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  1. kenchan1234

    SP1 Beta Polar Flight (Photos)

    pafa 1535nm kmsp 2695nm how can i do this to show on the nd with the airport distance
  2. kenchan1234

    777 at the gate!

    hum.... total war will also release at 3/9 00:00PST
  3. kenchan1234

    Beta preview: One for my countrymen!

    Thx for your sharing
  4. kenchan1234

    can i run it

    Well, I really hope I can run it! i5-2400K gtx680 ddr3 1333mhz 12GB my somephoto on the ngx
  5. kenchan1234

    There's an Englebert Humberdink song going around in my head..

    hum...i will going to waitting rome 2 total war more than waitting u :huh:
  6. plz release it :mellow:
  7. kenchan1234

    Release Date Contest

    or 11/9 ? just want me to remember that day
  8. kenchan1234

    Frooglesim Live Stream

  9. kenchan1234

    PMDG 777 VIDEO - VHHH Departure

    will u going vhhh again ?
  10. kenchan1234

    i'm tired of waiting for triple7!

    is that the pmdg 777 comeing? ha ha
  11. kenchan1234

    Shortest scheduled 777 flights?

  12. kenchan1234

    Amalgamated 777 BETA Images

    it is that mean will released? i rember that they also place about 6 lively in that
  13. kenchan1234

    You have 52K of thrust? I have 220,000 pounds...

    Egll77w i want this video ha
  14. kenchan1234

    Amalgamated 777 BETA Images

    here u are here u are
  15. kenchan1234

    Amalgamated 777 BETA Images