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  1. If you turn final from the base leg to fully intercept the localizer it's just a normal/"standard" turn with bank angle = TAS/10+5, like you said.
  2. If you're merely installing an update then no. If you plan to install the whole package anew then yes, definitely remove the first version first.
  3. It's working fine for me in 4.1. I had black textures on the buildings in the city at first though. What I did was install the scenery into FSX and then copy over three files that the installer put into the main FSX texture folder into P3D's texture folder. In case you don't have an FSX installation I think it may work if you create a fake fsx.exe and install the scenery into that folder. It should create all the sub folders including texture and that'll be where the three files to be copied are located. If you install the scenery into any separate folder where you have your P3D addons installed you'll be missing the texture files, thus no building textures. I'm not near my FS computer right now and don't remember the names of the files but you should be able to figure them out by looking at the date and time created. Maybe they even have something like T2G in front.
  4. I wasn't sure whether to put it out there or not - I'm gonna do it. The squawk in the video is '2017'...
  5. No need to go that far but there will be disappointed people when it's not what they hoped for (me included...).
  6. Not everyone but many other people, including myself, have this problem. In my case part of the background textures turn white at night apart from the light issue.
  7. It's just what happens when you get promised something fantastic but without any tangible information. People get overly attracted to it because there are no facts restraining their tickled fancy.
  8. That's my point exactly. I posted a few pages back that people are over-speculating and disappointment for most is imminent. The majority of the posters have voiced their excitement should it be a new aircraft when it may just as well (or even more likely) be some sort of upgrade/new feature. Personally, I would love an update to bring the NGX up to their current standard of addon aircraft or even a MAX, but I'm fully aware there's a great chance it won't be any of these and I'll pass on whatever it is. Just think about the news that came up that LM would hold a Q&A thingy. People were going wild and in the end, it wasn't really more than just hot air and there was general dissatisfaction.
  9. I don't get why they even tease us like this. I'll be constantly checking for news now, even multiple times a day just to notice there isn't anything yet. Which is sheer agony.
  10. I do hope I'm wrong but I can see people being disappointed when the curtain falls. Not because whatever they're working isn't great but because speculation is going wild in this thread.
  11. Agreed. Installing the patches took me about 2 mins each and all is working fine. I'd rather they fully concentrated on releasing KBOS ... which they are probably doing.
  12. You said 'some of the "Poor resolution" nay Sayers' are youngsters, which means there are nay-Sayers who aren't youngsters but still nay-Sayers when they and me just don't like the resolution. ... I know I'm picky ;)
  13. I thought it was an area heavy on VAS? Anyway, there's certainly tons of autogen in the GTA, even at lower settings.
  14. Flying into FT CYYZ at night with the NGX's landing lights on and having no performance issues at all. Personally, I've never noticed any difference in performance between non-v4 and v4 SDK compiled airports. Just don't use SSAA settings at night but switch down to 8xMSAA which won't make that much of a difference at night, visually. My only gripe about the scenery is that it's kind of a performance hog, even with low resolution textures installed.
  15. Plain and simple: NGX.