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  1. Yeah I'm getting that problem as well. I really don't want to browse through everything just to find new posts etc so hope it's a problem and not in fact a removal of it.
  2. I made a post about it. The dev for vPilot has decided to pull out IVAO matchmaking rule set. See here.
  3. Hello all, So I've just heard today that apparently the IVAO model matching rule set has been removed from the vPilot client and Vatsim altogether because "IVAO wants their model set to be used only when flying on IVAO." Source Has anyone got any ideas for alternatives etc? Thanks.
  4. Are your Global Textures set to high?
  5. Microsoft Flight....Bringing back memories I uninstalled mine after multiplayer support got dropped. Such a shame...
  6. Beautiful pictures!! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Ah, it worked. Thank you for the fast response Kyle! Good day.
  8. Hello guys, I recall this problem existing a while back for the 777 when it was released and it was fixed with a hotfix if I recall correctly. Recently, I've had the caution light problem. It illuminates after I start the second engine; doesn't matter which is started the last just that the caution light illuminates then and cannot be extinguished.. I have a custom panel state every time I start my sim up as this was said to eliminate this problem.. I'm really not sure what to do and any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  9. I am also experiencing this problem with the newest version.
  10. Thanks for the update and the hard work PMDG! I had a look around in the livery section of the NGX in the OP and I can't find what I'm looking for. Is it for FSX,FSX:SE and P3D or? Thanks.
  11. As per the update instructions: 1) Visit http://www.precisionmanuals.com 2) Log-in to your eCommerce account. 3) Click on "View Previous Orders" 4) Use this page to download the installer required.
  12. Are service-based failures on? If so, try servicing all.
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