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  1. Molew

    Fraps loose contact with P3D v2.3

    Fraps worked fine for me in P3Dv2 up to v2.3, but since then it's been erratic at best. I don't do a lot of video captures, but I do grab a lot of screenshots. Being unable to capture screenshots after accessing the menu or resizing the window is a real disappointment to me. I know the v key still works, but I really don't like messing with bmp files. As an aside, you can display p3d in full screen, just tick the "blackout" option in video settings, and p3d will occupy the entire main display, but any additional monitors not part of the primary display will go black. I generally start p3d in a window, load my scenario and other ancillary apps (Opus) then maximize the window. At this point it's still in windowed mode, but the keyboard shortcut RightAlt+Enter will maximize the sim. For what it's worth, the menu dropping Fraps into an inactive state is not a Fraps issue. I installed Bandicam to see if that worked any better. Same exact issue as with Fraps, screen captures are black and video captures are black but with full sound. Looks like this is some issue with how p3d handles the menu graphics. Or it could be a video driver issue. I'm running the very latest Nvidia drivers (bug fix whql version 344.80 I think, not at my desktop to confirm.)
  2. Molew

    Fraps loose contact with P3D v2.3

    Bumping up this old thread, looking for a solution myself. Anyone?
  3. Molew

    Orbx FTX Related Releases

    Well, thanks for the diligence in keeping AvSim operating despite the attacks Stephen. I do, however, get an idea of what it feels like to be 'collateral damage' in a battle of leviathans.
  4. Molew

    Orbx FTX Related Releases

    ... you know what, I give up trying to post anything other than plain text here. Scotland is out, Wales and England have new patches. Go to the Orbx web site for download info.
  5. Molew

    Albeo Staggerwing

    I've been waiting for this one. Disappointed in the lack of documentation though. Still, I've always wanted a Staggerwing in my hangar. Will be buying it soon. Sent from my Android powered phone via TapaTalk
  6. Molew

    Best Bush Aircraft

    One I'd like to add to the list is Lion Heart Creations' Piper Pacer. One of the versions included in the package is equipped with tundra tires, and makes an excellent bush plane. I know it's not necessarily considered a bush plane, but Aerosoft's Twin Otter is also one heck of a good short-field aircraft. I've managed to get the Tw'Otter down onto, and back out of, Mile Hi (I97D). Something that I doubt could be done in real life, but was sure fun to try in the sim. (you'll need Orbx Central Rocky Mountains scenery, not sure if it's listed in stock FSX.)
  7. I'm curious which update you have there. The latest files from Bernt Stolle for the Carenado Cessna 185F (that I can find, at or as he indicated in post #35, above) are dated March 9, 2012. And there has been no further update from Carenado for the C185F other than their "C185BUSHFSXPATCH1.exe" from April 20, 2010.
  8. Adding my two cents worth in favor of ThrustMaster hardware... I've owned a T.M. Cougar for over ten years now. I have not 'modded' it with replacement springs or replacement Hall Effect sensors. It's been a rock solid unit for the entire time I've owned it. I am an avid flight simmer and use my flight controller just about every day, and have done so since I first started flying flight sims back in the early '90's. Before I got my Cougar, I would wear out Saitek gear in a couple months, CH gear in a couple years. My Cougar has withstood all of my heavy use and keeps right on working, flawlessly. The only piece of equipment I am tempted to buy to replace my Cougar ... is the WartHog. There is no other flight controller out there that I would expect to last ten years or more while enduring almost daily use. The WartHog (like the Cougar before it) is not just an expensive toy, it's a solid investment in your flight simulation hobby.
  9. Molew

    V35 repaints

    That's one of my current favorite liveries for the V35. Very nicely done, thanks!