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  1. Will you be closing or locking the MD-11 user forum?
  2. If you have a full version of FSUIPC you can assign it through there.
  3. I use this headset and it works great, I originally used it for my PS3 but it works great with PC too (the mute button wont work on PC). Otherwise any generic USB works I only have ATC & FS2Crew through the headset and have everything else through my PC speakers. You set it up in the sound settings which device to use.
  4. gaumond

    PRO-ATC/X version 1.4 is out

    I have had this happen once while holding for take off clearance, the first two went through me like I wasn't there and the third waited behind me. I suspect its from AI aircraft loaded before PRO ATC was started and loaded. I use UT2 so I started resetting the traffic after it loads and I have not had it happen again. Not sure if it really is whats happening or just haven't had it occur again. I don't fly with collision detection anyway
  5. gaumond

    Words I need to share with our Community

    Tom, I am sorry to hear of the bad news. My prayers are with you and your family. Stay strong and never give up and most of all, enjoy everyday left.
  6. gaumond

    The Dollar is close to matching the EURO!

    Egh, I am enjoying the small discount on euro priced products right now but who knows what will happen in a few months or weeks. I have a feeling eventually the Euro will creep back up.
  7. gaumond

    MD-11 APU

    Check to see if this is happening. After you start the engines and shut off the air it will not flicker or blink and the APU available light does stay illuminated as it begins the cool down process. However, the APU Start/Stop switch on the Aft APU Overhead control panel should illuminate from ON to OFF I believe. If this is happening the APU should shut down automatically after a few minutes.
  8. gaumond

    Problems with EZDok and 777

    Same place as your FSX config file I believe. C:/Users/[your computer name]/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/FSX
  9. gaumond

    Problems with EZDok and 777

    You can find it here: It is still in Beta but I am glad to see they are now supporting it again
  10. By any chance are you using you using EZDOK? If you are try doing the approaches with DHM and offer effect settings either off or turn down the overall settings within the effects. had a similar issue with the NGX and It may be exaggerating the turbulence too much.
  11. gaumond

    FSX reinstallation

    Are you talking about saving your panel state files? I think you could copy your Panel States in the PMDG folders is your FSX root folder, Your save files I think are placed in the documents (could be wrong, I am not on my FSX computer). I always cleared out everything when re installing so not exactly sure it will work. The PMDG intro document explains what is created when you save in better detail. Good Luck!
  12. gaumond

    Moving to a new computer

    This is not usually the case, especially if you are changing architecture. I always recommended against it and I have never seen this work.
  13. gaumond

    Got it!

    I hope it is that easy when I get home -Brandon Gaumond
  14. gaumond

    Extended download service [PMDG 737] -Brandon Gaumond