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  1. Rockliffe

    Blueprint KLAX V3 Opinions

    I gave up flying in SOCAL, period! The Orbx performance of the area is abysmal and when combined with FSDT KLAX it literally is unflyable for me. Stutters with frames often well below 24. So I can understand why someone would want to consider an alternative. But for me, I'm not sure I'd want to compromise so heavily on visuals. I simply fly at more performance tolerant airports and sceneries.
  2. Rockliffe

    Ansiotropic - nVidia CP vs P3Dv4

    They're the ones who don't take ice with their whiskey! 😄
  3. Rockliffe

    SamScene buy 2 get 1 free scenery

    What a rediculous way of selling a visual product by not having a proper sized image on their website. I was interested in purchasing but can't get a big enough image to assess the scenery! Pass.
  4. Rockliffe

    Anything under unlimited or 60FPS Stutters

    Each system is different, which I'm sure you have heard a mulititude of times, but that is the case. Different settings will create different loads and combined with your AM and other cfg settings, will affect smoothness. However, as Matt suggested earlier, the biggest way of easing stutters is to match your framerate with that of the monitor's refresh rate. If possible, set the monitor's refresh rate to 30Hz and lock framerate in P3D to 30, maybe 31, 32. I have ticked Vsync which also helps. The Vsync will have an impact on fps, but it should help provide a smooth flying experience. EDIT: I've just seen your reply regarding setting your monitor to 30Hz and your experience of no improvement, I suspect, you're overloading the sim elsewhere. Something as simple as overloading your AI setting will cause stutters, regardless of any other settings anywhere else! What you have said so far regarding the refresh rate and Vsync not helping at all, suggests to me that you have incorrect settings in P3d or you have been tweaking the cfg file? Please post your P3d settings.
  5. I am obviously on my own with this one, but in the ten years I have been simming, I have never experienced any difference from one driver to the next!
  6. Rockliffe

    Non realistic clouds in P3D V4.3

    Can someone please pass me a flashlight! 😂
  7. A stunning job Dave. Congratulations. I will download first thing tomorrow. Thanks for all your hard work for the community.
  8. Rockliffe

    Cielosim KJAX

  9. Rockliffe

    Cielosim KJAX

    Hey Jose, what about smoothness?
  10. Rockliffe

    an idea

    Hmm, absolutely not! It will be going down the road of subscription simming. Like so many things today, drip, drip money out of your acccount. The day that happens is the day I hang up my simming jacket. EDIT: Actually, it may be a good idea as an option, but not if it was mandatory.
  11. Rockliffe

    P3dV4 Will not Start after Fresh Install

    You could try reinstalling the client only.
  12. Rockliffe

    Any news on Vertx DA62

    Oh for goodness sake! 😒
  13. Rockliffe

    UK PR scenery coming 2 times

    I don’t mean to bad mouth Orbx, because I have, and will remain one of their staunchest supporters. But from a lot of the videos I have seen, the resolution of the photo scenery textures seems to me pretty low res. Am I alone with this observation?
  14. Rockliffe

    UK PR scenery coming 2 times

    Hmm, I fail to see how anyone will be able to enjoy photoscenery in P3Dv4 with it's known issues regarding loading photo textures. 😢
  15. Rockliffe

    Sailplanes for Prepared

    Ah, it's more or less what I thought Tony. Thanks.