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  1. Got it to work. Had to tell windows not to block the app. Never had to do that before. Thank you for youre help and patience. Its an amazing peace of software when it works! Best regards, Marcel
  2. Downloaded the newest installer and did a complete reinstall. But to no avail so far. Using the Saab, I can see an EMPTY 2D popup- panel. The entries for the GTN 750 show up in the plugins menue. And I can select the 750. However there is no device showing nor in the 3D panel, nor in the 2D one. The config-file for the saab seems correct to me. No 0,0,0,0 entries, but valid coordinates. When I have a look at the plugin-folder, there is just two .xpl files: 32 and 64. Where under programs/GTN Simulation/X-Plane are the same .xpl files plus a bin folder with the dlls, along with the manual. Is that correct? Shouldent there be a bin-folder in x-plane plugins-folder as well? Regards, Marcel
  3. Same here. I like to use it in Carenados Saab. Should integrate automatically. Im on XP11.32r2. Log: 19/03/10 12:47:11.103 07020 - ] # win.xpl version 19/03/10 12:47:11.103 07020 INFO ]
  4. Are you abel to start this thing? I cant imagine its that hard to get the engine running IRL. No quickstart on this and my menues are partly russian, wich not really helps. The rest is very good IMHO.
  5. Using the "TonemapSubtle" example fits perfect for me 😄 Thanks so much, Marcel
  6. Just tried this tweak and its exactly what I was looking for. Not using a plugin with lots of overhead is the way to go for me. Not a programmer myself, may I ask , if something like this for tuning the tonality would be possible ?: rgb = PostProcessTonemap(rgb, 0.5); Im on a AMD card and feel the tonal-effect is a tiny bit to strong for my setup. Thanks a lot
  7. +1 I have all of Europe and the US covered with orthos. But me too would not hesitate to pay for orthos with quality overlays and custom landmarks. We can only win...
  8. I use FSGRW with XP 11.11 and the results with default clouds are ok-ish. More diversity than the default weather and very fast. It does however changes instantly too. I think this is a XP thing and will eventually change for the better when Vulcan and the new particle effects show up. At laest I hope so. Unless that happens I dont think that any weather injector can overcome the issue.
  9. Im using XP11 with 3TB of ortho-scenery as a my main sim and recently installed FSW because I was curious about True Sky. Will have a look on how that one plays out. Before that, I spend a view housends!! on FSX and P3D. Ditched those and never looked back. Only missing thing is the Majestic Q400. BTW, I like Il2 BoX very much as well. And DCS for the F5...
  10. Regarding the weather: The second best weather-addon IMHO is allready available for XP11: Pilots FSGRW. Together with the improved clouds it produces very accurat and good looking weather-systems. At least for my needs. And there is XEnviro wich is allredy cool and has a lot of promise. I have used all the Rex Products back in my P3D-days and appart from another weather injection addon, I cant see to much benefit from one of there products. Dont want to fly around billboards in the sky and changing background pics on the fly anymore. But if they come up with something that fits the current x-plane world, Im all in.
  11. I have the Panthera. Its an outstanding model for sure. It looks and flys well and the avionics are top notch. However loading times for me are insane (more than 2 minutes average). Once loaded I get 10 frames less than the default 737. I have 25 average, so it matters to me. Does anybody own both planes and can provide a direct comparison in terms of performance?
  12. A very good and unbiased review despite being a dev itself. A german version would fit nicely on simflight.de... Marcel
  13. XEnviro comes with its own skydome and unless you tick it of, there is no skybanding. However, the ambient-light is still x-plane default so it looks out of place at dusk and dawn (the ambiente-light). Most notable in the cockpit. To yellowish most of the time IMHO. Can be cured with some replacement textures.
  14. Same card, same results. Really love it. Still a lot of room for further optimitations, eg. refelctions...
  15. I see the same with my system: Close to 20 in fullscreen-mode and between 30 and 40 windowed. V-sync off. As I use very-wide-screen res (5720x1200) Im looking for the best possible framerate. But I dont like flying with those big bars on top and bottom of the screen. Any idias what is the purpose of this and evetually a workaround...? Otherwise great update Marcel
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