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  1. The Takeoff and Landing Calculator is still in development for the EFB, and we are aiming to include that in the following update to the 146 Professional (MSFS) alongside the custom UNS-1 FMS. It made more sense to us to ship the new EFB features now, rather than holding onto them until the performance calculator and FMS are complete.
  2. We have been testing the EFB in VR, and our testers haven't noted any issues regarding the font size. We have made a note of that though and we will make sure the VR experience is as good as it can be.
  3. A look at the new EFB improvements and features that will form part of next week's update for the 146 Professional...
  4. We hope by the end of the week. There's a lot of content in there so it's taking some testing, refining etc. Bear with us.... Thanks
  5. You're not going to feel it much with that happening. Get in touch with our support team and they'll help out. Lots and lots up in the skies with the 146 enjoying it immensely so it's not a common issue. Support will help you. https://support.justflight.com/support/home
  6. As explained on the other post that's not correct. Nothing sinister about our release of the 146 and the timing of it. It's explained in the other post. Hope the Maddog is a successful release, it looks top in the videos so far.
  7. People now want a statement from us about the fact we've managed to release the 146 when we said we originally would. Here you go, will have to be quick, it's been a busy few days, weeks months and more to do tonight. The product is in tip-top condition barring any issues that you guys unearth of course. Nothing has been left out or short circuited to enable an early release. It's true, we did believe by the middle of the week we'd have too much to complete to enable a release this week and as people were asking for an update about a possible release, rather than stay with radio silence, we communicated as best we could at that point and tried to be realistic, at that point we though the work and testing would drift into the weekend and with the Bank Holiday here on Monday it would mean a release midweek next week. Things went really well from that point and excellent progress was made. Internally our aim was to always release by the end of the month and last night it became apparent that dream might become a reality. A massive shift from the team last night and best part of today means it's ready after intensive testing periods. Nothing fishy, nothing sinister we've met our original target, we feel rather proud of that and prouder of the aircraft. It's a little (but beefy) belter. We hope you all enjoy it, well those who purchase it anyway. All the best folks, have a great weekend.
  8. Update for you all - ore news on the 146 tomorrow folks. It's highly unlikely we'll release this week now. Lot of extra work to complete and get tested including the EFB work, the FMS work and turning the one variant into the eight variants. It's close now, just final bits to tidy and test, this will be done over the weekend and into the start of next week. More news tomorrow when we hope to be able to issue the pre-release build out to selected media outlets and streamers for more coverage pre-release. Bear with us, we'll tell more and you'll see more over the coming days. Thanks all for your interest, patience and kind and positive feedback up until this point.
  9. Final tutorial in this series. This one shows Descent, Landing and Shutdown. More video to follow prior to release to demo other features and systems within the 146. Enjoy and here's to a Happy Easter to you all...
  10. Here's that next tutorial video covering Takeoff and Climb. Look out for the nattty diagrams and instruction around the 3 mins 40 second time covering the actual climb procedure. Actually should be very helpful. Enjoy the video and remember all of these tutorial videos will be part of the 146 Professional Playlist as hosted on our YT channel.
  11. Yes something like that and also you need to bear in mind this is being developed by BlueBird Simulations, it's not a Just Flight in-house production so the team at BlueBird will have the final say in terms of what type of product, system depth etc but currently, and this could change, they do seem happy to be pitching this in and around that middle ground that you allude to above. It's a long way off yet, 2023 for this one but as you can see, visually, the progress is rather rapid.
  12. Probably next week now. Bonus if it happens before but looking unlikely just now. New tutorial video tomorrow covering covering Take-Off and Climb. It's a really good one too.
  13. For those who haven't seen it already we posted a new Development Update today that showed and talked of the new variants/models of the 146 that are now complete. You can find that Dev entry here: https://bit.ly/3jhcToD Here are some shots showing some of the variants.
  14. A quick update on the release plans including the pricing for the 146 Professional. We are aiming to release what we believe will be a wonderful 146 Professional for you by the end of April. So around w/c 25th April. A lot can happen between now and then but as things stand now that should be doable. Now pricing, although prices had already been revealed on this thread and other places we’re happy to be able to announce a small shift with this. The 146 will now be priced at £49.99/€59.95/$64.99 and current owners of the P3D/FSX or X-Plane owners will qualify for a further 10% discount. So, if this didn’t represent amazing value before (it did!) it mostly certainly does now and we hope that by reducing the cost slightly it will allow more prospective users to be able to get their hands on this beauty upon release. Thank you.
  15. Our next tutorial video for the 146 Professional is now live and it covers the procedure for starting the engines. For ease of viewing we've created a playlist for all the 146 Professional MSFS videos. Other videos will be added to the list as and when they are created as we progress closer to the release. The latest video is included in this playlist. More tutorials on the way...
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