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  1. threegreen


    If there's going to be an NG3 (which has not been 'officially' confirmed but been hinted at quite clearly) then that is going to be your bet (and mine).
  2. threegreen

    KACK to 6B6

    As an avid P3D user I'm a bit jelly of the lighting in XP...
  3. Third from the bottom and the last one are stunning!
  4. You need to change the speed on your descent page. It's likely an econ speed around 250 automatically calculated by the FMC. Change it to more common values like 280 or even 300.
  5. threegreen

    ATC not working

    I know that all too well. Once I had P3D set up and created my PTA preset and all I just stopped enhancing the sim because it works and looks perfect now. Worth the time setting it up.
  6. threegreen

    Captain Sim 757-200

    It's either a wrong stab trim value calculated by the FMC or, like you say, there's something not right with the stabilizer and/or the trim. It's very strange though that you do not experience this bug. There were some other bugs before the updates as well that occurred to some people but not to all.
  7. threegreen

    Captain Sim 757-200

    I'm not getting any warnings and it's in the green area, matching the exact value calculated by the FMC. This is definitely a bug.
  8. threegreen

    ATC not working

    It is fixed. P3D v4.3 is out and has a fix for this: "Fixed issue that could cause the ATC window to be disabled unexpectedly." I'm with you here, started to become pretty annoying lately.
  9. threegreen

    Thoughts on Brunner CLS-E NG Yoke?

    Excuse me for potentially hijacking this, but if I may chime in here, I'm about to pull the trigger on the Agronn 737 yoke in the next few days which is ... some cash. I stumbled upon this thread and I'm wondering what the force talk and feeling wind and all is about? I can't seem to find much on their website. Thank you
  10. threegreen

    ATC not working

    I didn't change mine and it still greys out from time to time. For me it's just deleting and creating a new one when it happens.
  11. threegreen

    Captain Sim 757-200

    I just did my first test flight after the 1.1 update and HF3. While I thoroughly enjoyed the plane, some issues came up: - Got an insufficient fuel warning twice even though the FMC showed 7.1 lbs of fuel at arrival airport - What's with the stab trim? I noticed this before the update already. On every takeoff the plane is out of trim even though I've set up the FMC correctly and set the stab trim to the exact value calculated by the FMC - though VNAV worked fine, on descent when I switched to FLCH the plane went into a dive. Activating V/S and then back to FLCH all was fine. - on touchdown I got an A/P caution warning and G/S on the FMA was crossed out, not sure why - ... sim freezed and subsequently crashed on rollout. I got a new yoke but I doubt it's the yoke. Still a very nice plane, though a bit heavy on performance.
  12. threegreen

    ATC not working

    What I do when this happens is deleting the default scenario and creating a new one and marking that as default.
  13. threegreen

    Captain Sim 757-200

    Sigh. I haven't had time so far to check it out myself after the 1.1 update and the latest hotfix. I really like how CS are responding to reports of bugs and requests of new features by releasing so many hotfixes and updates in quick succession. However, you'd think at least VNAV would stop blowing speed restrictions by now...
  14. threegreen

    Any good resources for Airport gate information?

    Flying for Delta Virtual, I check the RW Delta flight status page.
  15. threegreen

    Captain Sim 757-200

    Does the aircraft lose speed and subsequently increase thrust to get back to target speed in cruise when crossing waypoints and turning?