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  1. david_wi

    Starting up the engine of the Falke

    Nothing will start the engine in P3D v4.4
  2. Hi Guys You all helped me get the GTN 650 750 working and I thank you a lot. The only thing that is strange is the GTN750 which gets "sticky" now and then. I am flying P3D v4.4 By, David
  3. david_wi

    650/750 P3D v4.4 ready?

    Thanks Luis
  4. Are RXP GTN 650 and 750 ready for P3D V4.4? Thanks, David
  5. david_wi

    Version 1.1 released

    After I installed version 1.1 On the pilot and co-pilot panels, the yellow instruction placards are locking very bad and only when zooming in they become readable. Attached screenshot. Is there a way it can be removed? Thanks, David
  6. david_wi

    P3D V4.2 CTD in Ready To Fly option

    After consulting VRS they gave us this temporary solution. "You can turn off D3D experimental features in the VRS TPM and that will likely also resolve the issue, at least until we can find out what" I took their advise and it worked fine for me.
  7. david_wi

    P3D V4.2 CTD in Ready To Fly option

    Hi Dave I run this app but don't understand what it shows. Bye, David
  8. david_wi

    P3D V4.2 CTD in Ready To Fly option

    Hi RudiJG1 I also followed your suggestion and the Maddog flies well. But now I can't use my VRS F-18 plane without this module. Bye, David
  9. Hi Guys In P3D V4.2 when moving view around the cockpit, I get a CTD. Also get Map and Vor failure in MFD Computer specs : Windows 10 Home 64bit 16gb ram Nvidia GTX980 4gb Thanks,David
  10. david_wi

    Looking for a download link

    Hi Guys Purchase order number 1298355 and willing to get the file or an updated one for P3D V4 F1 has no Reality XP products anymore. Thanks, David
  11. david_wi

    Xplane 11 update status?

    I too are waiting for an update to XP11
  12. Ants Airplanes has come out with the an T-28A model that flies fine in P3D V4.1 Here it is http://www.antsairplanes.com/downloads/AntsT28AV300BETA.zip Bye, David
  13. Have the same problems with my T-28 in P3D V4.1(works fine in P3D V3.4)
  14. david_wi

    CaptainSim C-130 in P3Dv4?

    Yes, me too will like the C130 in 64bit
  15. david_wi

    GTN 750 Install Problem

    Hi Copy the file to a downloads folder and change it there. When it is edited move it back and overwrite the original.(or make a backup first) Bye, David