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  1. MattGarner

    FSL back at it again

    FSLabs could have easily solved both matters better but instead they just keep digging the hole bigger themselves. Then they decided to go after the subreddit and a news site for Flight Sim - Disgraceful.
  2. MattGarner

    Dovetail Games releasing Flightsim

    Did you watch the video? They have some of their staff talking and 64bit is confirmed.
  3. MattGarner

    Flytampa/FSDG EHAM and the NGX WIP pictures

    I can see where you are coming from but I think a lot of people have been waiting for a new version of EHAM due to how bad performance wise the Aerosoft one is.
  4. Some what pleased with this announcement as we know MadCatz have been having some financial problems for a while now. Let's hope Logitech don't let the flightsim community down!
  5. MattGarner

    AIRAC file

    The Navigraph installers normally find the directory automatically to be honest. So you shouldn't really need to mess with that.
  6. MattGarner

    Will the new 747 model...

    Pretty much, I believe the plane they are using was on it's way to retirement from Virgin Atlantic and then they have brought it back to life for it's new role.
  7. MattGarner

    [16JAN16] The Things They Carry... 747-400 Info

    Damn, this 747v2 is going to be awesome.
  8. MattGarner

    Approaching Copenhagen

    Thanks guys!
  9. MattGarner

    Orlando to London Gatwick

    Thanks guys, much appreciated!
  10. MattGarner

    BA Sharklets

    Just one from this evenings BA Shuttle flight from London Heathrow to Manchester!
  11. Bank Holiday weekend in the UK so I decided to take up the extra free time do to another long haul in the Boeing 777 and this time the Gatwick to Orlando & back again. I will actually be doing this flight in the real world in November this year - Can't wait! Anyway, these screenshots are from the return trip from the states back to London Gatwick. Hope you like them! Parked at the gate - Let's get this beauty ready to fly! Taxiing to the runway Lining up onto the runway - Time to TOGA! Airborne! Today's route took us close to the NASA facility - It's still a bit dark on this early morning flight but you should be able to make out the big NASA building and of course the runway! As we make our way over the big pond the sun starts to rise Don't you just love the Boeing 777? It's a beautiful aircraft On the approach - Runway 26L at London Gatwick After a lovely 8 hour flight without any problems - We are now shutdown and parked at Gatwick. Ready for the next adventure! Thanks for viewing.
  12. MattGarner

    747-400, wait for PMDG or go iFly?

    I guess it depends on how badly you want to fly a 747 - If you want to do it right now then go iFly I suppose. Personally, I'm waiting for the PMDG version.
  13. Very interesting - Will have to give this a go!