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  1. REALLY Happy with my set up got 43inch 4 k tv set at 30hz ....runs mint Gigabyte GeForce RTX2070 GAMING OC 8G GDDR6 1.00 $969.00 $88.09 (GV-N2070GAMING OC-8GC) PLE-633110 $969.00 Intel Core i7 8700K 3.7GHz Coffee Lake 6 Core 12 1.00 $599.00 $54.45 Thread LGA1151-CL - No HSF Retail Box (BX80684I78700K) PLE-629391 $599.00 G.Skill 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 Trident Z 3200MHz (F4- 1.00 $269.00 $24.45 3200C16D-16GTZSW) PLE-624498 $269.00 Intel 760p Series 512GB NVMe M.2 SSD 1.00 $219.00 $19.91 (SSDPEKKW512G8XT) PLE-630987 $219.00 Samsung 860 EVO Series 2.5" 7mm 500GB SSD 1.00 $129.00 $11.73 (MZ-76E500BW) PLE-630974 $129.00 Gigabyte Z390M Gaming LGA1151-CL ATX Desktop 1.00 $259.00 $23.55 Motherboard (GA-Z390-M-GAMING) PLE-633544 $259.00
  2. I agree Agree smoothness and VAS management are very real. in twenty days i have clocked up more than 20 flights many over 13 hours with active Sky next and Orbx. smooth as silk and on a laptop on steroids. What i notice there isnt a lot of activity of people posting isuues on FSX:SE ie: crash to desktop, VAs, etc so that initself is a plus for the reincarnated FSX. Im impressed and happy the way it runs. for all those with boxed FSx on stable system stay with what you got if it not broken or running like a treat. PMDG 777 & 737NGX ASN ORBX all work superbly
  3. With FSX:SE i had stutters with pmdg 777 and 737 NGX all other defaults no issue. ensure you have all pmdg and steam updates installed to latest versions Once I did according to http://steamcommunity.com/app/314160/discussions/0/620703493312427489/ 1.tweaked nvidia inspector to MS FSX and apply as per steam content 2. then fsx.cong according to steam cfg tweak mentioned 3. I then applied Steves Dx10 fix (DX10 preview enabled) now no microstutters no vas issues 14+ hours. Cannot comment on P3d (or FSX with acceleration and SP1 and SP2)as I only have FSX:SE which is a new breed Follow to the letter the three steps ensure you determine affinity mask mine is 14. Back up your fsx.cfg file for good measure before and after doing all this. Have orbx and ASN installed, windows 10 tech review build 10061 windows defender disabled no virus software active also no internet browsers active only Active sky next + ACARS qantas virtual tracking software and FSX SE running. Im not getting into deep into what CPU blah blah GPu usage but this definetly did the trick. i intend to leave it alone until something else breaks. smooth frame rates 30 FPS drops down to 15 at lower levels but still smooth sliders for traffic etc pulled far to the left these seem to impact frame rates. Hardware MSI apache 17" pro laptop gaming laptop FSX Se on SSD with scenery/add mlinked to 1 Terabyte internal hard drive to keep the SSD not full. CH pedals and CH Eclipse yoke new had windows 8.1 installed windows10 technical preview over the top. Hope this helps
  4. Thats teasing me looks awesome and a lot of hard work If it was out now i would be the first to buy hehe....
  5. Mostly flaps 5 degrees on PMDG 777 ... wait to spool up to 50% then throttles forward Plenty of power to get in the air.... 271000 lbs fuel YPAD to OMDB Simbrief I use for flight plans couldnt live without it.
  6. you can save the approach scenario as LANDING PRACTICE FLARE and if it goes pear shaped load up the plane configured for landing again. If your happy touch and go set flaps 15 throttle up do a circuit and repeat. If not happy reload......
  7. HEHE thats why i have weather radar in PMDG 77 and 737 NGX . There is a frame hit when certain complex clouds appear with ASN. Can fly around the big red patches on the radar screen. flying into a hurricane (cyclone in Austrlaia) at low altitude well that would be interesting...
  8. I wil give that a go thanks for the tip....
  9. What about build 10061 ? Mine wont update to 10071 but it my be something to do with the band width for the update as im on a remote site it gets to 92% ... dont know the reason. bear in mind after each install not all software will like the move and may need reinstallation or run in compatability mode blah blah blah
  10. if its working for you dont change it
  11. Great post bring more people in if you have the money you could really do this
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