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  1. Yes, it's annoying me too. But hope it's been corrected in next update.
  2. Hi Guys All seems normal in the cockpit but the radar show an error 102 with text in it. I installed the core and textures as for the vACMI core and objects. Is there something I missed? Thanks, David
  3. Which trainer do I need for GTN750 in P3D V6 and where to get it from? Thanks, David
  4. Just downloading it now but slow download time 450to600 Kb/s
  5. Hi Guys Not one of the options of Garming is working. 430, GTN750 PMS50, GTN750NXI Thanks, David
  6. It seems the developer will issue a xp12 but it can take some time..
  7. Can't find an answer anywhere as for compatibility to XP12
  8. Really disappointed that TDS will not function correctly if PMS50 is installed
  9. Tying to takeoff with the ME-262 but it will not get airborne no matter what I do. David
  10. Managed to get it to work by updating 3 small updates inside the Garmin trainer. Thank god everything is working now. Wow, wow, wow :)
  11. Thanks for all your help but at this point I removed the RXP software from my computer as it seems no solution is available. Regards, David
  12. After adding GTN to the Mooney Bravo via the addon menu get the same CTD situation.
  13. Does anybody else have the problem I am experiencing? Is the RXP software compatible with Windows 11? Thanks, David
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