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  1. Floco777

    Prayers for those onboard - Colombia Plane Crash

    The captain was the owner of the company. The flying time was almost 4:30 and the plane's autonomy was 4:30. They took off without any fuel reserve.
  2. Floco777

    Parking breaks will not go out

    I used to have this problem. I used to simply close FSX start it again and the problem was solved. I know it may sound annoying but at least for me was the only solution.
  3. Floco777

    Introducing... The Boeing 777 Route Database!

    Very nice.... I can't wait to see it....
  4. Floco777

    Camera movement in VC

    Very very well done.
  5. Floco777

    A tribute to METAL...KMCO-KJFK

    Simply amazing....
  6. Floco777

    Words I need to share with our Community

    Tom, sorry to hear about that. Don't worry about Avsim. Spend your time with close relatives and friends. My prayers will be for you!
  7. Yes, you'll have to buy it!
  8. Floco777

    MD-11 in old colors

    Very nice.... Varig's old colors were awesome!!!!
  9. Floco777

    Electra II leaving the museum

    Verdade.... é um tempo que não volta mais. Infelizmente.
  10. Floco777

    Electra II leaving the museum

    It's great to see it back in the skies..... And with Varig repaint, it's even better.
  11. Floco777

    I still don't understand the Thrust Limit assumed temp

    Does TOPCAT support PMDG's B 777?
  12. Floco777

    PMDG Products in FSX SE

    Great news
  13. OMG... Where did I put my credit card???
  14. Floco777

    Ipad 777 EFB software

    I hope you find the time....