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  1. Is that with the 2080Ti? If so, how does that compare to your former GPU?
  2. Depends on what you tweaked with PTA. Check your lighting settings in PTA, there's probably something turned too dark. Also check your HDR settings.
  3. I keep reading TomateShade but never bothered. Now I'll have to look into it because that looks fantastic.
  4. threegreen

    P3D v4.3 Massively Improved Anti Aliasing ?

    I use a 4k TV at 30Hz and have the P3D limiter at unlimited with Vsync and TP on. I do however use a target of 30.5 in NVI because I found it makes panning around the camera in the cockpit noticeably smoother. Now on 4.3, as I said above, I feel like I don't need NVI anymore and it'll be just as smooth.
  5. threegreen

    P3D v4.3 Massively Improved Anti Aliasing ?

    It's much improved and runs better for me, I can actually leave it on and get an acceptable performance at the terminals at, say, FlyTampa's BOS. I do however still go back to 8xMSAA during night at airports that feature DL because the visual difference isn't so noticeable at night and I do get a frame rate of 30, my target within NVI, as opposed to 22-ish when I'm on 4xSSAA that I usually use. Before 4.3 it was a slideshow.
  6. threegreen

    P3D v4.3 Massively Improved Anti Aliasing ?

    Is there a change in 4.3 as to the FPS? I'm not entirely sure and I don't know if I'm just seeing things, but I seem to have noticed that without NVI's FPS limit P3D is just as smooth? (For me it's smoother with a limit of 30.5 in NVI)
  7. threegreen

    Active VA
  8. threegreen

    737 MAX on final

    "Dude trust me" PMDG have hinted at doing a 737 NG3 (and possibly MAX) after the 747-8 is out. Other than that, I thought iFly looked into doing the MAX? Nothing which is on final, though.
  9. threegreen

    Questions about the 757

    One more thing. When I took off in the CS 757 III I hit VNAV at accel height but instead of lowering the nose the F/D commanded to pull up more and the A/P wanted to go to 250 kts. This surely shouldn't happen? For takeoff, I just switch on the A/T and activate EPR and follow the F/D until accel height, correct?
  10. threegreen

    Questions about the 757

    Thank you very much!
  11. threegreen

    Questions about the 757

    Now that Captain Sim's new 757 is getting better with each update/hotfix and that type being one of my favourites I'm going into it more but have some questions that came up while flying. 1. The DH panel. Since it only goes up to 999, what do I do when landing at a higher airport with minimums above that? 2. Am I right in assuming VNAV can't be armed on the ground before T/O like in the 737 e.g.? As well, it doesn't care much about accel height does it? 3. In case I'm right about the above, what's the correct procedure for the first climb segments? What's the common (or Delta specific, in case someone knows) accel height? Setting V2 in the MCP speed window for takeoff, what mode do I use for takeoff to climb at what speed? Upon reaching accel height, what's the next speed to accelerate to and since no A/P mode will make the F/D guide me on accel height (AFAIK) to what angle do I lower the nose to accelerate? (Read something about some pilots putting 0 or +200 ft in the V/S window) Flaps retraction schedule. I found a table in the Captain Sim manual with flap maneuvering speeds, putting them at VREF30+80 for flaps up as an example. Do I calculate that based on my ramp weight before the flight? 4. What's the normal flap setting for landing and is the 757 that 'slow' on final (like 133 KIAS)? 5. What would you set the speed bugs to for takeoff besides V1, Vr, V2? Flaps up speed? Landing? 6. There has been a bug reported with N2 during engine start. Boeing recommends adding fuel at 25% N2 and the CS 757 gets up to 25% but only very slowly after about 18%. Is it that slow in the real plane too or is this still a bug? Thank you in advance to anyone taking the time to read that and answer. (Some real world 757 pilots around too?)
  12. Having the 757 loaded in the sim right now and it's a real beauty, both visually and in terms of systems. Was a bit wonky after initial release but is getting better with each update/hotfix. Still some things to be ironed out though.
  13. threegreen

    LatinVFR Baltimore Terrain/ Ground Issue

    Just bought the airport. Looks really good. Is everyone just ignoring what others have said about the elevation changes being there IRL?
  14. threegreen


    No worries.