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  1. Have the same problems with my T-28 in P3D V4.1(works fine in P3D V3.4)
  2. Yes, me too will like the C130 in 64bit
  3. FSX-MS

    Hi Copy the file to a downloads folder and change it there. When it is edited move it back and overwrite the original.(or make a backup first) Bye, David
  4. Hi Guys Installed the Maam DC3 in FSX-SE and the left engine will not fire up. Any ideas? Thanks, David
  5. My guess is that only as an external (2D) gauge in the the cockpit, not part of the plane's display. BTW, the waiting for F1 GTN 750/650 for V4 is unreal Bye, David Williams
  6. Hi Guys I'v have a problem assigning mixture to my joysticks. In any other planes the function works. Thanks, David
  7. If operation center is ready for ngx prepar3d v4 than you can download and you will have the P3D V4 option. Notice the 777-300 was V4 released but on the product page it still says Not V4 compatible. Bye, David
  8. Hi guys I don't think that we need to care for any nice reply or such. As long as we are happy with the product. Keep in mind that P3D V4 is a 64bit platform. I too want GTN750/650 and Flight 1 replied yesterday that they are still working on the product. Bye,David
  9. Hi Guys In P3D V4 after flying for 10 minutes or so, the engines power reduces and there is no way to correct it. Bye, David
  10. Hi Guys How can I limit the FPS in Flight School? Bye,David
  11. Hi Howard In Prepar3D (based on FSX engine),you can use all the special add-on/modules like:FSUIPC,Ezca,trackIr5,you have in FSX. You have to build your own EXE.XML file to handle them,but it is not a big deal. If You like me to guide you,then be my guest. Bye, David
  12. Hi Howard I too tried Xplan 10 and like the other reply you got,think that the scenery in FSX/Prepar3D are way better than X10 However the planes are much more realistic in X10 but again are very few. I left X10 and are now using Prepar3D which seems much better than FSX Bye, David