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  1. Seems to me a very balanced computer that is good enough voor P3D v.4.5. (and 5). Decent CPU and decent GPU. Maybe you can overlclock your processor (it's a K type and you have liquid cooling). Unless of course you go for VR and/or 4K monitor.
  2. @bean_sprout, What is your point? That it is beatiful? Nobody wil argue that.
  3. Interesting story about digital twin of Earth. But I think that you can make much more mainstream games and make profit of it, than with a too simple and 'closed' system as MSF is on a Xbox.
  4. Yes, it was much more of a priority, ie. to win the hearts en minds on new xbox players on the new Xbox X (probably cheaper $700)
  5. I don't really understand why the forum posts here are so kind to Asobo and Microsoft. We have to be patient, everything will be fine, the other sims weren't good either, etc. No, but they weren't as full of errors as FSX (years ago). Many users fall in love with the image, the scenery. What you can see if you got off the plane while flying and you sometimes (but certainly not always) see beautiful scenery below. Even a drone is possible. MSF is a game, a beautiful game, but at the same time it is not a real flight simulator, but an experience simulator. And that cannot be otherwise. It is nonsense to expect that within a few months with an Xbox of say 700 dollars you can really achieve the same functionality as with a gaming computer whose GPU alone is more expensive than the entire Xbox. Do the positive forum members here really think that you can build a profitable simulator that can only be played well by the niche of enthusiasts with a 2000 to 3000 dollar computer? No, the profit will have to come from the sale to xbox owners based on the undeniably beautiful visuals and gamey nature of this sim. So the priority of Asobo and certainly of Microsoft will be on the development of a smooth running and simple sim for the time being. That's nice, but that's not the level X plane and not P3D. If there is not enough money to be made from the xbox, I think there is no more money source to convert the framework into a more open, accessible and modular sim with which add-on builders can make their living. I am concerned about the long-term survival of MFS.
  6. In Chaseplane: Go to Preferences -> Camera -> (scroll down) HDR Override. Enable HDR Overide should be OFF. See also
  7. If you use ChasePlane, that can be the trouble. CP has an option to do something with HDR.
  8. Almost every day I visit AVSIM.com. I am always interested in new forum topics, but not in all. I would like to see clear topic headings, relevant to the content, not things like 'Please Help Me' or something similar unclear. Please, forum members, make your topic clear in your title. But that is not the only possibility, that could help me to avoid (btw the slow loading) topics that would not interest me. I think it's reasonable easy to adapt the site so that it is possible to hover with the mouse over a topic header in the sidebar, to show (just) the relevant forum title. I would be very happy with that! Johan van den Bol
  9. Aerosoft Twin Otter. Very nice plane. P3D v4 ready. Read reviews. Johan
  10. The very least thing the developer could do, is to say sorry, but I quit. I don't even want him to give a reason. But I insist on a very basic polite behavior, so to not remain silent. Maybe he's sick or worse, so maybe one of his relatives or co-workers could give us a very small reaction.
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