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  1. Hi there There was a dev update on the F70/100 back on January 19th and for the RJ Pro back towards the end of December. https://www.justflight.com/in-development Work is progressing nicely on both but the work isn't conducive to being able to bring more regular updates right now and we're just going to be tempting fate by offering dates/timelines etc. There's nothing more we'd like to do than give you more and more info and detail and release dates but it's simply fraught with uncertainty and danger so it makes it a bit pointless until we're a little further on. I'd say we're aiming for a middle of the year release for the RJ and then a few months after that for the F70 and 100. That's very much just gut feel at the moment though there's not tons of science behind that feeling. What I can say is we'll be in a position to bring you some new dev updates for both projects in the coming weeks. That's quite advanced and we're just waiting on a couple of things for each to get them to the stage where we can show the next batch of features and development work. Hope that helps to an extent. Thanks for your patience.
  2. More or less just a one-man-team yes. We obviously work very closely with Nick at Black Square. The speed at which he works and the capacity he reaches is truly remarkable. Mad keen too and something of a perfectionist. Great developer, it's a pleasure to be working alongside him currently.
  3. What a time to ask! 😃 Obviously right now our full attention is with the Vulcan. That said we'll soon have in-development updates on all of the above for you. We have a lot to show off! Just bear with us for a little while longer. Thanks.
  4. Go on, one final video for you prior to release. This is the one to watch if you're on the fence about purchasing. Product Overview with narration from Mark who has worked on the project throughout. Enjoy...
  5. Another short video for you, this one showing off the famous Howl that so many are hankering over...
  6. I have asked. Waiting for an answer back from BS on that one. I know a few things have been tweaked, and knowing Nick at BS well, there will be more on top of that too. As soon as I have concrete details I'll let you know.
  7. Looking at Q1 next year for the Duke's. I'm 'in talks' with the dev about getting some new shots and any new products details out to the public just by way of an update. So hopefully a little more news to follow soon.
  8. Since our F28 released on the Marketplace yesterday, PC only for now, we have released another video, showing off some of the finer details of the aircraft. Hopefully the video will help out with some of the real detailed areas. Hope you enjoy it...
  9. No they don't. Either post in our Just Flight forum, in the Black Square TBM section or drop our support team a ticket, with the request.
  10. Thanks for letting everyone know. Incidentally, how do you know it has a good flight model if you've not bought and won't be buying it?
  11. Quick message for those who have been asking about the forthcoming update for the TBM 850 - All being well and barring any last minute disasters the update should be released tomorrow. Likely to be early PM, UK time, but no guarantees on timing. The update addresses many of the things that have been pointed out post-release as well as a whole host of other things too. The changelog is huge, ensure you put time aside for when this one lands, folks. So current users, you'll receive the usual email from us at Just Flight advising of the release. Should be a great update for you all. Thanks for your patience and custom. Thank you.
  12. Here is a reply direct from the developer on this and there's some general feedback in here too that covers some later feedback: "hot starting brings the health down to 20" - The system is designed to adhere to the starting limitations in the POH, which dictates that temperatures >870°C are acceptable for 20 seconds, and >1000°C are acceptable for 5 seconds max. If these hotter than normal temperatures are "acceptable" in the POH, then they should only accrue very minor damage to the engine. I can assure you that a 2-3 second exceedance of >1,200°C will drive the engine condition to zero. "it will not be ITT limited and you can go up with the throttle firewalled" - The current behavior seems to match every TBM 850 video I've found online, but feel free to supply more. ITT will actually be more limiting at cooler ambient temperatures, when the high bleed air setting is required. Currently, ITT becomes limiting in a cruise climb at ISA with high bleed around FL260. An example from a Steveo video: 30,000ft, TQ=90%, RPM=2,000, OAT=-26°C, Bleed=Auto, ITT=800°C. Under the exact same conditions, the resulting ITT with the TBM 850 in MSFS is 804°C. "leave the starter on beyond 30 seconds" - In a turbine aircraft, the starter current decreases to near zero when the engine has lit-off. The starter damage calculation is based on current, so dry cranking the starter for >30 seconds continuously will result in a hot starter (there is an annunciator for this in several of my other aircraft), and running the starter for 60-120 seconds will definitely result in a starter-generator failure. You can monitor the starter's heat accumulation with L:var_starterInUseSeconds, if you are interested. The name ("seconds") is a misnomer brought over from earlier aircraft. Also, a note on a later remark that failures in flight sim are "very cut and dry ie parameter X exceeded= failure" - All of the failures in my aircraft are based on some type of response curve, so there should never be an instantaneous failure based on a single parameter. For example, let's look at a moderate cruise/climb ITT exceedance. At 865°C, the engine will accrue ~1% damage at this setting for every minute of operation. This means you can fly for over an hour before engine performance will begin to degrade, and it will be unlikely to fail completely from this point, due to the reduction in power. If you somehow continued operation at these temperatures, the engine would fail completely in another 20 minutes. As the ITT exceedance becomes more severe, more damage is done, and large ITT exceedances over 1,090°C will fail the engine in a matter of seconds. Some exceedances, like propeller RPM, are even more gradual, and will have almost no effect on engine condition for small to moderate exceedances. I also find that there is an interesting psychological effect to having the ability to monitor engine health by a percentage. In real life, we might say, "he ran that engine hard, and it didn't fail for 3,000+ hours." That means the engine arrived at 0% condition at the end of those 3,000 hours, but it was accumulating damage during the rest of the time. In fact, it was flying at <20% "health" for the last 500 hours of its life. I hope this small look into the engine damage modeling of this product has been interesting, if nothing else. I am constantly reading these forums and looking for ideas for big improvements, or even just small convenience features to make someone's day. Thank you all so much for your contributions, and feel free to contact Just Flight with any further suggestions or performance information that you might have. Happy flying! Hope this helps. .
  13. Hope those who have bought and have taken her up already are enjoying the experience and the challenge and the same to those who have bought and have yet to leave the Hangar. Quick message about feedback - if you find anything that you thinks amiss, don't worry too much, we and the developer does cast eyes regularly on this forum and anything that is certainly an issue and can be sorted will be sorted. Of course some times it's not always that simple, some things are due to the sim's limitations or are very subjective so have to be treated as such. But for those who witnessed events over the past week you'll know how receptive the developer can be when it comes to good constructive feedback. Never any guarantees and the final decision and work will be made by the developer in all circumstances but he and we are here and won't ignore good constructive feedback, good or bad. To be extra sure, if you believe you've ran into a problem that you think is a real evil and does need addressing please open a support ticket with the JF support team. That way it gets logged and fed to the developer and managed properly. Happy Flying People!
  14. Based on various bits of feedback from preview videos and our tutorials over the past week or so, Black Square have jumped right back in and cracked on further with more coding, primarily around the Engine & Beta Range, and what better way to demonstrate how that's looking now than in a video. So here's the very thing. Black Square pulling out the stops once again. Hope you like it...
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