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  1. Look at my sig, mate. At least read the intro, there's already a lot of info there to get you started, and do the tutorials! Repeat them at your own speed until you get comfortable with the flows and such. ^_^ Good luck and have fun flying this beauty :lol:
  2. It should if you have autorudder on. It's how I taxi, since I only have yoke, and no pedals.
  3. Any of you skilled repainters willing to take up a request? I wouldn't mind paying ^_^
  4. Hey would you mind doing requests? I can't seem to find the livery for 9M-MXA anywhere and it's a really beautiful livery.
  5. Is someone able a Malaysian Airlines retro livery, reg number 9M-MXA? Thanks in advance ^_^
  6. Keep up the work. Very interesting and will do my best to support it
  7. Niiiice, ya got pinned. There should be a training/tutorial videos thread up here in AVSIM somewhere. The YT channel could have people contributing videos in it for different subjects.
  8. Really looking forward to other episodes. You should do tutorials on basic flight planning and basic flying skills as well. Would really help out a lot of people!
  9. I think it says somewhere in Tutorial 1 where the minimum AP activation alt is at 400'
  10. If traffic and weather is good I'll usually handfly the thing up to FL150 or even up to FL250.
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