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  1. The starter must spin the engine to 400 RPM in order to start. If this appears to be the problem do this:In the [Piston Engine] section of the aircraft.cfg file find this entry:normalized_starter_torque=0.55
  2. Roy,A quick Google of that error code indicates that this is a fairly common problem with the built in zip function of Windows.Give freebie 7-zip a try and let us know what happens. www.7-zip.org/download.htmlFred
  3. fbfbfb


    Hi Jan,Look under Administrative Tools/Services and it should be somewhere in the list.Right click on it and select Stop, then set Startup type to Disabled.CheersFred
  4. I found that my MS mouse doesn't like too shiny a surface to work on. My old mouse pad was getting a bit glossy after a lot of use and the mouse pointer was starting to jump around the screen. A new pad solved the problem. Fred
  5. Your normal windows must be listed ahead of the vcockpit windows but the default C172 panel.cfg clearly shows that they do not have to be sequential.
  6. Can you post the relevant sections of your panel.cfg file so we can have a look?
  7. Your gauge needs to be in a seperate window to undock.See the GPS in the Baron panel.cfg for an example.
  8. Try this Jack,Go to http://www.maam.org/maam_sim.htmlSelect Free StuffUnder "R4D / DC-3 / C-47 FREE ENHANCEMENTS" get these 2 items:FSX BASIC COMPATIBILITY UPDATE FOR R4D/DC-3/C-47 PACKAGEFSX TRANSPARENCY FIX FOR SP2/ACCELERATIONThe compatibility update has full FSX installation instructions.CheersFred
  9. It should only be in the VC section. 2D gauges are only active when their window is open whereas VC gauges are always active.Fred
  10. Go for it Al. I think that the few problems encountered have been the fault of improper installation.It is working flawlessly for me under Win7 x64.Fred
  11. Gary,SP1 should have installed the v206 cfg file and that is the problem. Try installing SP1 again.
  12. You might be better off to forget about the services and take a look at all the crap that Task Scheduler has happening.Lots of stuff here to disable but do some homework before randomly turning things off.
  13. Some further investigation has revealed the following:If installing to a new disk or a newly created partition Win 7 will not accept the Update product key and of course will not activate.If the partition you are installing to has ever had any Windows version previously installed, even if that partition has since been reformatted, the Win 7 install will succeed and activate, which is why it worked for me. It seems that after reformatting there remains some kind of fingerprint that informs Win 7 that a previous Windows version was here and the installation goes ahead.There are several ways around this problem with the product key. The full details can be found here.http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/31402...-7-version.htmlGood luck, and buy yourself (or someone) something nice with the $$ you just saved.
  14. Strange. All I can say is that formatting and a clean install did work for me and many others with no activation problems. Your post is the first I have seen to the contrary.
  15. Wrong again. Upgrading from XP to Win 7 does not require any original XP disk or previously installed OS.While the EULA suggests a qualifying OS is required no verification is asked for during the installation.Microsoft expects us to be on our best behaviour and spend the extra $$ on the full version instead of the upgrade.
  16. Not correct. The upgrade is complete and it can be installed on a clean partition with no previous operating system required.Fred
  17. Thaks once again Bill, that is a big improvement :( I came to prefer the UEStudio IDE while using it with VC6 and I'm gonna keep on trying. To each his own.Thx againFred
  18. Is anyone successfully using the UEStudio IDE with VC++ Express 2008 to compile multigauges for FS?VC++ Exp builds the gauges alright but the IDE does not display a folder with External Dependencies so none of the subgauges are listed and thus are not available for editing from within the IDE.The UEStudio IDE on the other hand provides an External Dependencies node in the tree and the subgauges are fully available. The multigauge appears to compile correctly without error but the gauge bitmaps are not visible in FS and so far I have been unable to figure out what I am doing wrong with the setup.Any clues will be appreciated.Fred
  19. In is locked, out is unlocked. No idea why yours appears backwards.Does the wheel lock when the handle is out?
  20. KevinThe folder name is B-25J Briefing Time and should appear under FS9\Aircraft if properly installed.Fred
  21. There is still no answer to this problem and there is unlikely to be one until we are able to determine what the common denominator is between users.It is simply not possible for this issue to have happened suddenly if nothing has changed on your systems. If you have not made any change yourselves (and it would probably have to be the same change) then we are back around to Windows Auto Updates.Does the crash happen only for those who have taken updates? If not then that question is eliminated. If so then it must be determined which updates you have taken in common since the TBM last flew and I can't do that from here.Fred
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