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  1. Reminder to self... schedule vacation September 20th, desolated island with no cell or data reception!
  2. first they are not even out yet! even though Nvidia is flexing atm not many application are really capable of fully taking advantage of the new muscles, i would guess two more years before this is anywhere close to fully matured technology used in the wiled, what might be beneficial is the huge buffer these allow when SLI bridged they can buffer together 48GB, that's where i see a benefit for our industry mainly; not so much in the new ray technology in and of itself, if you break down the technology its essentially a load! more calculations possible, closer look and we understand it is also introducing complexity when one is using the technology to present materials, the goal for nvidia is not performance as in the same aspect we look at it; for them its about the data representing real world off digital assets aka materials representation, to do that they dug deep and realized that parts of that is how light reflect off surfaces; the more crevices the better and more real it becomes, so really all this new ray reflect and directional projection they call AI technology is a new overhead if and when used, if you compare the same engine serving none textures materials it may not even have benefit over current titan offerings, as this new technology is designed to work in 5 way tandem to overcome a specific overhead, it seem to be beneficial for professional animation as they can now bring high fidelity of realism to human objects rendered, nothing they mentioned so far relates to accelerating existing textures technology or any performance increase with existing, they were very crafty with their wording,
  3. Hi Alfredo :) i dont think you can speed up resample itself; what you could try is to change the logical order it runs, due to its current architect and logic you are seeing a bottle neck with resample atm; consider that back in the day it was created the group had to limit internet connection to 20 parallel request for example or you'd get banned by google for excessive usage, from the get go the group never designed to be robust because the bottle neck while working is the internet which is now the other way around, you could tweak the current architecture to not do the process the same way; as you are limited to one job at a time, splitting the job into 6 or 8 parts with running FSET simultaneously each processing a portion, that you can do with exiting FSET with no code changes needed, to streamline this you will need to modify the current logic (just an conceptual idea), download data buffer to your machine first; so you are always working from a local cache (do not clear it on start!) lets say you preset get 1GB of data first before starting to work; once the 1GB is downloaded you start spawning resample processes working locally while more data is being downloaded, this way you are making the most efficient workflow possible, what you want to avoid is not TIff LZW compression; that's a must! you want to not use resampling/BGL compression while resampling :) these are two separate elements,
  4. you should keep LZW compression ON! pending on your masking each tile may take a while, you can spawn parallel resample processes with no issues, 6-8 simultaneously pending on your tile size, layers and masking complexity would be just fine, you can speedup downloading of tiles as well; instead of getting 20 tile at a time try 1000! FSET baseline numbers were based on biblical drive size with 56k internet speeds
  5. Chewwy's name is Matt, a Pioneer streamer representing our hobby proudly with consistent daily high quality Sim related content, he is currently previewing PMDG Boeing 747-8 Beta Pre-Release, show him some love and support AVSIM he is a great guy ❤️
  6. it may just be a layering or index issue, try to flush your scenery index,
  7. i am well aware! calling it as i see it with zero BS, did anyone prove me wrong so far? but you wont; if anyone is stupid enough to try and pull something like this it will be temporary at best! with today's drive size, auto backups etc, its not worth the overhead and the latency these bring to our PC, go about your day do what you need to do, make sure you have backups of your data with a good system image, recovery takes less than 10 min with a system image; especially if you keep your user data folder on another separate drive as i do, literally i can restore a backup in the middle of typing this, the cache for even this will load back when my system comes up after restore, literally under 5 min start to finish, there's a tool everyone can use; its also 100% FREE! very convenient as you can instantly access it anywhere, its called common sense i've been an IT professional for almost 30 years now, catering to the most sensitive business tier out there, fortune 100-500! i served as a systems security principle for the third largest pharmaceutical in the world at the time, i have a little background when i tell you no hosting provider or any provider at any layer will allow infestation on their network; let alone get to end users, as if this happens it doesn't happen just to you, its everyone! that provider if infected to such extent will shut down his network long before he will allow this to reach their end users, can you imagine google infecting their end users? lets say this did somehow happened! you really think a personal AV will withstand an unknown attack that got google? if one know the efforts these providers take to ensure none of this ever gets anywhere on their network you'd understand how pointless all this personal AV, Malware, FW industry is, MS is simply feeding their customers BS with no shame whatsoever pushing their own false alerts to justify their own FW and protection all so you continue to buy the next OS, as they really have nothing else to put the weight of how important it is to upgrade beside "security" now days, just a shameful practice all around from executive looking to prove themselves with quarter year numbers than to put a proper product out there, i find it shocking these companies stooped this low! a public network of poorly maintained small business would not fall under common sense usage 😉 i get it, as mentioned before common sense practice is required, to be clear the nature and what these so called viruses can a actually do these days is very limited to maybe a file corruption or very small minor issue, these are not the old school viruses disrupting everything; those days are gone! the most today's "viruses" or malware can really do is maybe participate in DDOS attack, which technically is not malicious to your machine, all it really does is simply talking to another computer,as it does anyway all day! btw... try to send one of these email infected viruses out to a reputable network again see if it makes it out of that single infected network, it shouldn't! ahh that's where google comes to play :) simple solution; hide your real URL! or generate a temp url per download, using SSL on your site is a must these days, google will not rush to flag your files if you have SSL!
  8. Im still confused how google fits into this puzzle, not surprising these AV companies stopped this low to allow just anyone off the street flag someone’s work with zero forensic just to keep their bogus business a float, Personally I don’t use any AV, FW or BS malware protection, all these supplier MS included cause these false reports that freak people out for no reason, A paranoid person will fork for AV protection as long as they justify their fabulous protection with 100% bogus flags! imagine if any communication provider at any layer allowed any type of malware into their network before it got to you? it will never happen; every virus footprint is discarded at the packet level before it gets to traverse anywhere! Who here was actually been infected with a real virus firsthand the past 10 year? A real virus not a fake news one? I know the answer to this in advance, no one! People like to blame everything they don’t understand on “it’s a virus”! paranoia is a proven lucrative business recipe, ATB Chris
  9. is there no way to advertise as trusted? if there is just ask the community to help counter! beside what difference does it make if a single user flags your app? your users know its not malicious!
  10. @DJJose you just need to balance your resources vs what you are loading, a full hour low n slow over the LA grid, TnG KVNY to KLAX on a laptop! (office grade, specs in the description!)
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