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  1. Maybe at least appoint a moderator in the eastern hemisphere able to reset the servers? Surely there's someone in NZ/Aus who could do the job?
  2. Not ideal, but I use FSUIPC to map the hat switch to keyboard combinations and then map those key combos in chaseplane. I also discovered the ability to map multiple views to a single button, allowing you to cycle through. E.g. I map the overhead lower and overhead upper both to the up direction on the hat switch and can now cycle through them. Apologies if you all knew that, I just thought it was really cool! :)
  3. Toggle in and out of window mode while in-sim and it should reset itself. Funnily enough I actually prefer the low-res menus and the high-res sim but I toggle a lot for VA ACARS systems etc.
  4. Many apologies if this is answered elsewhere, I haven't been able to figure out the specific search terms to find what I'm looking for! Is there a way to map a joystick key to hiding the MCE window and to mute microphone input? I've seen that by default space/ctrl are push to talk keys but I would rather have a way of "latching" these states so that I can step away from the PC/answer the phone etc.
  5. Nm, sussed it. If you accidently "click" MMB, you've brought up the view-selector. This doesn't work in full-screen FSX so LMB anywhere away from where you just MMB should bring back panning.
  6. Anyone else finding that MMB is no longer working in fullscreen? Works fine for me in windowed but can't pan around in full-screen. Following the advice above I now have context menus in window/full thankfully.
  7. Ya, knew about the DM thing just thought every bit of detail would help diagnose Strange what you're reporting about TO thrust. I guess hitting TO/GA must create some flag within the SDK that FS2Crew sees as TO thrust being set that doesn't get set when you manually aim for the N1 bugs. I'd be interested to know what SOP is in the instance. I would hazard a guess that hitting TO/GA is preferable (obviously still works with A/T off) because then you're not going to overshoot the bugs like you can when you're trying to aim at them manually while simultaneously tracking the centre-line! Seeing as I've opened a thread (and to keep the forum tidy) I'd like to congratulate you in here on FS2Crew Reboot. I think it's a big step up from your previous (already excellent) products and I've noticed that there's now a lot of similar phraseology for the 737 and Aerosoft Airbus which makes transitioning between the two much easier. I'd love to see some of the improvements to the 737 version added to the other products over time as they really flesh out the experience. Cheers
  8. UPDATE: Seems you do have to hit TO/GA. If that's as designed it might be worth adding that to the manual! :smile:
  9. Guys, I've got FS2Crew working flawlessly up until the moment that the FO selects flaps 15 during the roll out. At this point, I'm expecting something along the lines of "stand up" or "set thrust" but I'm getting nothing. If I set thrust to 50-60% he still remains silent. FS2Crew stays on take-off roll with "DM" flashing in the info bar. All the other touch and go commands/call outs/checks work perfectly. SOP1 Is there a trigger phrase or action that I'm missing? Come to think of it, do I need to hit the TO/GA button to initiate this? I wouldn't have thought so, given that I'm flying the rest of the circuit fully manual but I'll give it a try and see what happens. I'll also try just coasting down the runway and see if I can make him anxious Cheers in advance,
  10. Sorry to drag up an old thread. These blanking plates cause FSX-SE to crash for me. Any suggestions how to get round this? I have reality XP installed (even though it doesn't work in FSX-SE) but I get a CTD from the aircraft selection screen.
  11. Holy necro thread! Thanks guys this thread got me going again!
  12. LOL same! We could just make it rain... but where would the fun be in that?
  13. I use world of ai set to 100% GA and airline and cull it back to 50 with the ai traffic manager linked in this forum on page 2. This ensures plenty of ai at most airports and doesn't kill frame rates.
  14. +1 It's well worth revising your vector mathematics when getting serious about aviation physics. Bear in mind as well that the handling characteristics of every aircraft are different. Vagaries such as centre of gravity, centres of aerodynamic pressure/moments and turbulent flow are all fascinating differences between airframes.
  15. Yes it was, AVSIM is infested with self righteous arse holes posting keyboard warrior responses such as the one above and I for one am sick of it. Suggesting a newbie search the forums is one thing, being a dick about it is quite another.
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