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  1. Glad you got it sorted
  2. Delete the shader cache, run P3D and as Eric has asked, if running PTA close P3d and install the relevent PTA profile. Also, ensure you have volumetric fog ticked.
  3. Hi Joe, I understand what you say, but I know for a fact, there are many simmers, like myself, who are not newbies and who have a fairly high degree of knowledge of the workings of FSX or P3d but simply don't want to spend their precious time learning how to make over complicated addons function, which to all intents and purpose should be straightforward. Look at LINDA for example, or Chaseplane, both in my opinion, are must have addons, which can be mastered within a very short time. I just get frustrated a lot of the time, probably something to do with my age! Things seemed a lot easier to learn when the brain was younger!
  4. Absolutely Paul. The problem is, I wouldn't mind so much if I had to buy a third party remote control if I could understand how to get the darn thing to work! SPAD IMO is a bit of a joke. Completely and unnecessarily unintuitive and complicated.
  5. Thanks for your help and advice Rob, but after an initial surge of excitement thinking that your suggestion was definitely the cure, I have to report that there has been no improvement whatsoever. I tried disabling turbo boost, installed latest chipset drivers and MB and BIOS, but nothing worked.
  6. Hey Rob, FYI, managed to reset the BIOS to default of 4Ghz, but no change whatsoever. I've also now OC'd back to 4.5Ghz and while it has added a little bit more smoothness, the laggy texture loading still remains an issue.
  7. OK, thanks all the same Rob.
  8. Please try this suggestion. I'd be surprised if you don't see a big improvement. If you haven't already done so... Switch off HDR Switch off dynamic lighting Don't be drawn into copying others' settings, start by all sliders at half way and don't move autogen draw distance more than medium Set AA to either 8MSAA or 4SSAA or less This is the big one: Delete your cfg file, restart p3d. Then close down and open the cfg file. Don't add anything except FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.01 to the MAIN section. Then go into display properties and set your monitor refresh rate to 30Hz then lock your framerate in P3D settings to 30 and Switch Vsync on. Any one of these has a big impact on performance, used together they should help you a lot. The last two tweaks will help enormously with smoothness. Good luck and let us all know how you get on.
  9. Hi Rob, this is extremely interesting. I must say, this suggestion would make the most sense out of absolutely everything I have tried. However, after trying to return the BIOS to default of 4.0Ghz, for some reason, the computer is still running at 4.2Ghz according to CPU-Z. Then when run, there is no difference. Have you any idea why this may be the case? I also update the BIOS to the latest verson, but that made no difference either.
  10. Thanks for posting this explanation, as it has saved me the time Yes it has NOTHING to do with too high settings. I have had exactly the same problems. I have spent the best part of five months tweaking and testing, but nothing has worked. For those who say it is too high settings or it's the 4k monitor, nah. I am running with all setting on low, with no DL, no HDR, none of the other FPS eaters, 4MSAA. My rig is i7 6700@4.6Ghz with 16Gb 3200Mhz RAM, all SSDs and a GTX1080TI. Nothing works to stop slow loading photoscenery.
  11. Funny you should say that Jeroen, I was only thinking exactly the same thing over the weekend, when I was being asked by a friend about getting into simming. I did in fact recommend Aerofly!
  12. ha ha, very funny Pete. You're right of course, and I have to admit, that the 4k monitor was the one thing I did have my suspicions about. This was the reason why I beefed up my machine with 16gb RAM, 4.6 OC i7 and a 1080ti. You know, my last rig ran on an OCd SB2500 with a 1070 running a 2560x1600 res Dell monitor, and this had no problems at all with texture loading, adding that this was V3.4. I went to V4 at the same time as the rig upgrade. I seriously would not have thought going to 4k would have had such a large negative impact, when you consider the upgrade to the processor, extra RAM and having one of the beefiest GPUs on the marekt! Perhaps I was being a little naive thinking it would handle it. Although, in my defence, I was only basing things on other guys running 4k monitors elsewhere in the community, with successful results. I am not convinced that Win10 doesn't play a part in things too. Thanks for the info Dave, very helpful and appreciated.
  13. It's bizarre Dave. Having spent the best part of six months, since installing V4.1, I have tweaked and tested every conceivable setting. I now run with all settings at normal or medium, and even now have texture loading issues! As a matter of interest, are you running a 4k monitor with Win10?
  14. All in all, there are so many issues with v4.1 it's amazing that it was actually released at all!