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  1. I have the same issue. Any cue to solve it? Thanks
  2. I continue enjoying this aircraft! Nevertheless I am finding some problems in the navigation with the FMS. I do not know if it is a limitation of the FMS or my mistakes doing the procedures: Entries to holding patterns or racetracks: - Direct entry: The aircraft does not directly turn once the fix is passed but manouvers to do a "perfectly drawn" turn to the ourbound course - Entry approching through opposite course to the inbound course: This is tipical in some ILS approaches where you fly the course opposite to the inbound one to make later a racetrack in order to get the LOC. Discussion may be between parallel or tea drop but this is other matter. The FMS choose parallel but instead of fly the opposite to the inbound course once the fix is got, the aircraft makes an small turn to fly somehow offset this course - Entry to racetrack: If you define a racetrack, say 9NM, the aircraft flies the teadrop or parallel entry for 9NM instead of 1' or 1'30''. Approach "automatically" started: It happened to me in a couple of flights - In an airport without STAR procedures (LEVD), flight plan was to get a fix and then direct to the ILS approach, as reflected in the plates. Nevertheless, before getting the fix (with armed and tuned approach already pressed) the aircraft turned to intercept the LOC, making shorter the approach higher altituded than requested - Barcelona (LEBL) ILS approach to the rwy02: thie ILS approach include a DME arc to intercept the LOC (I know it is not frequent). I have not had problems with DME arcs in SIDs or STARs but here, instead of doing the arc the aircraft flow a direct course to intercept the LOC. I do not know if some of you have experiences the same issues. Sorry for the long topic and for my English. Regards
  3. For instance, approach to LEXJ from the West: STAR OBETO1A gives you fix SORPO as IAF: Then, from SORPO and in order to do the ILS approach you should enter in the racetrack as showed in the plate: To fly this approach in the Dash I enter in the FMS, when selecting the approach: - rwy29 - OBETO1A (no transition) - ILS29 - SORPO (as transition) and I obain the OBETO1A approach, followed by a "no link" and the final course to the ILS. Racetrack is never showed. I delete, then, the no link and, if nothing is added, the aircraft gets to SORPO, then makes an aprox. 260º turn to take the localizer. To solve it, I am entering a holding pattern over SORPO with the data of the racetrack but I do not know if this is the normal procedure. (in addition to this it makes a paralell entry althoug I thing a teadrop is more convenient) Vectors are not given in this airport (in real life) Regards, Pelayo LEMD
  4. Hi, I have logged about 10 hours flying the Dash and I really love it, but I having a problem with transitions between the last point of the STAR and the beggining of the ILS approach. In the FMS I enter the arrival runway, STAR, ILS approach and transition, but transition between STAR and ILS is not showed in the route. Particularly it is not drawn any procedure turn or racetrack but they are included in the charts as part of the ILS approach. It usually includes a no link between the end of the STAR and the begining of the ILS. I have to delete the no link and then either flying the procedure turn in HDG mode or to enter a holding pattern in the FMS, but I suppose that this is not a normal procedure. Am I missing some step? Regards Pelayo LEMD
  5. Hi All, First of all, sorryy for my English. I am having also this issue. In my case, after a year of intensive use of FSX, the problem appeared a couple of weeks ago, just after deleting the fsx.cfg to obtain a clean new one. Could it have something to do with the fsx.cfg config or it is just pure coincidence? Thanks Pelayo - LEMD (I will try with the FSUIPC tonight.)
  6. Great app! Is there any possibility to include any small turboprop? Turbine duke? thanks Pelayo LEMD
  7. Do any of you know where is possible to get peformance tables for this a/c? Thnak you Regards, Pelayo LEMD
  8. Oh, these are bad news! I was going to try if VOX respect minimum altitudes in the case airports have a ATCSMAC plate published but Alicante has this type or chart (is for Valencia) so it does not work. Do you know if Navigraph include info from ATCSMAC plates?
  9. Thank you for the response and sorry for my English! With normal I wanted to mean if the program is nor prepared for giving vectors (or better, flight levels when giving vectors). I see now than it is probably not prepared. Thanks Pelayo LEMD
  10. Hi all, I tried Voxatc for the first time doing a LEAS LEXJ flight. It gave me vectors for the approach and flight levels so I followed instructions but then, I crashed the aircraft against a mountain. is this normal? Thank you Pelayo - LEMD
  11. Yes Panxua, she is very demanding but she has turned into the apple of my eye in the hangar. I like small aricrafts but usually miss more speed in cruising and the TBM is maneurable and fast at the same time, so I love her. I am trying to fly it with the standard configuration and I think I have improved quite a lot from last weeks. Take offs and landings are still critical but taking into account that, in my opinion, is critical no to 'overdrive', things are running smoother. I also like to fly by hand (althoug using the AP HDG and AP ALT for cruising phase) as I am having some problmes with the NAV mode and the G1000 in approaches. Pelayo (P.S. Sorry for my English)
  12. It Works! Thank you Bert. Maybe someone can help in in other problem with the G1000 fligth planning. When entering the waypoints, most of them does not appear in the G1000. I have to prepare de fligth plan in the FSCommander, then export to FSX and then they appear in the fligth plan and the NAV follows them perfectly. Is it a question of updating the G1000? How can I do it? Thanks Pelayo
  13. Thank you for the tip. I was having the same problem Will try it
  14. On the other hand, I felt the same you mentioned when starting flying the TBM: it is absoluty imposible to fly it. I am doing it better now but basically using the AP. In manual mode I finally can land in the rwy... most of the times :biggrin: For me a key thing is to do corrections with very litlle movement just to avoid overshooting and then loosing the control of the yoke.
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