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  1. Yeah, I know. It worked flawlessly, at least for me.
  2. I find it bizarre to think a dev has not released a GA AI package. I mean, it doesn't make sense. Orbx has, or had, when I was flying FSX/P3d, a freeware addon that injected GA , but it was only for use in Oceania from what I remember, oh, I think also north America, otherwise, there was/is nothing else.
  3. Ha ha, or for just 'having a laugh!"
  4. Hey fellas, believe me, as someone who has encountered something which was clearly unexplainable, I find this sighting really interesting. Here's my encounter, from more than 40 years ago...
  5. Looks nice. My thoughts FWIW, is that the bigger the screen, the more of an acute angle you're viewing the outer edges of the screen, and it's even more pronounced the closer you are. That's why IMO I think a curved screen is favourable. Just my thoughts.
  6. Just wondering if anyone has sepnt their hard earned dosh on this latest Samsung release, and if so, what your thoughts are?
  7. Blimey! Is this default scenery Steve? EDIT: Ah, just seen upgrade on flightsim.to
  8. Sure, sorry if my question wasn't clear, I am asking, is it necessary to have DLSS turned on to benefit from frame generation?
  9. Hey Ryan, to get the stellar performance I keep hearing about, by using frame generation, is this only possible by switching on DLSS? Because from where I sit, this is not an option for me due to the dreadful smearing of the rolling dials in the PMDG 738.
  10. I forgot to add, that I don't know what changed, but after a reboot, I was no longer prompted for the location of the directory.
  11. I believe this is a bug in MSFS. Having said that, IMO this is the kind of thing that should have been sorted ages ago instead of emphasis being on eye candy updates. I experience it at some airports, but not at all, as you have reported.
  12. I guess I could post this on the FSHud forum, but I always think there's just as much chance of someone on here with the answer. I suspect it's something which is quite obvious, but I haven't found it! The issue is, after updating FSHud, I get to the point where it wants the location of the community folder and when I get so far along the location addres it won't go any further past the appdata folder, throwing up this error message. BTW, I have the community folder on a separate drive for easy access, and have a shortcut, so I don't have to spend three and half hours chasing it's location! Any help would be appreciated, thanks guys. imagehosting
  13. If it had been Viagra, at least it would help give you something to hold on to when you went over the falls!
  14. After a few posts about the pilot not using the radio comms, and whether it was realistic. I have no problem with the FO taking care of comms, it really is quite normal in RL. I thought I'd ask ChatGPT: In a typical commercial aviation operation, the responsibility for handling radio communications in a Boeing 737 aircraft is shared between the pilot and the first officer. Both pilots are trained to operate the communication and navigation systems on board the aircraft, including the radios. During different phases of flight, the captain and the first officer may alternate duties, including handling radio communications. For example, during takeoff and climb, the first officer may handle radio communications with air traffic control (ATC) while the captain focuses on flying the aircraft. Later, during the descent and landing phases of flight, the captain may take over radio communications while the first officer assists with aircraft handling. However, the specific procedures and responsibilities for radio communication may vary depending on the airline and the specific aircraft configuration. Additionally, in some cases, one pilot may handle most of the radio communications while the other focuses on flying the aircraft, especially during busy or complex operations.
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