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    First Impressions Test Flight

    The autopilot is very wonky, unreliable and irl I would not ever step foot in it again. One climb out I engaged the ap and then a few minutes later the plane decided it wanted to go into a 90 degree bank and go into a dive. Just tonight I was cleared to descend to 1200 ft so I set it and the ap went right through it even though it called it out. I was able to pull it out but probably took out some tree tops. This is just basic a to b nav. I can only imagine that if ask anything more complicated that it will fail. V 4.4


    After getting a headache and blurry eyes from changing settings I ran across one of those hundreds of the "HOLY GRAIL" settings that the guy claimed he was getting 30-40 fps smooth with a PMDG with a similar setup to mine and all the addons. With Orbx global,NA LC, ActiveSky, REX tex direct in a Carenado jet.. I was smooth but avg 20-25. Tested it in some bad weather it got worse and in some snow was seeing 10-15 stuttering. Well I figured WTH and tried guy's settings as a Hail Mary and it WORKED!!!! I am now 30-40 smooooooth... Even at Orbx Palm Springs, Ksan etc I get 20-25 smoooooth. Average today with lots of heavy clouds and rain was 25-35 smooth. That is with most settings maxxed but the imo the biggest help was reducing my 4k res down to 1920x1080. If I can find the page I will post the link. BTW my rig is a i7 6700k @ 4.8/1080TI, SSD with a Sony 36 4k latest greatest. Found it... Don't know the rules for links but here it is. I dropped all my 30+ yrs of simming habits and did exactly what he did. I run iirc 4saa and also he uses Envtex I run REX. A lot of things were counter intuitive to me but TRY them and give it some time. https://community.vatsim.uk/topic/34553-p3d-v4-settings-gtx-1070-solved/

    Altitude hold issue

    I am having ctds just changing interior views which is a pita. No issues with the ap YET but on the Phenom I was having all kinds of problems holding altitude. May not be your problem but mine was I had the TRIM set to a TM Warthog throttle wheel. During trouble shooting I removed it and all is well. I now use a hat switch on the stick. I no longer ask WHY it works but just that it solved it. Maybe try to remove your elevator + and - and see what happens.
  4. After 2 days I have migrated from V3 to p3dV4 installed and most V4 paywares loaded. On my last 4 attempts to fly point A to B if I change interior views I get slammed to desktop when I cycle to a rear interior view. Usually NO messages but once it said the program had a problem and has to close. Just curious if this is a known issue.
  5. RW I flew mostly single pilot ops in freighters some basic some complex 99.9% at night. Still a walk in the park compared to what is supposed to be entertainment.. One of my biggest peeves is fumbling around with the mouse trying to find these insanely small click spots just to tune a *** radio!! Or a speed or altitude.. Why, why why is the small round dial with one top corner do one thing and the bottom tiny corner do another and who thinks it was a good idea? Add track it, some turbulence, night time and it makes to WAY WAY WAY harder than it should be. I remember some had that function right ON the radio over the numbers. Imagine that... No fumbling,no heads down getting frustrated while your workload is highest on approaches. Hover the mouse over the digit, move the wheel and the number changes!! Developers please drop this archaic method which for the life of me I have no clue why it is still used.


    At least there are no "loot boxes" and pay to win that I am aware of. We have DLC but at least it is not as bad as AAA gaming where we could be paying for at 1st different skins, avionics then later extra HP, increased altitude, tie down and hanger spots and landing fees. Maybe cards you purchase loaded with fuel credits. Shhhhh I better not give any ideas.....


    No longer into the airliners but once was and spent my share with them. The only planes I have had problems with are all Carenado despite being called V4. In 2 of the more recent jets the AP is all over the place and refuses to hold altitude or climb,descend as commanded. Also the A2A 182, again called V4 flies horribly and does some really strange things. I turned off upper winds, turb, downdrafts etc in ActiveSky no joy. Really tired of it so time to walk away but at least I got V4 installed.


    I still have v3 installed. Kinda nervous because I stuck with REX 3 for the clouds and that is a lot of gigs. Its running and looking great so I am going to leave well enough alone. Other than V4 I did not have to spend any money other than a reduced charge for v4 active sky. Currently deleting old planes from V3 to save space. For some reason V4's menus are chopped off at the bottom. I have been trying to find a solution but cannot. Running 3840/2160. Also I need to find and educate myself on the differences other than 64 bit of v3 vs v4 and see what the current tweeks are. As is I am running most WAO and its smooth. i7/6700k at 4.8, 1080ti, ssd and w10 on a 36 inch 4k Sony.


    I would rather walk across broken Christmas ornaments bare foot, check my mail only to find out I was having a IRS audit than do that again. Total time + tweaking, reconfig the HOTAS etc was 8 hrs. I did a LOT of house keeping and decided not to load the Orbyx Pacific North East area and about $300 in airports up there. Also said bye bye to about 25 dusty FSX/V3 planes/helis with hanger rash. To bad you can't sell used planes I would be rich... Still a few issues. The menus are chopped off at the bottom and I still cannot map a key to quickly jump back to the forward view vc. That said, on my very high end system the fps is aprox 5-10 fps better, a lot smoother and less draw in. Never had memory issues. Was it worth it. Oh hell yeah.......
  10. JIMJAM


    I downloaded another ftxcentral and used it. Otherwise, using the one thats already there for V3 shows purchased and already installed. It "APPEARS" to be working as I have installed most and they seem to be there. Setting the views is a pita but I have categories set/ prev and next. Problem is I CANNOT set forward 3d cockpit view ??? In v3, on the stick I could no matter what the view hit a key bound to forward 3d view iirc and it snaps to that critical view. However, now if I am in any other view and hit that button nothing happens. BTW Using trackir if that matters.
  11. Have p3dv3 with a couple grand $$$ in addons including all the Orbyx,Activesky,Rex, 40+ aircraft etc... My plan is to leave V3 on my drive and I just installed v4. Then piece by piece get it all loaded in V4 and then DELETE v3. I tried to read the TIPS/TRICKS but its as confusing and unorganized as upside down Chinese calculus on mushrooms. Question.... Is it best to just NUKE V3 and then reload each Orbyx and all the updated to V4 progs? My 1st indication my idea is bad is Orbyx is already installed in V3 so its "CENTRAL" shows I already bought and installed it. If this has been ask 5000 times I apologise and if so lead me to some post or a "How to" that someone who is recovering from 2 back surgeries and enough meds to kill Ozzie and Keith Richards can understand. Done this more time that I care to count with FS9/FSX etc but this is different. Thanks..
  12. Ot while we wait but Commander related. I worked for the SC State Aeronautics Comm and our Wildlife Comm had a Shrike we used for everything. I flew mostly nights using nvg for everything from drugs runners to guys shining for deer. I recall dumping it onto stretches of rural roads to disembark agents to arrest offenders. There was a huge drug op flying into strips S of KCAE ranging from 1200 - 3000. They parked cars on both ends and with 50ft pines on both ends at night on mostly unprepared strips grazed on by cows was a quite a feat. Most Commanders had all the signs of drug planes with painted on tail numbers,tinted glass, prop,belly damage and of course fuel was payed for by cash. Sadly, most were used a few times and either burned or parted out. I knew 3 people killed in 690 accidents including my roommate when the tail separated climbing out of KJAX. Hoover did more bad than good doing his payed airshow routine when there was great concern over the safety of the Commanders but thats my opinion. I dont recall that big placard staring you in the face but its there for a reason. The other probably fell asleep during a night decent and bounced off a field and ended up in a river. When I got out, Commander prices were falling fast due to the numerous ADs and high replacement cost of the fuel cells and other life limited parts.
  13. Except for A2A, I have always turned off damage and collision as the damage modelling on most planes is horrible. Also Orbyx/P3D is generous with their trees and buildings. With col detection on there are many airports that would be impossible to fly into normally so I just fly through insanely placed trees and choose a realistic approach and fly right though a 60 ft pine placed center line at the fence. Drug runners loved the Commanders and many flew into grass/dirt strips in SC that I would only attempt in a small single. Maybe some damage to the belly or fod if you are heavy reverse at low speeds. I have seen nose wheel fenders which prevent belly damage. I dunno just turn off damage as imo its horribly done on most everthing.
  14. Don't want to overshoot any runway but running long on the N runway would be nasty. A mini Grand Canyon there.
  15. JIMJAM

    So? What is the verdicht?

    some had wet wings outboard 22 cells but all to to one sump. entire fuel route is as basic as it gets.TANK - CENTER FUEL SUMP - ELEC. BOOST PUMP - OIL/FUEL HEAT EXCHANGER - FUEL SHUT OFF VALVES - ENGINE Good to know that prog does not work with it as I was looking for a prog to simulate freight. Maybe a simple edit can trick it??