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  1. Just take it nice and slow. I fly the 737NGX, took me about a month+ to get all the stuff right. Just go through the tutorials at your own pace, then try mixing them up a bit.
  2. mrtk311

    How to enjoy FSX

    Maybe flying tubeliners isn't your thing. Try bush flying or GA flying as said above with some beautiful scenery. For me, I enjoy doing multiple sectors in a day and sticking to one aircraft and one airline. Currently I've stopped simming because I'll be going to a flight academy.
  3. mrtk311

    Dirty livery
  4. I stick to one airline, and one aircraft and fly using real world routes with real weather at real time. If I have the time, I try to simulate a day of a pilot, waking up at 4 or 6AM, and spend 8 - 12 hours a day in front of the computer "flying".
  5. mrtk311

    A flight over Iceland

  6. mrtk311

    Cold and Dark Start is More Fun?

    Meeee! Well, actually while I'm planning my flight. While waiting for the IRS to align, I complete the PERF INIT and retrieve weather and complete the takeoff briefing for FS2Crew. For startups I usually go with a custom long turnaround panel state. Feels a bit more realistic that way. I actually quite enjoy taxiing to the gate and shutting down, finishing the shutdown checklist and telling the cabin crew to open up the doors. I get this sense of relief, especially after coming in through bad weather. After taking 10 minutes to rest, i continue with the next leg.
  7. mrtk311

    Active Sky Next with PMDG aircraft

    I have my wind turbulence set to around 80, try experimenting with 40 - 90. 100 seems a bit too much.
  8. mrtk311

    How to use NGX 737 FMC and AutoPilot?

    Look at my sig, mate. At least read the intro, there's already a lot of info there to get you started, and do the tutorials! Repeat them at your own speed until you get comfortable with the flows and such. ^_^ Good luck and have fun flying this beauty :lol:
  9. mrtk311

    ENB Settings For PMDG Aircraft.

    I'm currently using the REX Natural ENB. IT's great but I have to turn it off at night. Thinking about SweetFX. Might check it out some day :Thinking:
  10. mrtk311

    Custom Panel States

    Thanks for the clarification.
  11. mrtk311

    Custom Panel States

    I was just wondering, what are the downsides, and maybe glitches that would occur if I were to use custom panel states? *Edit: Accidentally posted this in the General Forum when I meant to post this on to the NGX forum. If anyone could move this there that'd be great. Cheers! ^_^
  12. mrtk311

    What Is Your Favourite Jet Route?

    My fav jet route would probably be KUL - HKT, KUL always being the airport I depart from and HKT being my favourite destination. Very little traffic movement makes for short taxi times, almost always good weather, with 10-20 knot winds thrown in there, but mostly coming head on, so not much of a crosswind, and the beautiful approach, especially during sunset approaching runway 27, with the sun right in front of you. Try out the A_A sceneries VTSP if you want, it really makes the airport more beautiful. My second favourite route would probably KUL - DEL. 5-6 hours enroute time, fairly good taxi time 10-20 minutes, and a challenging approach with the low visibility and haze covering the airport.
  13. I currently have ASN and EzDok. Can OPUS offer anything else, other than of course turbulence sounds and what I already have?
  14. mrtk311

    OOM During APP

    Disable HD textures, especially HD cloud textures.
  15. mrtk311

    OOM During APP

    Disable sceneries and areas you don't use.