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  1. BluRay

    777 Cargo loading

    If you are looking for real world values to represent passenger and baggage weights, my operation utilizes 160 pounds for an adult pax in the winter, and 155 in the summer. Children are 70 pounds. Baggage weights are 40 pounds per bag. The multiplier for bags per pax is typically about 1.2. Cargo weights obviously fluctuate drastically, fuel load, cargo bookings, and volume play a large role in that.
  2. Hopefully We'll see it at ORD in the near future. Nice work.
  3. Hah - roger. I take it your as much of an IAD nut as I am an ORD one..
  4. Begging the question there... What did you do.... Take the Blackbird for a spin in the pattern?
  5. The PMDG OEW weights were taken from real flying A/C. As Kyle specified, weights vary by airline and by aircraft. I can attest to that statement; just did a search for the OEW on a 77W, and it says 370,000. My W&B calculations for one of our aircraft yesterday utilized an OEW of 390,600. In the end, that is the figure that counts.
  6. BluRay


    Got it. I've heard of Hadoop being mentioned before, but I haven't yet gotten around to learning that, or any of the other side-packages (another one called Shiny). I've picked up R in an effort to move away from SPSS,
  7. BluRay


    Hey Kyle... what type of coding do you do in R? I use the R language daily for stats analyses. Pretty surprised to see R get mentioned here on AVSIM. But perhaps there is a larger following than I had originally suspected.
  8. Exactly. I've always had the feeling my airline was undershooting these estimates. I'm not even sure how these estimatesl were derived anyway, perhaps it was through a massive study where they took the grand average of all passengers surveyed? I would certainly hope there is some scientific evidence backing up these estimates. Whenever we have an MTOW (~500 LBS within MTOW) day, I would always be extremely curious to know what the absolute actual TOW weight of the aircraft actually is... When I worked the 767F however, I was always comfortable knowing the maximum disparity is typically at maximum around 100 pounds.
  9. Great video representing W&B Kyle. The wide disparities between airline SOPS never cease to amaze me, though. I've been doing W&B on the 77W for over seven years now; and my specific airline utilizes a mere 155 pounds per passenger (in the summer; 160 in the winter). Additionally, there is no extra weight factored in for carry-on baggage. If they checked in a bag, the weight assumption for that bag would be 40 pounds.
  10. On the website, the flap setting is displayed as "10", which isn't even available on the real airplane.
  11. Anybody notice the image on the AuraSim website that shows a Flaps 10 setting for T/O? No such setting exists on the B777...
  12. I was faced with a similar dilemma, iPad Mini vs. iPad Air. I went with the new iPad Air. The bigger screen really does make a nice difference. As the poster above stated, I use dropbox to synchronize my PDF files between my FSX PC and my iPad, and I couldn't be happier. Taking it an additional step further, I then import my PDF file into a program called Papers3 and that allows me to edit the PDFs with highlights, user notes, and even write stuff on the PDF itself. Very nifty stuff. My next step is to synchronize my FSX location on ForeFlight, so that I can see where my flight is at any given time and not haveto look at the FSX pc itself.
  13. I think you have all brought up some good points. Being a load controller on the 77W I can definitely say that the actual aircraft TOW is nearly never the planned TOW. Speaking from experience, we are typically 3,000 LBS to 5,000 LBS under PTOW on a daily basis. This is primarily due to two reasons: no show passengers and reduced children weights. Contrarily, when I load planned for 767F aircraft, we were always spot on with the actual take off weight (TOW) reflecting the planned take off weight (PTOW). This is obvious due to our exact knowledge of cargo pallet weights. Rob
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