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  1. You can set any of them to whatever value allows the engines to start reliably, preferably the lowest value that works with the particular FS version.Setting a higher value than necessary causes the starter to spin up unrealistically fast so low is best.This starter torque issue is a "feature" of the various FS versions.
  2. I think it is best to get it off the system disc or partition and that will also avoid any UAC annoyances.At least install to a different folder.Fred
  3. Not exactly a guru but this is what worked for me.On my system (Win XP, E6750, 8600GT) I had to clear the "Enhance in-game AA setting" box in nHancer. This was greyed out with a check mark originally and I had no AA.Different hardware I realize but ...Fred
  4. Example from the C182//Tanks Position and capacity: //Longitudinal (feet), Lateral (feet), Vertical (feet), Usable(gallons), Unusable (gallons)LeftMain = -3.85, -2.10, 2.50, 46.0, 0.00
  5. Just out of curiosity, and for anyone who may be having the same issue, it would be helpful to post the solution.Fred
  6. Thanks for the replies guys.This is actually for a 2 speed blower and I'm trying to simulate the high speed, for both FS9 & FS10.I originally was using a throttle limiter as Patrick suggests but I was hoping for a neater solution without going to either FSUIPC or Simconnect. Too bad I can't just fail the turbocharger on demand.Can't win 'em all I guess.Fred
  7. What is the trick to keeping emergency boost active beyond the automatic timeout? I am trying to fake a supercharger usingsend_key_event (KEY_WAR_EMERGENCY_POWER,0)It works ok except that when it times out it can't simply be toggled back on.Fred
  8. It is a hash code that identifies the actual gauge code, kinda like a checksum. This prevents a different gauge with the same name (an update for instance) from being automatically accepted. It also creates a rather large cfg file for us developers as each test version of a gauge adds another entry.Fred
  9. Your Static CG height is set to ground level "0" feet. Raise it up to where it needs to be. This example shows 5 3/4 feet.static_cg_height=5.750 //feet, altitude of CG when at rest on the groundFred
  10. At one time there was a problem using Playsound with certain sound cards (SoundBlaster) but I don't know if that still applies to current hardware.Fred
  11. That gauge is ver 2.22 (right click properties/version) that came with the FS2004 release and it should not be working with the FSX update.It appears that you may not have the updated panel.cfg file installed as required for the newer gauge.Fred
  12. Bill,I'm another one of the developers who does not use Vista and I have not heard of this problem from anyone who does so it is difficult to suggest the cause.Meanwhile keep using what works. The 2/12/07 version just addresses issues some users were having with FSX but apparently not with Vista!If you could tell me what gauge version you have working for you now it will help greatly in identifying the problem.Thanks for the info.Fred
  13. Try this in the [Electrical] section of your aircraft.cfgadditional_system=0, 1, 16.0Fred
  14. Thanks Wozza. This is engine driven hydraulic so even if I shut down the engine the prop windmills keeping the pump going. I'll just forget about it.Fred
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