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  1. I have opened a support ticket with them. Normally I would say I've appreciated the fact that most Carenado airplanes are turn key ready to go. Typically you know what you're going to get when you purchase an aircraft from them. Going through my list of Carenado keys, this is my 20th aircraft purchased from them. It's just frustrating when neither one of the add-ons I purchased to use with the Phenom work. Since there is ZERO navigational data, I literally can't even fly the aircraft, It's not exactly a VFR style aircraft. I'll keep this post updated when they respond, thanks for your input. -Carl
  2. I was thinking that with Carenado's sale going on now it would be a good time to get one of their planes that I don't own yet. I've been keeping my eye on that Synthetic Vision for quite a while now, so I pulled the trigger and got the Phenom 300, Navigraph addon, and SVS addon. Pretty disappointed so far, neither the SVS OR the Navigraph works. I have zero nav data in the MFD, which makes it basically unflyable. I've googled all over the place and I've spent several hours now trying workarounds, only to no avail. Might just have to contact Carenado and get a refund, so sad. If anyone has suggestions I'm all ears. Thanks, Carl P3d V5
  3. Glad that worked for you, but still hasn't fixed the Synthetic Vision for me. 😞
  4. I have the same problem, in P3d v5 using the Phenom 300.
  5. The VNAV functions fine if you have a departure and arrival in the FMS. At least for me. I have not had any issues with the APR function. And my backup HSI works fine. Time to update from 32bit Nick 🙂
  6. Well it looks like version 1.1 has been released and they fixed many of the recommendations that you had. Well done Curt! -Carl
  7. The 32bit version is out, no ETA on the 64bit (Which I feel was a horrible decision on their part). Over the years I've been very unimpressed with the way Eaglesoft has handled customer relations and their development decisions. I'm sure it will be a great airplane, however it's $120 (Is it PMDG quality? Unlikely). It utilizes the Proline 21 system, which IMHO is garbage, even though it may be what is most common in the real life XLS. They chose to use RealNav for navigation updates as opposed to Navigraph. These are all things that deterred me from purchasing it. Once Carenado released their XLS it was a no brainer for me. With MSFS coming out this year there was no way I was going to drop $120 for Eaglesofts 32bit aircraft. Carenado may come up short on a lot of lists, but from my experience, they have the better sales strategies and I think that's what makes them successful. Sorry did not mean to hijack this thread- I've found that if you enter the departure and arrival airports in to the FMS, make sure GTN CDI is on GPS, it should follow LNAV.
  8. Maybe I'm being naive, but, I can't locate the altitude selector knob anywhere, lol. EDIT: Found it!! For some reason I totally did not expect it on the MFD!
  9. Hi All, Is anybody able to send the GTN 750 mod for this aircraft? I would greatly appreciate it. -Carl
  10. I was hoping someone would be able to make an Omni Air International livery for the PMDG 747-8F and/or passenger version. They don't fly the 747 in their fleet, but here is an example of their livery- https://imgur.com/LzJdBr1
  11. All the more reason to install that GTN 750 mod :)
  12. PM sent, looking forward to integrating the 750, it's such a wonderful tool.
  13. It's the trim. When the trim is adjusted it makes that sound.
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