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  1. Thanks for the kind words I'll pass these on to the team, always appreciated. Happy flying!
  2. You'd normally receive an email from us advising of the update but due to the weekend/BH it didn't happen with this. You'll receive them going forward though. There's also a thread in our forum that keeps users abreast of update details. https://community.justflight.com/topic/2257/update-change-logs-v0-1-1-released-edited-30-05-21/2
  3. Here's a quick list of the differences from the standard version. Still might not be for you but worth pointing these out for others who might be interested. And of course remember if you already own the standard Arrow that we released back in March you can get 66% off this one. Two variants of the Arrow – Turbo Arrow III (conventional tail) and Turbo Arrow IV (T-tail). Other obvious exterior difference is the engine cowling, which houses the turbocharged TSIO-360, giving the aircraft a more sporty look (especially with the T-tail). Ten liveries (five per variant) Blue/grey cockpit colour scheme on the Turbo Arrow III, tan on the Turbo Arrow IV Cleaner, less worn cockpit to reflect private ownership (versus flying club ownership of Arrow III) Turbocharged engine sounds and some cockpit sounds (e.g. fuel pump) Differences in panel configuration – fuel primer pushbutton, two-position (high/low) fuel pump switch, engine instruments differ (EGT gauge, temperature and pressure indicators) Differences in flight dynamics due to heavier engine and T-tail characteristics High altitude performance of turbocharged engine – ideal for longer range flights with higher cruise altitudes, getting above weather and terrain etc Turbocharger overboost failure simulation, giving you something else to manage (optional, depending on maintenance option) Hope that helps.
  4. And there should be a demo available in the coming week for those who are yet to make up their mind.
  5. Devs aware and is down to be sorted in the next update. Details of that are here: https://community.justflight.com/topic/1806/update-change-logs-edited-19-03-21
  6. Nice summary and good to see you're getting something out of it. On the texture issue, for the interior there's always going to be a bit of trade-off with visuals against performance. We hope it looks sharp and good enough for it's purpose and the fact performance doesn't suffer is always a plus for us. If you or anyone else really compares their visuals/textures with the photos I posted yesterday or with the shots on the product page and sees a marked difference and you have checked your settings and you still see an issue please do get in touch with our support team who can take a look for you. You really should be seeing what we see and those pics represent just that. Turbo models are progressing well, shouldn't be too far off.
  7. Thanks for that and for your custom. Really hope you enjoy it.
  8. The original as a base just refers to using the 3D Model that we have developed already as the base, it's simply the starting point. Doing that again from scratch would be a complete waste of time as I'm sure you'll agree. The rest is native MSFS work it really is and in no way shape or form a 'port'. It's pointless going into absolute detail but the animations, the detail, the features, the textures..everything is new and purposefully built for the sim. How people, and this isn't aimed at you of course, think we'd be interested in just 'porting' something across is plain silly. Not our style and not a business decision that would make sense to us. Hope that helps.
  9. Decent video here on good old YT. There are tons of videos appearing of course, this is one I was just taking a look at this evening.
  10. It's here and plenty of pics feature on the dev entries. All shots WIP https://www.justflight.com/in-development/pa-28r-turbo-arrow-iii-iv-microsoft-flight-simulator
  11. What was worth a try? I may have missed something. I'm from JF but not on the Dev team, just work closely with them
  12. Cool, you're entitled to your opinion on the textures, no problem there. I'll ask about the installer but I know doing what you have suggested there throws up other issues. I'll ask though and get back to you.
  13. Yes this. It seems to be a modern day phenomenon and all rather bizarre. Don't get me wrong more than happy for people to have their opinion and we realise our products won't be for everyone, folk have preferences and that's cool. There's loads of other good stuff out there, take our choice and enjoy whatever you opt for in the end. It's some of the criticism that borders on slander that bewilders. People coming up with comments that they state as facts and they very rarely are. I do wonder why people do it and is there an ulterior motive at play here. In the past 24 hours we've brought to market a great GA aircraft that we and many think will set a new benchmark in this sim. It's been met with close to universal satisfaction and a hell of a lot of praise. We've enjoyed developing it, it's been a slog and a challenge but we've stuck with it and ended up with something we're proud of and will be even prouder when more touches are added mainly based off the feedback of you users. It should be a great time for the community and for us, we like to engage and listen to the praise and constructive criticism it's all part of the game/sim/experience, bring it on. But to be told we've 'cut corners' we're 'money grabbing' we've developed a 'port' we're 'novices when it comes to texturing and modeling' amongst other things is rather sad. I feel for the devs, highly skilled eves who have worked on this and done a tremendous job on it too, both on a coding and artistic front. Working with that base code is no simple task but we stuck at it and we've arrived here. We do tell ourselves and we can see the evidence that many people appreciate the effort and it's great to see so many users enjoying the Arrow now and they'll continue to use it and enjoy it for many a month and potentially years to come. It's for each and everyone of those folk that we continue doing what we do and long may it continue.
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