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  1. Correct -- (unfortunatly) In MICROSOFT FSX, the HOME points you to a website that displays within FSX, with a url of http://fsinsider.html Dovetail have "taken over"/control (?) the which now displays information about their steam offering. Personally: I think it would have been more appropriate for them to have created FSXSeInsider, and left FSXinsider alone, so this would not have happened, but it obviously was too good an advertising opportunity, to be able to directly advertise within Microsoft FSX, their FSX-SE offerings. So what effect does this have on a Microsoft FSX user. - VERY LITTLE. It only altered what appears when you select "HOME" within MS FSX. If you don't like that -- what can you do about it ? You can quite easily change the webpage displayed when you select "HOME" Text edit (Notepad) the file "product" in your FSX root directory. Until recently, you could have change this to "" -- which was the original FSXINSIDER home page, but now that has also been changed to display FSX-SE info. The original FSXInsider home page appears to have been lost ? Cannot find even an archived copy anywhere :( You could edit "Product" to point to Which is still the menu page for the original MS FSXinsider You could edit "product" to point to ANYTHING you like -- remember- it only determines what is displayed when you select "HOME" -- it does NOT stop you running MS FSX. If you feel so inclined, you could create your own html page, with whatever you want on it. say call it fsxproduct.html, and edit "product" to point to that FILE on your Computer. You can have complete control over what is displayed when you select "Home"
  2. Plea to Developers of FSX Addons. Limit .Net to 4.0

    Almost Correct FSX was planned to be the showcase for PC Gaming Apps using DX10. Despite the early hype, (and in infamous Artist's Rendition of what FSX would look like under DX10), it turned out that game programming for DX10 was no so straight forward, and even Microsoft experienced technical issues programming for DX10, so they backed off with FSX, and announced that FSX would only "Preview" DX10. To run DX10, you need Vista or higher ( No official MS Dx10 for XP) 2 informative links, if anyone is interested in details :- Geoff (4 years I'll never get back -but enjoyable times - Beta Testing FSX , SPI, SP2, & X-Pack) ...
  3. Plea to Developers of FSX Addons. Limit .Net to 4.0

    And FSX is not an "old Platform" ?? <sigh>
  4. Plea to Developers of FSX Addons. Limit .Net to 4.0 . FSX runs on XP FSX-SE runs on XP Therefore FSX addons should also be able to run on XP ! If you create your addons to Require .Net 4.5 (or above), then those still running XP cannot use your addons. Is there really some feature in 4.5 that you MUST use, that is not in 4.0 ?? While number of XP users is declining, is it really worth excluding those XP customers by making your addon require 4.5. ?? Note: The developers of FSX-SE , while compiling with VS2013, limited FSX-SE's .net version requirements to not exceed 4.0, thus making FSX-SE still runnable on XP.