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  1. Pardon me if this has already been answered (search for "multiple legs" didn't turn up anything relevant). My question is regarding doing multiple legs with the same airframe without checking the aircraft back in. Robert did a great job of explaining how GFO handles the completion of a flight as well as how to set one up, but if I wanted to do a few sectors on an aircraft I'd like to know if the system supports this or if I'd have to check the aircraft back out every time and risk losing my time with it.
  2. DeltaMikeKilo

    Middle mouse look around problem

    Philip, I've seen this topic here before. I also have the issue you describe. It has to do with the "hide cursor experimental" options. For me it was the first one causing the issue. But disabling either results in the cursor no longer being hidden. As far as I'm aware the devs are working on a solution. See here
  3. DeltaMikeKilo

    View flips down every time MM is pressed

    Keven, I have the same issue and can confirm that Experiment 1 is the issue for me as well. Having either 1 or 2 deactivated results in visible mouse at all times. If you have any questions or testing you'd like me to do feel free to ask. Merci de votre bon travaille.
  4. Hey there fellow simmers, apologies if this has already been answered. I did a search in this forum and read Kyle's fantastic Introduction pdf. I was wondering if it was possible to control the throttles in the Queen individually by using ESP's "engine select" function. What I mean is, in the 737 and 777 you can simply press "E + 1 (or 2)" and use a single physical throttle axis to control either the right or left engine (I don't recommend this in the 777!). Anyway It doesn't seem to work in the 744. Was wondering if this is because of the unique way the throttles are coded in the Queen or if I was missing something. I only have one throttle axis, on a Saitek X52 Pro. My throttle axis is mapped through the default P3D controls, not FSUIPC. Before opening a support ticket I thought I'd ask my fellow simmers. Ideally I'm looking to taxi using either the outboards or the inboards only for thrust depending on taxiway width etc. Thanks in advance for any help! Blue skies and tailwinds, Darren Edit: Found my answer. Seems so far it's not possible to control the individual throttle levers using this method AND a real world single axis. Only through F1-F4 and mouse commands.
  5. Just to jump in here there are no ini files supplied with the Fly UK livery. Just exterior textures.
  6. The practical limit of virtual address space for 64 bit is about 128 terabytes (Windows 8.1). But in theory a processor with 64-bit memory addresses can directly access 16 exbibytes. This translates to a decent amount of addon scenery.
  7. DeltaMikeKilo

    'Master Caution' alarm at FL340

    Oh, totally skipped over the first line in his post in my eagerness to help. Nevermind THE CAM then Doug.
  8. DeltaMikeKilo

    'Master Caution' alarm at FL340

    Hey Doug, By any chance do you have the crew alertness monitor enabled? Sounds like it could be that. If you press any button in the flight deck it will reset. You can also disable this function in the FMC options.
  9. Dan, miscommunication. I was referring to the taxi cams being no longer pop up in P3D V3 as Kyle pointed out. Last I checked they were completely disabled in my 77W on P3D 2.4. Or maybe I accidentally disabled pop out windows. Either way I don't use them. As to why I'm still on 2.4 it's mostly a financial/laziness issue. Not getting into EULA stuff (I'm familiar with the rules here) I run the pro version of P3D and don't feel the advancements in V3 justify the cost of upgrading. V2.5 came with some VAS issues amongst the fellow simmers I regularly chat with so I held off on that one as well. I've got it dialed in exactly where I want it, and if it ain't broke, don't fix it. One day I'll upgrade. Just holding out until something I want is finally no longer backwards compatible.
  10. Still hoping for some amount of backwards compatibility in P3D. I know the T7 added new features with P3D V3 but it'd be nice to not have to upgrade and keep my particular flavour of V2.4 for the 747. *fingers crossed*
  11. DeltaMikeKilo

    [25MAY16] PMDG 747-400BCF preview!

    Great shots again! Thanks for the sitrep. Can't wait to see it in P3D's lighting *ahem* *cough cough*
  12. It's like you knew May 8th was my birthday! Thanks for the update Robert and to the 747 team for all the hard work. Take your time with her (well, not too much time). Looking forward to the P3D version.
  13. DeltaMikeKilo

    It's started

    Doubt it. They'd let us know in the forums if it was. Interesting though, FSX pages for these products went up Feb 23rd. Today we get the P3D pages. I know initially the plan was to release them pretty much at the same time, but then Mr. Randazzo kindly informed us of some breakdown in communication between LM and P3D that was potentially holding up the latter's progress. Wonder if the 2 weeks in between product pages are representative of the release order. Of course this is only my own speculation and we'll have to wait and see! My P3D 2.4 awaits! Source:
  14. DeltaMikeKilo


    Sounds painful. Guess we'll just have to wait and see when she's done. Thanks for the reply!
  15. DeltaMikeKilo


    Hey best of luck with whatever it may be Kyle. I know the feeling. Went through that recently both in my career and personal life. Waiting is never easy. Hoping the results are worth it for you! Question about the V2 if I may. Being an enthusiastic simmer with a RW position on the other end of the Mic I've been afforded a few opportunities to sit in the flight deck of various aircraft (PMDG nailed the atmosphere of the T7 by the way - from what I could tell after about 10 mins in the real thing...). I was wondering if you could share with us if we'll be able to see (tips of) the wings and nose of the aircraft from inside the flight deck. I understand it may not be possible due to limitations or even if you can't see them from the real thing therefore unrealistic. Just curious. Obviously the aircraft isn't complete yet so such decisions may not even have been made but anything you could share would be appreciated. Thanks and my advice for the waiting process is to just keep busy