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  1. Full screen ..some add-ons like EZDOK restrict you to windowed mode to use EZDOK Studio. #####? <_< I avoid them because windowed mode does not use Direct X hardware acceleration and gives degraded perrformance over fullscreen.
  2. 'rstough says ==> I want to encourage you if you have not already, become a member of our support forum so that we can best handle issues over there. http://www.realenvir...eme.com/forums/ Service Pack 1 is progressing well and we will have more news about it soon. More like an EDIT. Do not discuss warnings or call Mods out again as you did.
  3. I would say ORBX is progressing with more US regions and airports..NOT..away as the last poster clearly indicates. This thread is titled I'm Hooked..me too. I almost always fly within ORBX regions exclusively and utilize thier airports so much now I am HOOKED and would rather fly in ORBX regions and airfields. On the same type of preference I rarely FLY anything but A2A birds. From the historic CUB to the P51-D both with AccuSim..coupled to ORBX scenery IMHO that combo is the epitome of immersion and our current state-of-the-art in flight sim development. Lastly A2A has an AccuSim Cessna 172 in development now with regularly posted (weekly) update info on thier site. These are great times for FSX.
  4. I have all the ORBX USA/Canada regions and over a dozen ORBX add-on airports. The ORBX regions like PNW install easily (click click click) like any other Windows product and I have not seen posted anywhere a trend toward 'issues with UTX GEX Mega 'whatever' or any of the flavor-of-the-month scenery products, quite the opposite ORBX products by design obfuscate all other scenery add-ons. There is nothing to gain adding UTX to existing ORBX installations except when one flies out of an ORBX region..but who would want to do that? ! Forecasting 'future' ORBX UK issues and declaring PNW currently has 'issues' is an uninformed opinion at best, and transparent covert salesmanship at the worst. It is not "how you place them in the scenery library" either, that is NOT correct installation procedure, it's click click click and FTX Central does all the 'placement.' So much misinformation..so much greed.
  5. You're egg-zackly right as REX 2 loaded it's weather faster. Accordingly not everyone has 20M-50M/sec internet downstream throughput. Many who choose to live in a rural area (dream retirement home or full-time RV) are on satelitte (Hughes , WildBlue or other over-the-air ISP's) are very restricted in available bandwidth service tiers. So if a developer designs around the standard 20M or faster connection..##### happens to the other 2/3 of the customer base 'stuck' with less either by choice or neccesity?
  6. I actually agree...It would be much more difficult to get Obama's Kenyan birth certificate since he was born in Hawaii..according to every official document. Even Donald Trump with all his billions can't even come up with anything..except a perpetual bad hair day. Truly though Obama's real and true birth certificate wIll be revealed after the election, as it is in a lock box in the Cayman Islands..or is it a safety deposit box in his un-numbered secret Swiss bank account.matters not..Boy did Michelle give a great speech tonight and really boxed Mitt's ears without even mentioning his name. I WOULD however pay $$$ to see Mitt and Ann posing in thier church-mandated special Mormon 'sanctified' underwear..oh..you didn't know about that did you? Well have a look right HERE. And to stay on topic..REX 2 Overdrive does have really nice HD textures they are stunning..I use them every day and all the time with FSX engine..10 seconds to load the weather. Months ago after creating a REX 2 HD theme I liked and w a i t i ng 6-7 minutes that one and only time for REX 2 to 'do it's thing.' I've uninstalled REX 2 but the textures I once loaded long ago still remain as i did not uninstall Overdrive. .FSX / Jeppesen weather injection is way cool and F A S T.. What's wrong with Jeppesen weather? Good enough for the big iron boys..talking real world here kiddo..not pretend stuff.
  7. Really? Sure it wasn't purchased via Bittorrent. I've seen that same error elsewhere and it wasn't from a DVD either. You tipped your hand old-timer...it does not say in the screenie you supplied -anything- about a corrupt "download"..Hmm....well?? Your turn.
  8. Such a REX fan..a rarity but I digress. I wouldn't gloss over the - l o n g - wait and the always prematuely bally-hooed SP1 and HD texture pack (Overdrive) which is still not released. But to answer the OP No..REX E is no longer launched by FSX and REX E must be run first..which means a long waiting game. I don't know, as the other gent seems to know, that 'anything' at REX developers is progressing smoothly..I don't know except what is posted on thier homepage and the forums.The latest website "news" is about server upgrades heralding way back 3 months to June 2012 and no mention of REX E SP1 or HD textures is to be found except the standard "Soon to be Released" promo advertisement. In the REX E forums it is seriously frowned upon by the REX developer(s), to even ask "When might we expect some of that promised product development?" I know this first hand as an REX E customer and forum participant. REX E with SP1 and HD textures (Overdrive) are now supposedly incorporated into one and the same package. To be such a a really excited user of a still unreleased final product and to proclaim "testing is going fine" is mysterious..but with nearly 3,000 posts maybe he is a developer himself..it's a bigger secret about REX E than Mitt Romney's secret tax returns. I quit using REX 2 and REX E because I got tired of waiting..and waiting..and waiting..so have most others who value thier time. Of course that slow laborious waiting game with REX E has "all been fixed" really..?? Show us.
  9. As a registered REX 2 and REX Essentials paying customer I humbly submit you plan ahead to fix lunch and take the dog for a walk while REX downloads weather, converts textures, fiddles around and does other cool stuff..it takes forever.And you can't fly till it's all done!! Most find the several minutes long wait unbearable and ridiculous. Supposedly this is 'all fixed' in the new release which is still not here. The latest "News" on the REX site is nearly 3 months old...judge for yourself but be forewarned you'll likely fall asleep waiting for this product to interface with FSX. I regret I spent the moola on it. OTOH and to be 'fair' the textures are really nice and I just install them and then never launch REX again (takes too long) as I prefer the internal FSX weather engine..loads up in 10 seconds. It is a pet peeve that so many FSX so-called developers can't cut the mustard but still promise the world..for $$$ up front of course. Coming SOON (REX E w/Overdrive HD pack) has been on the REX site forever. It only took them over 6 months from last summer to get REX Essentials out the door..it is slow as molasses in December too..but they 'promise' it's all gonna be OK one day. It disgusts me. Either excrete manure or vacate the commode REX!
  10. Studders of the type and length you describe are (according to what I've read) indictative of CPU bottlenecks and the associated wait time to catch-up. Basically micro-studders are GPU related while longer , plain old regular studders, indicate a CPU lag in processing. Even boxes supposedly 'bullt for FSX' with top-shelf hardware and tweaked for FSX and then subsequently reviewed on sim sites STILL suffer from major cpu studders at large facilites likle Kennedy Intl. and Heathrow. CPU overclocking sems to be quite popular and a sort of 'badge of honor' who clocks fastest..however benchmarks show a meager 10-15% FSX performance increase with CPU's (usually i7's) clocked upwards towards 5Ghz which can't be done on air alone. Moreover OC'd cpus can be a seriously negative issue if OC'd during operating system installs and upgrades due to timing issues..it can render your box unbootable. SO..is it worth it for 10-15% increase? UT2 offers a frame limiter that activates during aircraft spawning and that might be worth looking at.
  11. Those are all nice FSX default birds with admirable R/W reputations and history..HOWEVER none of them hold a candle to the Douglas DC-3. It's just as home at Kennedy Intl. as it is in the Yukon bush landing on skis on frozen lakes. Yes..the DC-3 is the hands-down most respected and reliable aircraft inthe FSX default fleet. If I was stranded and had an airfield to use but no aircraft..my choice would be the ultra-dependable DC-3. What can top it's service record... huh? B)
  12. The A2A Boeing 377 Stratocruiser with AccuSim and the additional option COTS - Captain of the Ship. It will satisfy for a long time based on your posted requirements..so detailed and interactive I jump back to the A2A J3 Cub just to take a break! It's a phenominal piece of modeling..oh AND IT ACTUALLY FLIES TOO! lol... B)
  13. Mr Artwick's SubLogic company and the subsequent Flight Simulator for the Commodore 64 was the ONLY reason I ever considered buying a "PC' which I did just to be able to fly in 3d and with color. I have mentioned Bruce Artwick in several posts on several sim sites and as others have mentioned used the sequential casette drives and later the 1541 Commodore 5 1/4" floppy drives. Later upgrading to the double-sided floppies in the new fangled 1581 Commodre drives. Then on to the Amiga 500 and 2000. I learned to program in ARexx. I programmed an online football game complete with half-time fireworks display. I recall Run magazine Ahoy! magazine and Compute's Gazette from which my oldest son and I would take turns "typing in progarms" and then a longer time debugging them from those magazines. 300 baud was the standard followed soon by 1200 and then US Robotics HST modems hit the consumer market and well the rest is history. BBS's were the 'internet' of sorts back then and quite the pirate's haven as well. Games were copy protected but programs like Mr Nibble and Fast Hack'em made short work of the copy protection schemes of that era, so I've been told. ^_^ Now any child with a cell phone has many many times the computing horespowewr we had back then. So.. to summarize because of Bruce Artwick I was introduced to the whole unfolding drama of home computing and especially flight simulators. haven't touched down since!! Thanks Bruce!!
  14. Congrats for geting this issue sorted out and posting back. Hartd to know how many other simmers might well benefit from your efforts and communicating the end result. +73F in Las Vegas this morning at 5AM..one of our coolest so far this summer season. Time to FLY!!
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