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  1. [removed - answered about the wrong thing] Personally, i never knew it could be removed in FS9 and I have no idea how to do it in FSX. sorry.
  2. depending on the airport, I have found that the GLIDESLOPES are NOT lined up with the runways, they are generally off to 1 side, I can only assume that they are done this way so that if there is a problem, then you are not exactly lined up with anyone that either might be sitting on the runway waiting for takeoff, or coming at you on takeoff. You would be off to 1 side and pull up and away and you are in the clear. However, if you are finding more and more of these airports, and would like the Glideslopes moved to the centerline so that it is easier to land, just let me know and I'll fix it for you.
  3. you can have 2 identical paint job aircrafts in your library, and when you want to do the return flight, just go up to AIRCRAFT / SELECT AIRCRAFT, get in the tail / flight number you want to be in and it will reload your aircraft and off you go. but to your original question, NO. There is no way, shape, form, or program to change your flight number "on the go" without reloading your aircraft in some fashion.
  4. no air-superiority (air cover) while the 747 landed? tsk tsk. you can really tell its a 'company pilot'
  5. to the OP: if you would like someone to take a look at the airports, and realign the ILS feathers for you, just let me know. I have the tools to be able to do that, and after I am done, would need your email address to send you the corrected files for your FSX. upon inspection of UHPP, I found that the Glide slope for ILS 34R was off to the Right side of the runway by as much as 10 feet. I have corrected it to the end of the runway so that it should put a plane down about 20 feet past the 34R numbers. LBBG: as you can see in the pic below, the green arrow is the Glideslope, which is putting you into the grass, like the video above shows. I have now relocated it to the middle of the runway again, about 20-25 feet past the numbers. (I have also given UHHP, and LBBG runways new paint jobs to include Aiming Bars and Threshold stripes, as well as edge pavement and edge lines, and both are now "Precision" runways)
  6. sounds like a RAM issue.... KERNELBASE.dll is the culprit that caused the error. Quite possibly the scenery is not loading into the memory like it should. Try flying your new scenery again, maybe 2-3 more times .... start with the same aircraft that you were in, then switch it up to different DEFAULT aircraft to make sure that it really is something to do with the scenery. Then Turn off the scenery, but do not delete it (uncheck it in the library) and fly the area 1 more time. 1) if it crashes with all aircraft its the scenery. 2) if you still keep getting the crashes WITH the scenery ON, but not when the scenery is off.... sorry to say it, uninstall the scenery. you can try to reinstall the scenery to see if it fixes itself, but that will be up to you. If it is a RAM issue, depending on how old your computer is, and what your specs are (i didn't check them) you might have to buy some new Ram.
  7. what are you using for your weather? Rex+Opus? Active Sky? FSX Default Real World Weather? FSX Fair Skies? FSX Clear Skies???? Any of these could be the culprit. I have MANY times been as low as on the ground, up to FL350 and had winds as strong as 80 Knots!!! I've even flown out to a hurricane off the coast of Bermuda one time, and had winds in excess of 115 Knots!! .... this was while I have the Registered Version of FSUIPC also.
  8. I was even going to throw out there, if your motherboard has the slots for it, and you can run 8Gig of ram... possibly getting 4 - 2Gig matched sticks, but in that some performance might be compromised versus just having 2 - 4Gig sticks. It might be a little better, but then it might be worse. Ram sticks almost act like Cores on a CPU. The extra Ram is not really used until it is needed to run an application. if you have 4 - 2Gig sticks, and only want to play Solitare, then most likely only 1 - 2Gig stick will really be used with 6Gigs waiting to be used. But where as if you want to run FSX, then 4 Gigs will only be used as that is the max that FSX will call for, leaving the other 4Gigs for the rest of the system processes that need it. FSX will also only run, I believe, on a max of 3-4 cores... so if you have 2 Quad-core CPUs (total of 8 cores), then only 3-4 will get used for FSX leaving the rest for the rest of Windows, Internet Explorer, Fraps, etc...
  9. the problem lies in the B767eadi.GAU (gauge file) I do not know, however, if the problem only exists when you have FS2Crew and the leveld767 installed at the same time. 1 of the 2 definately needs to be reinstalled, if not BOTH.
  10. get the 2x4Gig... if you spread out the load, instead of information being written and read from just the 1 stick, .. it will be more evenly distributed across the 2 sticks and be able to be written and read faster. Then you would also be able to test which is actually faster... the 1 stick, or the 2x4 set. either way, if your Ram messes up later, then all that you will have to do is swap it out for the other that you have put away and you are up and running again in litterally 5 minutes. I'm guessing that you did not read the ENTIRE op...
  11. could it possibly be that somehow you are or were using at one time, an Iphone, or Tablet of some kind as a monitor for SOMETHING... GPS or whatever..?? Maybe you just forgot about it, and didnt turn it on.
  12. well not being at your house we can not tell you WHERE #3 monitor is located. you should be able to somehow force the CDU to use #3, but I'm not 100% sure how to go about setting that up. From what I see in your picture, #3 is Disconnected, your computer probably created #4 to handle the CDU being that #3 is disconnected....... that is if I am looking at it correctly.
  13. get a pair of USB Headphones. there is something in the USB, that you can split the sound from your engines (going to your speakers) and everything else..... RC4, Teamspeak 3, FSX ATC going to your USB Headphones. I believe all you have to do is tell the program which device is to be used for what... no matter what the outcome is, you ARE going to spend some money. It is inevitable, and resistance is futile.
  14. ok, i see 1 airport, where is the other 99 airports in your list of 100 airports?
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