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  1. I have the same issue. Any cue to solve it? Thanks
  2. Yes Panxua, she is very demanding but she has turned into the apple of my eye in the hangar. I like small aricrafts but usually miss more speed in cruising and the TBM is maneurable and fast at the same time, so I love her. I am trying to fly it with the standard configuration and I think I have improved quite a lot from last weeks. Take offs and landings are still critical but taking into account that, in my opinion, is critical no to 'overdrive', things are running smoother. I also like to fly by hand (althoug using the AP HDG and AP ALT for cruising phase) as I am having some problmes with the NAV mode and the G1000 in approaches. Pelayo (P.S. Sorry for my English)
  3. On the other hand, I felt the same you mentioned when starting flying the TBM: it is absoluty imposible to fly it. I am doing it better now but basically using the AP. In manual mode I finally can land in the rwy... most of the times :biggrin: For me a key thing is to do corrections with very litlle movement just to avoid overshooting and then loosing the control of the yoke.
  4. Thank you! Will try! Is there, then, nothing to do with the baron?
  5. May you give me some indications to do this? I want to put an ADF radio both to the B58 and to th TBM850 Thanks, Pelayo
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