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  1. Hi everyone, I am getting into scenery designing and truly want to start with London (CYXU) airport in Ontario, Canada. I want to develop this scenery for Prepar3D V4 and from the forum posts I have read as well as the YouTube videos I have watched, the first step in making a scenery should be to establish the ground textures which I would want them to be photoreal. Now, using SBuilderX, I cannot take the whole selection of the scenery and add map from background as it is too big. I started taking small tiles but up to a certain point, SBuilderX won't do the image for some reason (See 2nd picture below) Now, is there a good alternative to using SBuilderX to get photoreal tiles? If not using photoreal, how could I get started with building this scenery? I can't believe that the FlightBeam, FlyTampa and ORBX of this world are using SBuilderX from time to time for P3Dv4... Any help would be appreciated. Kind regards, AlphaIndiaRomeo
  2. I checked FlexNet and it is indeed set to manual. I have manually changed some windows services such as the malware detection software by Windows. However, I did this seeing that the PMDG 747 wasn't working.
  3. Hi Kyle, I've reinstalled all SimConnect, no change.
  4. Kyle, I am running on the latest P3D version. I already own the PMDG 737 and PMDG 777. I have also sent a ticket on the PMDG website, currently waiting for their response. I just thought I'd share it here so as to give some weight to the thread. I won't be reinstalling my whole Flight Simulator... so I'll wait for a solution.
  5. Hi! I have the same problem... Same as described! I tried unregistering it and registering it again, to no avail, updates the PMDG Operation Centre, nothing changed. Rebooted computer, nothing changed, will now try a full reinstallation. UPDATE: Complete reinstallation didn't fix the issue... Grrrr
  6. Thanks for the tip Jeroen, I changed the values and as far as shadows go, it sure does a difference - which is great - but still takes a toll on my FPS... :unsure: For now, it'll be a keeper as far as the CFG file is concerned but I will unfortunately have to untick the building and vegetation cast and receive boxes for now. Frederick
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