to get back to target speed in cruise when crossing waypoints and turning?
  2. threegreen

    Captain Sim 757-200

    Performs fine for me, only the weather radar turned on on both NDs appears to have an impact on performance.
  3. I had the same issue some time back. It's completely gone now but at the time I used the P3D native calibration menu to recalibrate and it would work fine and leave the thurst levers in idle. Other than that, in case you're using FSUIPC, check the calibrations there, too.
  4. threegreen

    CS757 III v1.1 released

    I tested at FB KMSP in the NGX and the 757 and I didn't really notice any difference.
  5. Thank you but that was over a year ago. I'm fine now 🙂
  6. threegreen

    I'm so tired of the AI engine...

    FAIB A320 and AIG CRJ. All installed using AIFP and just textures added so it should be the correct files for the models. I haven't checked the AFCAD yet though as I don't have time currently.
  7. threegreen

    I'm so tired of the AI engine...

    I'm using freeware AI, put together in a lot of work with AIFP. Works flawlessly apart from the taxiing through people thing. If that's even a matter of what AI package you use. At Pacsim KSLC, the aircraft will taxi through each other like no one else is there. At Orbx KSAN, they don't taxi through each other but through myself. So it does seem to be related to the AFCAD in some way or any other part of airport sceneries.
  8. I know. I still like the 787 cockpit though. But that screen to the pilot's sides makes it look so weird imo. And I don't really like the overall design. So I confused the terms of that thing where people sit and press buttons or what?
  9. threegreen

    I'm so tired of the AI engine...

    I always use the real world routing for the flight I'm doing from flightaware, put that into PFPX and do my flight planning and then export the routing into P3D. In the sim I select that very flight plan to have ATC know my flight. They still keep taxiing through me.
  10. threegreen

    I'm so tired of the AI engine...

    Oh I thought this was just another AI mishap. Gotta try that. At some other airports the AI doesn't taxi through one another but it does taxi through myself though.
  11. Nice? It doesn't look like an airplane cockpit anymore.
  12. Works fine for me. Sorry, all I can say.
  13. threegreen

    Afcad question. (Cargo planes at gates)

    What John said. Because you say it's in the morning I'm confident the cargo stands are full and the sim needs some space for all the other cargo planes. I have experienced that in KMSP. In the morning and late evening Delta Connection jets are parking at all the United, American and Southwest gates because all Delta gates are full.
  14. No idea about VoxATC but ProATCX doesn't control traffic, neither does PF3. Even the default ATC just sends instructions that fit based on what the traffic is doing.