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  1. Care to elaborate? What do you find terrible?
  2. Just want to report that I am having substantial fps increase and performance with your addon. Still get occasional stutters but they are fewer. Thank you!
  3. Seems relevant to me, as I am interested to know and do not frequent other forums on here. Thank you for the post.
  4. I finally got a response to my REX ticket. Thanks to all the comments here I was able to get it working properly without their help. Their response was not as verbose as the comments here. Thank you for sharing!
  5. FFX has indicated that is not there SF50 in their Discord.
  6. Yes, very disappointed. Had to check to see if I had gone offline. Thought this would be fixed.
  7. I solved my issue by uninstalling AAO and any file related to AAO. I did copy all files to a folder on another drive but did not use anything there. Since my Stream deck software and MSFS maintained my settings, I downloaded the files for my aircraft, etc. and just reimported the scripts. I'm sure there was an easier way to do it but it worked for me. I have no idea what the actual issue was but it's working fine again.
  8. Oliver, I am having a problem importing scripts into AAO. This has happened before, and I fixed it but I don't remember how. The icon for the script file is defaulting to an Internet Explorer Edge icon and when I try to import the script, there is no response coming from AAO acknowledging an import. And it doesn't show up in the script editor. Only thing that I know has changed is an Edge update - other than that - I have not been aware of any other changes. AAO works fine with all existing scripts in the database. Using AAO 3.00 b53 Hope this is clear to you. The file shows as utf-8. Thanks! Bill Farmer
  9. I thought this might amicably be resolved but this is an indication it will not. It is shameful and serves no purpose for fs.to. going forward. Guess I'll do a wholesale download of my downloads as a backup. Very disappointed to see this happening.
  10. Yes, I bought KMEM because it is my Home site. That said, I had been using decent freeware but it was important to me to get something a little nicer. I rarely purchase airports, aircraft or scenery unless they really seem worth it to me now. I had bought a lot of packages early on that I tried them once or twice and mothballed them. Listened to too much hype from users giving a great review. The only hype I haven't regretted is the HYPE H145!
  11. It does. However, because of the way handles the traffic injector and AI traffic, it results in many go arounds and removal from the sim. If you check, they did indeed arrive as expected but MSFS doesn't properly reflect it. Of course, this is true at all airports. Asobo need to get the AI system figured out.
  12. KMEM is my home airport. This software is FSLTL friendly for sure. Not a noticeable loss in fps. I catch myself hovering in my H145 watching the airline traffic and comparing arrivals and departures with Flightradar24. This is the FedEx superhub. The scenery gives a good representation of the airport and facilities. I'm not one to care for terminal scenery, so I can't comment. I do appreciate this new add-on whenever I spawn into it. Is it the best? I don't know but until I see something better, I'm more than happy with it. In comparison to other Memphis sceneries on Flightsim.to this is far superior and worth my money!
  13. I did the same thing yesterday. Finished my flight successfully and then closed and relaunched MSFS. So nice to ignore the warning and finish my flight.
  14. Thanks for the assistance. I always run Administrator but maybe that was the problem. Anyway, I reinstalled Windows and of course it now works between AAO and SD. May seem too extreme but that's okay. I used to beta test operating systems in the early 90's for IBM and regularly rebuilt the software with a new beta regularly, since there was no good way to back up in those days - that I could afford. Nice to flush out the nasties from the system from lingering files from those not so uninstalled programs, too.
  15. Oliver, I haven't told you what I did to "update" because the only update I was referring to was MSFS2020. I am not aware of any other changes. I will never likely know. Reinstalling to a clean Windows and reloading software and files now. Thanks.
  16. 1. LED lights and after a few seconds it goes out. 2. Did that. 3.Existing When I check the port I see syn_sent.
  17. Good for you. No joy for me. I have reinstalled AAO, checked the port, and I'm not sure what to do next.
  18. The webapi had been deactivated but it still didn't work after I checked it and rebooted. Going to try the other stable plugin. No change. Neither one worked. Suggestions? Thanks!
  19. I installed the newest beta today and I can no longer get AAO to receive or send responses to my Stream Deck XL. If I watch AAO events, it is receiving them from the sim but not communicating it back to the Stream Deck. In other words no feedback. It is also not showing receiving keystroke commands to AAO. I have tried this with a variety of aircraft in MSFS2020. Could it be the Stream Deck plugin? Assigned keyboard strokes to change views does interact properly so I know the Stream Deck can communicate with the sim.
  20. I hope you posted this on the MSFS forums. Is this on the beta, with DX12, DLSS, etc. I've never seen anything like this before. Thanks for sharing.
  21. Thanks. Just purchased. So not everyone had it...
  22. I was wondering what was causing my aircraft to be sideways on startup on runway. Usually start cold and dark, so it was puzzling as to cause. Thanks.
  23. Thank you. I had this same problem today. Followed directions here and working great again!
  24. Has anybody had any issues with AAO and Stream Deck plugin after the using the latest update?
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