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  1. Always agreed with you on this point jcomm - I don't have the time, money, or technical knowledge to do all the things with FSX that would get it close to what Flight offers "out of the box". Not to say there aren't a lot of things in FSX I wish were in Flight but when you talk about overall experience Flight is the best to date. One of my favorite parts of Flight that I don't see people mention too often are the Jobs. It could have been so cool to have seen the Jobs expanded to a career mode, larger planes/jets, etc...
  2. The now classic MS Flight second question when it comes to new planes is - will it have a cockpit? :LMAO: Seriously though the C46 would be a really fun plane...I hope its coming!
  3. Kind of funny...makes me wonder how long Flight has been in the preverbial warehouse... Microsoft: "We have top men working on Flight right now..." Community: "Who?" Microsoft: "Top...men."
  4. What a crazy day high/low for me here in Kansas City. One i hear Google Fiber is only going to cost $70 a month (yay) then I hear my #1 game at the moment is done. The MS Flight model could have worked, it really was a novel good idea but one huge thing that I don't think anyone has brought up is that they should have had more content off the bat. I think the limited functionality of Hawaii really turned off a lot of people. Its pretty obvious this whole project was rushed and unorganized. This Joshua Howard guy seems like a real loser and in turn made us all losers...in my eyes Flight never had a chance with the poor leadership behind it. Time to dust off my FSX CDs...definitely wouldnt have uninstalled it had I known this game was only going to last for 4 months...
  5. Meh...I think I'll just wait to see what's coming next month. I really wish we could have seen something new with this plane like floats/skis and especially then water jobs (flying sportsmen to remote lakes would have sold me) not to mentions still no missions or challenges. Looks like they did a good job modeling the cockpit and really wish I could support this but there isn't anything I want to do with this aircraft I can't do with the Maule. The price point is a little high for me as well to justify what I am getting in return. I really can't say if I will buy another plane if it is not faster or bigger than what we have now.
  6. jcomm - I have read that tuning to local freq allows for private communication between those on that freq but I have never done it. And def agree it would be nice to have someone in an ATC role.
  7. I think if the Multiplayer rooms were larger and communications were actually relevent to your actual flight (I find there usually only a few people in the room and that most people are hundreds of miles away) you would actually see more people using that feature. I wish it were possible to have hundreds of people in each room then I think the voice communication would actually be used - although you would have to deal with the bad apples buzzing your plane on takeoffs.
  8. Agreed with you on that, probably a close second is the Dash-8 but it would sure make the Sherpa would sure make the cargo achievements easier - believe it was S02E03 where they delivered the drill with the Sherpa in near white out conditiions - would be a fun one to recreate.
  9. Great story and pics - If only I was as creative as Air1 maybe I wouldn't want MS to release Alaska Missions so bad!
  10. Agreed to both of you...I have made a home base in Unalakleet in the spirit of the show "Flying Wild Alaska" and been taking jobs primarily out of there (if only I could get an Era Alaska paint job...). I can't wait to see the future of missions once bigger planes are added. Would love to see something like a Boeing 737 where missions are to deliver 100+ passengers or 20,000 lbs of cargo. Jobs are to me what will keep the game from becoming stale, only thing I would like to see is more variety in both the missions and dialogue especially when it comes to the dispatcher telling me to not forget to fill out my paperwork after landing for the 100th time!
  11. Thanks for letting me know - I'll be on the hunt for that this evening!
  12. One thing you have saved yourself by waiting till now to get Flight is having to ponder this same thing that most of us have been wondering since release.
  13. I agree, I think this would also make the lack of AI air traffic less of a bother.
  14. I always like to fly in Real World time (even bump it forward a few minutes so it truly is exact while the page is loading). I really wish they would add Real World Weather like there was in FSX as I currently go online before my flights to check the weather then match the closest theme. Only bad part about this is I don't get much practice flying at night these days due to the midnight sun!
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