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  1. Rockliffe

    Brighter patches in terrain textures

    It's all very odd, and something I have only witnessed since V4.4. I've opened a thread over on the P3d forum if you feel like joining in Chris.
  2. Rockliffe

    Brighter patches in terrain textures

    Is this what you're seeing to Chris...
  3. Rockliffe

    Brighter patches in terrain textures

    This is what I am experiencing, with no shader mod and a reinstall of the default shader... something is amiss.
  4. Rockliffe

    How to assign Fuel Control levers Diamond DA-62

    You're a star Guenter! Many thanks.😊
  5. Rockliffe

    Yoke causing view to pan

    Are you assigning the yoke via the default P3D control? If so, you could always install a free version of FSUIPC and then assign the controller through there, after unticking 'enable controllers' in P3D. It is a far better way of configuring your controller, as it allows you to have far more control over your yoke, as well as many other things too!
  6. Rockliffe

    Brighter patches in terrain textures

    Sure, me too.
  7. Rockliffe

    Brighter patches in terrain textures

    As I say Joe, shader addon is Envshade and I don't use HDR.
  8. Rockliffe

    Brighter patches in terrain textures

    This is really interested Chris, as I have noticed, and I'm sure it's not my imagination, certain textures that appear over-exposed. They tend to be bright areas within a texture and always appear to be photoscenery. Deleting and reinstalling the shaders seems to have little effect. I use Envshade and I thought this was the culprit originally, so I tried uninstalling it, which alleviated the issue, then over time, all of a sudden, I see the issue reappear! Go figure!
  9. Rockliffe

    Hi everyone

    Welcome to Avsim Silvio, I'm sure you'll very much enjoy your time hanging around here.
  10. Thanks Guenter and all for this latest module for the Vertx Diamond. I am enjoying assigning many of the controls to my panel, however, I seem unable to find any assignment which relates to the left and right fuel control levers. Am I missing something? As these are essential controls, I am eager to get them working. Many thanks.
  11. Rockliffe

    Desktop Speakers

    We are definitely on the same page! I was thinking along the exact same lines last week 😉
  12. Rockliffe

    Is REX Sky Force 3D worth it (for me, personally)?

    Hi Tim, hmm, you say modelled in a 3D program, that doesn't mean they are actually 3D clouds in the simulator(?) With the greatest respect Tim, I don't think anyone could give two monkeys how they were modelled, they are interested in what they see in the sim. My original question as to the clouds being actually 3D on the Rex forum, failed to enlighten me. I only base my opinion on what I see and what others have said, such as rpmcb on another forum:- I flew a couple flights with it, then uninstalled it. There is nothing "3D" about it. They're using decent res textures for towering cumulus/etc, but it's still flat. The misleading marketing around the term "3D" really bothers me. The "photoreal" texture approach is interesting, but in practice didn't blow me away. and desparoto from the same forum... If you already have a texture addon it's not really worth it. the clouds aren't really 3D, they are still sprites just really good looking ones. Sky textures are really nice. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to slag off the product, just my own opinion based on the information I have. You have produced some wonderful products for the simming community, of which I am one of your ardent supporters, some of the time Sky Force looks stunning, some of the time it looks very unconvincing and yes, they are not what I consider as being 3D clouds. This is just my own opinion. If I am wrong, then I would withdraw my comments and apologise unreservedly, but I still stand by my own thoughts on Sky Force 😉
  13. Rockliffe

    Is REX Sky Force 3D worth it (for me, personally)?

    Well, I am going to stand out from the crowd, sadly... as I really dislike some of the SF textures, particularly thunder clouds which IMO look awful. When SF was released I jumped onto YouTube, hoping to see some stunning visuals, but what I saw were simply very cartoonish clouds, that look very unrealistic to me, unlike what I have with Rex Soft Clouds. I'll agree, some of the screen shots look amazing, but overall I have been extremely disappointed. I also think that some of the clouds are far more transparent than Soft Clouds, almost jumping back in time to when so many were complaining about this issue. I was also very agitated, even after debating with the dev on the forum, that the term 3D clouds should not be used in marketing the product, as they are clearly anything but 3D! I would like to be converted, but I would take a lot of convincing. 😃
  14. Rockliffe

    Desktop Speakers

    What I did last year was to get myself a transducer (sub woofer) for £45, get a splitter cable for the sound and split the sound through to an old amp I had, yanked down the treble, yanked up the bass and screwed the transducer into the base of the seat and WOW! Talk about immersion. It REAAAALLY adds to the immersion. I certainly wasn't going to pay £250 for a ButtKicker, even though the effect may have been a slightly improved. Result(?) 😊