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  1. andrewr

    Live View - What I'm after?

    Stephen, Thank you for your detailed response and apologies for incorrectly naming the product. Andrew.
  2. Hello, I've installed and looked at the OpusFX product. Very good. If I'm being honest, I currently use EZDok, Rex Textures with ASN and am really happy with my FSX setup. I'm running it over a network, Plan-G, Aivlasoft Display. VPilot - all okay on client PC with FSX, Vpilot Proxy, Aivlasoft DataProvider all on the server PC. What I was looking to do is set up a view on the client PC using Opus. I got so far and it didn't work. The Live View Test seem to run okay - so both PCs were communicating, but nothing worked in tandem. I followed the guide as best I could. If I did get it working, would I see other traffic from Vatsim on the view? Would the weather be updated from FSX via Opus? Thanks.
  3. I don't know your full FSX situation, but my sim is working well at the moment. i5 @ 4.52 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 750 Ti 2GB. I followed Word Not Allowed's guide. I followed the guide for Nvidia Inspector. FSX is on an SSD I'm now using the scenery config editor to only enable sceneries I'm flying over (backup your scenery.cfg before use!!) I have a second PC for VPilot, ASN, EFB and other bits.
  4. Aerosoft's Mega Airport Dublin, yes for FSX.
  5. There's a VAS usage needle showing realtime VAS usage. So when the needle was up near the 3.8+GB range, I knew was on borrowed time before an OOM. Dublin Mega Airport, Horizon Ireland VFR scenery and an PMDG 777 don't play well. I used Scenery Config to turn off the scenery I wasn't using for that flight, Ireland West, Earth Simulations Isle of Man, VFR North of England, London VFR and associated airports.
  6. At Christmas, I treated myself to:- Active Sky Next UK2000 London City Aerosoft Dublin PrecipitFX SX AIRPORTDESIGN - EXETER | EGTE Fiber Accelerator <- which 'sort of' works, but most importantly told me where my biggest VAS usage was in my flights. Which I then sorted with the use of Scenery Config Editor for FSX. I was on Vatsim a lot over Xmas. My FSX setup is running so sweetly.
  7. There's an 'autorudder' checkbox in the options-Realism. Is this unchecked?
  8. I've always got a message to 'contact' the controller when I'm entering their airspace. I use that and Vattastic to know which controller to contact. For those that are unsure, want to know Vatsim better and are on UK time, I'd be more than happy to offer a Vatsim taster session. I've got a Mumble server, a 'P1' qualification and have been one of the virtual pilots live at the Weston Super Mare South-West Overload event 2 years running.
  9. You can create 3 extra 'FSX Windows' with the '[' key or is it ']' :rolleyes: Then first monitor can be set to left side of the cockpit, right monitor right side of the cockpit and main monitor for the VC.
  10. Sounds bad. All I can suggest is to uninstall FSInn and CoPilot through the Windows Add Remove Programs. And then read this again and follow to the letter: If you run FSX in Windowed mode, then give VPilot a try..
  11. I've bought ASNext this morning. It was the REX Weather Radar remaining broken for months (since September) and the 'this weekend', no 'this weekend', no 'this weekend' talk of the update that, as a customer, annoyed me a great deal. With the discount at the moment on ASN, it was hard to resist.
  12. If you run FSX in 'Windowed Mode', you should be able to extend the window over the two monitors by dragging the corner of the window ala Windows.
  13. andrewr

    EZDOK very big problem!

    Can you confirm which version you have? Keep persevering, it's an excellent addition to FSX.
  14. As an example, on Vatsim, in UK Airspace, Gloucester (EGBJ) is open most Tuesday evenings supporting GA traffic. The CIX VFR Club only fly VFR and will arrive or depart from EGBJ. If you're part of a group or that group, you'll have more say in asking for an airport to be opened for your flight. I've seen that London Control covering all UK Airspace will operate on Weekend mornings. They will give you full ATC from stand to stand in the UK.
  15. To book a flight in a Vatsim event, you'll normally find a Vatsim event banner, click it and get passed through to the website with flight charts and booking facilities. e.g.. or There is one serious amount of stuff to learn on Vatsim, and you don't want to put yourself in an event with only basic Vatsim-knowhow. Don't let this put you off and keep logging in to listen to other pilots and controllers.