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  1. Hi Jim, Technically, your answer is incorrect, .. as the 4 Gb address space relates to 32 bit applications, which FSX and P3D are .. not 64 bit Operating Systems. :smile: Cheers Tom
  2. Hi Ed, Yes, .. I did. As I said, .. everything works fine in FSX, .. but, nada on P3D. BTW, .. the 2 MPI....gau files installed ok into the \Prepar3D v3\gauges folder .. i.e. MPI_CDIGauge and MPI_GNS, .. just the Hypergauge.dll didn't seem to go anywhere. The GNS 430 panel/bezel etc. loads/displays ok in the aircraft, .. just no display. Cheers Tom
  3. Hi All, Firstly, been using the Mindstar GNS 430/530 units in FSX, .. since they were released. :smile: Decided to give this Prepar3d thing a try, .. and bought and installed Version 3.1 this morning. :smile: Also, installed the A2A Commanche, .. and configured it to use the Mindstar GNS 430. Went to the Mindstar site and downloaded, and installed, .. Version 1.08,0010 .. which installed smoothly enough, .. I think. When I load the Commanche in P3D, .. I get the error .. 'Failed to load Hypergauge. Check dll.xml and modules folder.' Not sure what to look for in the dll.xml, .. and couldn't find a modules folder in P3D, .. so, created one and copied the hypergauge.dll into it. .. without success. Same problem occurs. So, .. what did I miss during installation/configuration? Is my current license valid for both FSX and P3D? I thought it was. The 'updated' GNS 430 works fine in the FSX A2A Commanche. Any advice or assistance would be more than most appreciated. Thanks and Regards Tom
  4. Hi Wes, Count me in for the Orange, White and Blue .. I used to work for SAA way back when, .. and was based at Jan Smuts .. Lots of fond memories, of early mornings on the Apron, .. soaking in the rising Sun, .. and watching the Flying Springboks departing on their early morning flights to their coastal destinations. Good Times .. Cheers Tom
  5. Thomasew

    777 freezing

    Hi, Well, .. I don't use any addons at all, .. have flown the 777 >20 hours now, .. and haven't had a single freeze at all. Oh, .. maybe the occasion split second pause, .. when textures are loading etc., but that's it. Maybe I'm just lucky ... :rolleyes: Cheers Tom
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