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  1. Thank you very much! This is giving us the same experience as before just without the V-speeds being read directly from the FMC?
  2. So what's the decision gonna be? (Yes, I showed up today just to ask this question...)
  3. Microsoft aren't developing a flight simulator for the first time and there are enough sophisticated aircraft addons out there by now for anyone to see what that means. Do you think Microsoft include a third party product as part of their own product and probably pay a fee for that too without fully knowing what it actually is? They know exactly what the inibuilds A310 or any other sophisticated aircraft addon is and to what depths these are simulated.
  4. Guys, chill. He's neither making a claim nor an accusation. Notice the word "if" denoting a hypothetical scenario... I believe Jorg has said it's going to be for the "hardcore" simmers anyway. No need to go at each other.
  5. What's the challenge here? I haven't yet tried to edit airports myself.
  6. It seems these days it's the exception to have proper parking assignments when in P3D a scenery would be laughed at for having no parking assignments at all. Maybe devs are figuring the MSFS crowd doesn't care? I have edited airports in P3D myself to update parking assignments and it really doesn't take long, especially not compared to how long the whole development process can be for a good airport addon. It feels like stopping right before the finish line and really rubs me the wrong way.
  7. So in short what you're saying is PMDG can't legally prevent anyone from using the simulator SDK to interact with their aircraft? No matter what their EULA says?
  8. What's bad about it though? From the screenshots it looks very good and I don't know to what extent you could/would pretty up the airport to look that good on pictures when it's actually subpar.
  9. Does the FeelThere version have accurate parking assignments (I guess not)?
  10. @FS++ Thank you for the link btw. I guess I can just install the package over the existing installation? If PMDG had to change something in their aircraft to follow through with SDK development I won't blame them for that since I have no clue if it could be done while keeping the interaction with the old SDK alive at the same time. What I find very irritating though is that they didn't say a word in advance to warn people that their hardware and/or software might not work after updating. I was purely lucky in that I forgot to update the aircraft before my flight on Saturday and thought one more flight with laggy animations isn't going to hurt. I was lucky again that I stumbled upon this thread when I was bored during cruise. Sorry if I'm being a bit dense, but I still don't entirely get the situation. Can MCE still be fully interfaced with the 737 even after this update via the MS/Asobo SDK? What I think I understood is that it can be and within just a week too but there's a potential legal risk which is why this won't be done until the new SDK is out. Correct?
  11. This doesn't make any sense though. The 737 in MSFS simulates just how the real 737 works and it's just the same to fly as a single pilot as any real, modern aircraft is. You can absolutely get it off the tarmac as a singe pilot. What you're doing in the simulator flying on your own is just what you would be doing in the real world if your F/O were incapacitated, which is very high workload but entirely manageable. It's not like aircraft are doomed when one pilot falls sick. All that's "wrong" in flying FS aircraft alone is that it's not how it's done IRL, but that doesn't mean the addon is less complex because of it. You can use all kinds of MSFS key bindings to work with any addon aircraft. You don't really need any custom developer key binding menu. I have a full 737 yoke and throttle quadrant and never used PMDG's key bindings in P3D or FSX. That said, the PMDG key binding options were mostly stuff like opening doors anyway, at least I don't recall any option for things like autopilot or any other system.
  12. So how much does this change in the 737 affect MCE after all? Btw, I didn't download the latest patch from the other thread in time and there's no download opening anymore when clicking on the link. How do I get the release build?
  13. Randazzo said himself that was never the case. I think that came from the community.
  14. If you read my post again you will find I said "screenshots of unapproved edits of PMDG's Wikipedia page"... Obviously, Wikipedia mods aren't going to green light that. Reddit may give you a general idea of where the community stands with regards to approval/disapproval - but don't tell me for a second it's a good place to go, especially not in this context. AVSIM serves just fine to get that idea, even if it's also not exactly deprived of drama and toxicity (although far more innocent than Reddit et al. of course).
  15. Yes, they do allow modding as they have just recently made clear. Of course they might not allow a mod if they deem it inappropriate for whatever reason. The issue is all about asking first however and it's astonishing how much the community makes out of it without even knowing what the issue actually is - asking first, NOT blindly disallowing any sort of mod, which about 90% of posts I have come across are talking about. I don't care about how a theoretical, made up conversation might go and if you go back to my post you will find I said myself that I don't think they should be going after it the way they do. Is it bad publicity and thus bad for the company? Yes. Is there any sort of harm being done by modding textures to look worn? No, definitely not. Is it petty and vindictive (vindictive, really?)? Well, it's unfortunate. But at the end of the day it's a company asking people to obtain permission first for distributing altered parts of their product, which, even if uncommon in our universe, isn't exactly a big deal. By the way, I find it hard to understand why people (not necessarily you) seem to celebrate Reddit et al. so much for what they are doing. They are literally at the point of posting screenshots of unapproved edits of PMDG's Wikipedia page insulting Randazzo with obscenities. Way to go.
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