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  1. I know, I think it's an extension to our cancel society! 🤣 Don't like someone's opinion or disagree with their point of view... shoot them down.
  2. Just popping this here... can some dev please produce an addon to replace the awful looking grass. Thank you.
  3. I agree and sympathise with you. I too have got really sick and tired of it all, I mean to the point of jacking it all in. My biggest gripe is the updates being mandatory. Every single time, without fail, there are issues. I'm rather stalled with having all these world updates and yet there are still so many aspects of the sim that need to be addressed. I haven't flown for about two months. I will persevere for a little longer, but if you see a load of kit for sale in the marketplace, then you will know who's selling up! Fingers crossed I will get the enthusiasm to continue.
  4. Sorted, thanks Andy. I decided to simply leave the community folder where it is and use addon linker. Saves a lot of faffing around and all seems to be OK. Cheers for the help.
  5. Hi Andy, I should have known it wouldn't be as easy as it seemed I have tried to copy the contents across to how you suggest, but get an error saying' Your organisation does not allow you to place this file here.' Any ideas?
  6. Wow Andy, yiou've nailed it! That's exactly what I want to do. I'll follow your lead today and keep my fingers crossed. Thanks matey.
  7. Hi Skully, sure, sorry if I have not explained things properly. The installation is now OK, everything is working, it's just that my community folder and the one store folder have been installed onto my C drive and not on the separate G drive, even after selecting the G drive during the installation process. EDIT: Just realised, I can use AddOn linker.
  8. OK fellas, I decided to install a backup from the original Windows install, I always do a backup of vanilla Windows after a computer build. So no MSFS, just Windows. All goes well, drivers up to date, Windows updated, turn off all AV and defender, install MSFS from MS store, wouldn't have it, couldn't even get a click. Scratched my head for half a day, swearing and cursing, this is just absurd! Then.... hey, Jeronimo! I saw, for some reason that the computer clock was wrong by two hours, at this moment I didn't expect anything to change, but change it did. The moment I corrected the clock to the correct time, MS Store began to download MSFS. But now I have another issue (there's a surprise 😕) even after having selected my sim drive (G) for the install, which is a dedicated 2Tb SSD separate from the OS(C), MSFS has been installed elsewhere, somwehere on the main OS drive I guess. What the hell is the point of selecting a particular drive if the darn thing then installs somewhere else!! So I don't have my 2020 on the drive I selected. Can anyone advise where I have gone wrong with this. Cheers fellas.
  9. Hi Andy, sure, I have all addons in addon linker, so I can separate most things during a reinstall. Just realised, I no longer run FSUIPC, but there are things like all my profiles from Axis&Ohs, streamdeck and MSFS profiles. Any idea where these will be?
  10. Thanks Phil, I will try that first thing in the morning and let you know if successful.
  11. No, dozens of third party airports, about half a dozen planes, REX weather, profiles for TRir, StreamDeck, drivers for radios and GNS displays, quite a lot that I assume certain files would reside outside of the community folder and reside somewhere inside the main MS directory.
  12. No I haven't tried this. I'll follow your advice. I really think if I have to reinstall everything along with all the third party apps, profiles, drivers etc, I'll dump simming and sell all my kit. I'm really quite tired of all this.
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