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  1. show me some videos of whats being worked on and taking so long to finish LOL - I'd be more interested in that, myself. anyway. Appreciating the love here lol - I just can check for updates for so long, then I get angry lol Anyone know why the first version - kicks out of AP and does a vertical dance? -- I tried it 3 times and gave up.
  2. Personally, I'm kinda sick of the videos and screenshots - it's like dangling a carrot in front of a horse and pulling it away month after month after month... --- stop the hype and release the damn thing lol send me an email once it's released thanks. Rob
  3. Hey Bob, nope. This is what you need to try. First off, you can just unload Precision X and then install ENB and test. see if that works for you. If it does and you see no crashes, then close everything and follow these steps. Look for EVGA Onscreen display server - in the bottom right hand corner where the time is and open that app. You will see RIVATUNER - click the Top right wrench icon - to get into the advanced settings and look for the line of text that reads - "compatibility with 3rd party Runtime Dll's" check mark that box. Then you can close Rivatuner and then load Precision back in and ENB and FSX That should do the trick, did for me. I haven't crashed ONCE since I did this. Thanks hope this helps you and others! Enjoy! Rob Took me days to figure this fix out
  4. Thank you, Finn! I actually found that after I posted this message and I thanked you guys for your customer service stance in options for people that have already just purchased Airbus x V1 - I think that is a VERY SMART move, indeed. When I look at those prices, I feel happy and will have no problem purchasing more items from a company that cares about it's customer's Great job guys !! I commend your team Thanks again for the info Rob
  5. I just purchased the Airbus X V1 because I don't want to wait for the next (re-scheduled arrival) of V2 and I was very sad to see my FSX crash for the first time, while opening Flight PLanner while in flight - :( - Tested 3 times and yes it crashed everytime. FSX Ran mint before I installed. Now I paid $45.00 for this item and I SURE HOPE that we get some sort of deal on purchasing V2 - as V1 is obviously BUGGY. -- You can't just sell an item that's half broken and expect customers to purchase an entirely NEW version because V1 was not coded correctly. I look forward to seeing the pricing menu of the new V2 Extended. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind paying for the NEW FEATURES, but I've already spent $45.00 + tax on the buggy features of V1. Thanks Rob
  6. How do the Buttons look in the cockpit on this one? my MCP in VC looks like a mess LOL
  7. great, hows the test going? still good? I believe there is advanced settings in inspector that do the same for 3rd party Dll compatibility, but I have to install it on machine at home tonight to see. I can't do it here. I'll check and get back to you guys. THanks Rob Would anyone of you great guys! here! - have an A380 that works! lol - in FSX ? - I tried some last night and this thing was crawling into the ground with engines idle LOL - Please send your A380 FSX file donations to the following email address and I will personally find something to give you in return Thanks guys! Rob I need an A380 - that looks nice and flies well
  8. No, I am not doing that, thanks. You will know that if you reply to someone, even if they haven't been to the forum lately, will receive an email letting them know they have had a response to their comment. This will then bring them here to read what I wrote them. Yes, I could have posted it and then just let them come around whenever, but I thought they might like to know sooner than that I know what I'm doing thank you. Rob Ok, so your using inspector. I checked for the option in inspector, but I can't install it at the moment to look for the advanced options. What I would suggest you do is download the newest Precision X software from Nvidia's site and follow the steps I posted to checkmark the "compatibility mode for 3rd party runtime dll's" - this should force the compatibity and work the same. I can check on the INspector thing tonight for you if you would prefer. Thanks Rob
  9. Hey there. Ok, what program is installed on your machine that is cooling your GTX card? MSI Afterburner? or some other Nvidia sofware? If you can find that out, let me know and I'll research the same fix for you in that software
  10. Oh there is one thing that will fix it and it has to do with your video card drivers and utils Precision X and MSI afterburner are causing this issue for GTX Vid card people like me
  11. PLEASE NOTE: EVGA GTX 670 OWNERS USING Win 7 64 bit - w Precision X software installed - If getting Fatal Crash in Win 7 64 bit and FSX with ENB files inserted, then unload Precision X before running FSX - it's causing my system to crash on command. Took me days to issolate it, but I got it! Enjoy ! hope it helps others! It was annoying! Thanks Robdrums
  12. UN LOAD = PRECISION X sofware from the bottom right hand corner - tray! Now load it Voila! Took me days to issolate that! LOL Enjoy Rob I'm working on a work around for this. Running Precision X? Unload it and then try Yeah! Run ENB in FSX folder and unload Precision X sofware from your computer. Voila! Hopefully works for you too
  13. Hey Bob! I found the fix - try this if you have this software installed. Unload Precision X sofware for your Video card. Bottom right hand corner of your screen , click the arrow, right click on Precision X and Close/Exit. Then run it with ENB Fixed! Hope it works for you! - Took me days just to issolate this one. Rob
  14. Hey guys. Try unloading Precision X software for GTX card - if you have it installed. This caused my issues. Works fine. Took me days to issolate the fix. enjoy Thanks Rob (Tech) Video driver software doesn't like playing along side the d3d9.dll apparently. I can crash it on command.
  15. Same thing with me, spent days finding out that it's Precision X GTX vid card software causing my issue - - unload it and test. You're see it now works fine. I'm working on a workaround now for this. Email me at robdrums69@gmail.com if you guys need help Thanks Rob
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