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  1. Greetings all.. With P3D V4, does anyone else have the issue when connecting autopilot (APR) to ILS the heading is enabled and works but the glide slope does not sync up? To to be clear I fully understand how to use ILS /NAV Frq with AutoPilot (ie speed requirements ect). My issue is in APR the glide slope bug comes down to flight level but the autopilot never.. NEVER kicks in and I always have to use elevator control to follow glide slope in. I've tested with almost all P3D v4 aircraft and they all exhibit the same behavior. Again anyone else have this issue and know a solution? Thanks in advance, D-Man Seattle Wa.
  2. Stanislaw, *** I posted the text below in your support forum... including here for community visibility *** Thanks for the 1.05 upgrades to Seattle Airports and Seattle City... did take care of some of the issues I have seen. However I have a two additional issues for your consideration. 1. Harvey Field did come back in 1.05 however details of Crest Field (S36) are still missing. 2. Aircraft Taxi and Landing lights are not being reflected in the Seattle area airports. Thanks in advance, D-Man Seattle WA.
  3. This is great news!! Two questions: 1. To upgrade from v1, do we simply run the V1.05 installers? 2. Besides Havey Field I also noticed Crest Field was excluded.... Is Crest fixed with V1.05? Thanks in advance, D-Man
  4. Captain420 Being a long time ORBX PNW user I say the DD Seattle X and Seattle airports scenery is worth it. I found a pretty major bump up in FPS as well as (dare I say, IMHO) better scenery in the metro PS area over ORBX PNW. The DD design approach is an efficient and eye pleasing blend of Ortho (photo) scenery & well crafted hard objects (buildings, ground equipment and AI aircraft). It feels like the new best practice in creating Flight Sim scenery... again IMHO. Cheers, D-Man
  5. Thanks Jim.. Your suggestions did the trick! And for everyone else... I have to say installing both the Seattle Airports and the Seattle City scenery is like buying FPS along with great scenery! Fist time ever I flown into Seattle and gotten a up tick in FPS (+10-12 FPS from before install). Only issue I have is the Ceder River along KRNT is raised as Jim noted above. But otherwise outstanding job Drzewiecki Design. Your use of Ortho and well constructed buildings is the right approach to current flight sim scenery design no doubt! Cheers all, D-Man
  6. Greetings All, Running to a bit of trouble and hoping someone can help me out. I downloaded the Seattle X Demo and liked it enough to buy the Seattle Airports. After the uninstall of the demo at start up P3D v4 is continually telling me the demo files are not there and do I want to unload the area. I say yes but it the library entry stays. Issue is the library entry for Seattle Demo is greyed out and I can not delete it. Steps taken: - Deleted Seattle demo files from Addon Scenery - Removed "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Drzewiecki Design\SeattleXDemo" with regedit - Manually edited Scenery.cfg and Scenery.xml to remove Seattle Demo Your thoughts? Cheers, D-Man Lake Tapps WA.
  7. D-man

    Top 5 addons in your opinion

    Being a casual flier.. here's my faves in no particular order: 1. P3D v4 Orbx (the entire lot) 2. P3D v4 Active Sky and Cloud Art (was using Rex Soft clouds but switched back to Cloud Art for variation) 3. Rex for extra texture detail (runways ect) 4.FSTramp (interactive moving map with elevation information and airport details) 5.FSCaptian (adds passengers, aircrew, copilot and gives scores at the end of a flight) Honorable mentions.. GSX (Ground Marshall mostly). Precept FX RealAir Duke V2 Spad Next PS... still holding on to hope A2A will update AccuFeel for P3D v4. This would make my conversion to P3D from FSXSE complete! Cheers all, D-Man
  8. Boomer.. I have near the same set up and have been using it for many years.... Mine is a 22" 16/9 Wide screen flanked by two 19" 4/3 monitors for a total of 4230x1020. My vid card is a Radeon R9 390 and through Radeon's Eyefinity software it's extremely easy to set up. On my moderate system and these old monitors I get 25 FPS during low level flying over major metro areas and a locked 33 FPS outside those areas. Hope this helps.. D-Man
  9. Well said Avidean! ORBX teased us with a few of their free airports and they look/run great but I'm waiting for all of my purchased air fields for V4. And I'm feeling you may be on the right track with 4.1 on the horizon as the cause of all of our waiting. Until then I may just ware out Bowerman field :-). D-Man
  10. D-man

    Switch from Fsx to p3d

    Vgbaron is correct.. Part of my P3Dv4 tweaking over the weekend was installing the ORBX items into P3Dv4 ready I had purchased prior to v4. This included: Scenery: - FTX Global - FTX North America LC - ORBX PNW Aircraft: - RealAir Duke - FSX Cessna 172** - FSX B737** ** Simply had to copy the aircraft folders form FSX for each and place them in the Aircraft folder for P3DV4. All sounds and gauges work 100% Cheers, D-Man
  11. D-man

    Switch from Fsx to p3d

    Greetings all, I'm also fitting in the category of moving from FSX-SE to P3Dv4 (just spend the weekend tweaking P3Dv4 to my liking) Now I will also tell you I did buy xp11 a week before P3Dv4 came out. However being heavily invested (REX, ORBX, AS16, ASCA) and loving these add-ons I will be fully going to P3Dv4 and eventually removing FSX. Addons that cannot port to P3Dv4 soon enough (in no particular order): - ORBX airports and tools (esp FTX Global lights Configurator) - A2A Acufeel - ASAC Update to include Sky Texture updates - QW 787 release (Praying for a QW 757 port to P3D v4 but may be futile) - FS Captain Again XP11 is a very good Flight Sim right out of the box... the aircraft seem very accurate and the lighting visuals are outstanding. But being a casual Flight Simmer when I do us XP11, I so miss the extra "fluff" the above list provides. Cheers all, D-Man Seattle Wa.
  12. D-man

    RealAir Turbine Duke V2 in Prepar3d V4

    Thanks for the update Anau00, The RA Duke is by far my favorite GA Aircraft and although it works great in P3D V4.... I am missing the full sounds. Will be watching for more updates. Cheers, D-Man Seattle Wa.
  13. Resolution: Re-installed P3D v4 Thanks, D-Man