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  1. Rockliffe

    How much space will I need...

    IMO, good HD landclass scenery is perfect for airliners, up high, the realism that is seen with Orbx is as good (almost) IMO as photoscenery, with a massive saving on rediculous file sizes. Low down, flying GA is another story, and I think sceneries such as Orbx TrueEarth really shine through, but at a price for storage. Having said that, with my experience with slow loading photo textures in P3D, I will stick with landclass sceneries for the foreseeable future, until which time LM resolve this issue.
  2. Rockliffe

    SIDs and STARs: yes or no

    Jeroen, I have had this conversation in depth with a friend of mine, he is an ardent simmer but he was also an air traffic controller. He has told me that in fact in real life pilots do not often fly SIDS and STARS, it is far more common for them to fly vectors. So there you go, all us simmers who get hell bent on SIDS and STARS are not really following real life procedures!
  3. Rockliffe

    RealAir Duke B60 Coming To v4

    Hmm, I could have sworn blind the last time I flew the Duke the lights worked. Clearly I was wrong, sorry. Actually, in my defence, I was referring to the panel lighting, which I think you referred to in your post. Is this not working?
  4. Rockliffe

    RealAir Duke B60 Coming To v4

    I'm not at my sim, but I'm pretty sure they were fixed.
  5. Credit card time again 😨
  6. Rockliffe

    GSX Level 2 hmmmm......

    Unless I've missed something, and that wouldn't be the first time 😄 it seems that an immense amount of time is going to be taken up by configurating jetways etc with every airport in my library, which runs to dozens. I mean hours and hours! Or as I said, am I missing something?
  7. Rockliffe

    Who's going to Cosford in 2018?

    Absolutely Simbol...
  8. Rockliffe

    Lost in the addons....

    As far as sceneries go, I have created a Google Kmz map, with all my airports shown. This way I can see immediately all the airports and Orbx areas I have. It also makes it very easy to identify where I want to fly from by just referring to a map visually. Without this, it would be very easy to forget what airports I have.
  9. Rockliffe

    Fuel Truck Stops Half Way

    I'm wondering if GSX is reading the wrong AFCAD. If you go to the GSX control panel (sorry, can't remember the right name) I think it's the airport configurator (?) at the top of the interface, it shows the location of the AFCAD that is being used.
  10. Sure, in fact after having thought about it, I have warmed to the price and will probably head over to the FSDT site and part with my hard earned cash fairly soon! 😢
  11. Rockliffe

    LOWI P3D V4

    I had the Aerosoft version, but Orbx LOWI blows it out of the water IMO 😄
  12. Rockliffe

    Who's going to Cosford in 2018?

    Thanks Ray...
  13. Sorry to be the drunk at the party, while it looks really cool and I think the guys have done a great job, I think it is excessively overpriced for an expansion pack. I know I’ll be told then don’t buy it, but just saying. 😃
  14. Rockliffe

    Who's going to Cosford in 2018?

    I have been threatening to go for the past nine years! Maybe this year I’ll make the effort 😀