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  1. threegreen

    Correct Go Around Procedure

    I don't think there is a specific speed to aim for. When in G/A config just keep the speed you're at until accel height and then go for clean maneuvering speed. The ~15 deg pitch is what you go for when you're at a normal landing weight. If you're really heavy for some reason, pitch down as necessary to keep speed, like Andrew said.
  2. threegreen

    Correct Go Around Procedure

    If you want to do a fully manual go around you set thrust to about 85% N1, pitch around 15 deg, flaps to 15, gear up once a positive rate of climb has been established. Set speed to the clean maneuvering speed (UP bug) and retract flaps on schedule. Fly the M/A procedure. That should be it, anyone correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. threegreen

    Correct Go Around Procedure

    You recycle the F/D's. After turning them off turn both on again. This will cancel the active A/P modes on the FMA. You will only have the green F/D indication on the PFD and no guidance since no A/P modes are active. In case you go around, press the TO/GA switches on the throttles even if A/T is turned off and the F/D will give full guidance for the G/A procedure, including pitch/speed. Also, read the earlier posts in this thread.
  4. threegreen

    Correct Go Around Procedure

    Enjoy the sim and I'm sure you'll get back the kicks IRL 🙂
  5. threegreen

    PMDG and P3D v4.4

    Does PBR only improve the outside of the aircraft or the virtual cockpit as well?
  6. threegreen

    Correct Go Around Procedure

    I'm thinking the joy of flying would outdo the 'joy' of dealing with those in the back though? I'm curious now, is it just complaints or more than that?
  7. threegreen

    KSEA - Taxi2Gate or Drzewiecki?

    They've updated it to P3Dv4 when that was released so I would think if they had to update it again to make it compatible they would.
  8. threegreen

    Correct Go Around Procedure

    I was joking about the real birds not being as realistic as sim addons because I'd rather fly a real one than just my sim.
  9. threegreen

    PMDG 747-8 expansion vs CS 757

    Having purchased the CS757 right when it was released, I'm going to add my two cents. I couldn't wait for it to be released and now I can't wait for update 1.3 to be released... It's flyable, enjoyable, basically a good aircraft, but still has bugs, some of which I consider major. CS have a done a really great job ob rolling out updates and hotfixes and fixing stuff. On the other hand, though, I'm not sure if the 'large' number of updates and hotfixes is a positive as there shouldn't be so many things to fix and they shouldn't need so many updates. I did several flights so far and I can't say I haven't enjoyed it, but it's back in my hangar until update 1.3 rolls out and hopefully fixes the last bugs. Bit disappointed...
  10. threegreen

    KSEA - Taxi2Gate or Drzewiecki?

    This is probably a thing that comes down to personal opinion/taste. Both are good sceneries. Personally, I like the T2G version more from the visuals and slightly more realistic textures. There will be plenty if people though that like Drzewiecki's scenery more. You'd have to see for yourself. On the plus side for Drzewiecki is that it includes several other airports and KSEA has some kind of arch-gangway going over the south terminals (not sure if it's been built yet IRL) modelled which T2G's version doesn't have so it's a bit more current. If you're using KSEA only I'd say go with T2G as you'd be paying for a large part of the Drzewiecki package that you wouldn't even use and quality is more or less the same anyway. Just my two cents.
  11. threegreen

    Correct Go Around Procedure

    Too bad, they probably aren't even study-level and lack overall realism... Not worth my money!
  12. threegreen

    Correct Go Around Procedure

    I'm not sure if the NGX has that modelled and I'm not near my FS PC right now so can't check. If it's modelled, though, that'd be an amazing level of detail (which is the case anyway).
  13. threegreen

    Tomatoshade v25, Reflection maker Problem

    You're right, I first did it like it was outlined the manual, applying the reflections to the base model only as it says it's going to be applied to all the liveries that way. Didn't work however so I tried applying it to the specific liveries too and it worked. I went back to PTA though because after applying aircraft reflections, all the overhead switches would go black during the day and silver/grey at night. There was also part of the floor around the yoke weirdly lit up at night.
  14. threegreen

    Correct Go Around Procedure

    I use PFPX for flight planning and it gives me descent winds that I put into the FMC. Does simbrief not include descent winds or altitude winds? That's weird. I rarely ever get a DPU message and I also don't have to use speedbrakes so much. It usually works just fine. What's your typical descent profile and what are your typical altitude/speed restrictions on the STARs you fly? Other than LVL CHG, you can also select 'Descend now' on the descent page before TOD and it will start to descend at 1000 fpm until capturing VNAV path. Why do mid life aircraft behave differently than newer ones in that aspect?
  15. threegreen

    Tomatoshade v25, Reflection maker Problem

    When I tried TomatoShade out I had a silverish aircraft too. That was fixed by applying the reflection profiles to all my liveries, not just the model itself.