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  1. hi Julian, thank you for your support! purchasing from our shop doesn't automatically registers you on our support forums, you can use our shop ticketing system as needed for urgent issues requiring immediate attention, or register on our support forum for self/community support and help here, our support forums requires a separate registration using the same email used to register with our shop, upon registration our system will recognize you and unlock all appropriate areas of our support forums, its important to note for security reasons our shop and support forums are separate instances of each other, essentially the same goes the other way around; registering with our forums initially doesn't automatically creates an account in shop! also note one cannot register on our shop without first completing an order; while our forums is open for public registration, large parts of our forums are only visible to customers based on the products they own and status of their support contract,
  2. glad to hear that Kevin! there's allot you can now adjust thanks to BMM and BM Framework, our manual will outline the basics and some more advanced approach to edit your current profile, you can achieve a more rustic night views through BMM profile editing, as for Blue, hit your F12 during the day or night and you will clearly see Blue's texture, from the cockpit POV they are the "far away" textures you cant really tell usually; but they are there! its the textures that starts at the end of the LOD Radius you see for the near environment, thats where ORBX texture live; Blue lives right after those in your horizon,
  3. Thank you Kevin i hope you enjoy your first flight there's allot of information on our forums; now that you own BM you should also be able to see those sub forums!!! (our shop instance and forums are separate of each other, you need to have registered on both with the same email; if you don't see these sub forums now let me know pls) you will find allot of info you may find useful when setting up, especially when running with ORBX, we have a spesific patch for ORBX Vector customers, many confuse Black Marble Vector Pack and our ORBX Vector Patch; which is applied to our own Black Marble Vector Pack! but only when ORBX Vector is part of the scenery stack, the roads you see inside airport are service class roads, you can uncheck the class or completely delete it in BMM, you can keep just roads which are visible at day time with no lights at night, its all configurable and at the tip of your fingers, take a moment to go through our manual; its under your program file menu CreativeDesignStudios > Black Marble - Base v1.0.0 PREPAR3D v4 > Manual-EN
  4. Thank you Kevin no need to rely on memory, we offer a fair money back "no questions asked" policy, we do try to assure the right steps were taken and proper experience was achieved, if its not something you're interested in after you experience our product; we will not force you to keep owning it if you don't feel its worth its value! there were customers who taken us up on our policy, we stand by that and never let a single customer down! i will tell you that more than half who used our policy; it seemed they just got cold feet or wanted to see we stand by our policy, the majority all bought back a while after again!
  5. i see someone spent some time on our forums educating themselves that is correct Kevin, FTX is global but not worldwide! and the majority of the data there is not vector driven or related, no argue over it being pretty; but still not vector or real world replication! the biggest difference is that all our roads are 100% accurate, and we bring all the roads in; the benefits are huge!!! from the "on the fly" native Sim autogen layout which is now forced into a more realistic grid due to our complete road grid, to the night or day footprint, to the lighting system itself, and the features we developed around the BM framework, the lights in FTX are not vector or vector driven nor they replicate a real world grid nor they can be used for real world navigation, that is correct Kevin :) all our data is 100% vector based and driven, we don't use textures or annotated objects over textures, our roads are 100% configurable, size width, light color, and allot more variation that give you direct controls over the road system and lighting system accompanied, our BMM allows you to whip your night environment to virtually any way you wish to run it, the possibilities are endless with BM and BMM, you are literally the night architect 100% Blue is a different animal than Black, BTW... Blue is all D'Andre's fault he made me do it :P im joking of curse, but Blue is indeed D'Andre inspired, he made a comment on his site a while back when we introduced Black for the first time, we showed the globe being lit at night as a concept for our project, in the description he said that Black Marble (Black not Blue!!!) will look like that globe, which wasn't true, he didn't say this to be malice just lack of understanding, that comment bothered me ever since, the only way to come true on that was to make Blue Marble and give the night layer inside the globe night lighting as well, from there we started investigation and got to NASA globe textures being used on Google Earth and we though it be cool to bring the same globe to our sim and update the old outdated textures we been looking at, the globe has 12 monthly textured layers for each month of the year, but lacking a night layer, so we added the 13th layer and custom built the globe night map to fit,
  6. if its cost thats keeping you from jumping in the pool; this is your chance! our special end of the year promo is not coming back for at least another year! Black Marble or any of its ad-dons are not a competing (some feature are similar) or a replacement product to FTX Vector! just go on YouTube and search for Black Marble and ORBX and you will clearly see the value Black Marble brings with ORBX installed! (these are customer posted videos!) i think your comment comes mainly from lack of education in regards to what the product is, all our customers know they have their money well spent when investing in Black Marble Black Product line, from the product itself to the team and support behind it, not to mention our "no questions asked" fair refund policy! i urge any one of our customers to call me out if they think im full of it! Black Marble is a revolutionary brand new product aiming specifically at worldwide vector based road system and night lighting at native Sim vector data level (we don't do textures!), there is no base for comparing Black Marble with FTX Vector when it comes to roads network or night lighting system worldwide! our Black Marble line does this on every spot on the globe! (these are accurate 1:1 real world vector roads you can use to navigate by!) (this video was rendered on an office grade laptop with no special effect or any edits beside adding sound track, recorded using fraps!!!)
  7. Yes! our installers are per platform, this is not an arbitrary decision; there are many valid reasons why we decided to venture this route, many of you guys having a hard time placing Blue Marble's habitat, there's a whole discussion over at our forums about it beside the complete year round high altitude textures; we added a new none existing night layer to the default 12 months imagery stack for a total of 13! you get a full resolution up to date globe and high altitude imagery; the same you see on google earth! Blue Marble Standard is a 1:1 (LOD wise) replacement to exiting Sim High altitude textures - 456MB Installed Blue Marble Next Generation (NG) is the full resolution of NASA's imagery - 1.3GB Installed here are few images that will help you place Blue Marble habitat in general, the 2 year support is currently locked during the holidays promo, will likely remain locked or get embedded into the main title price,
  8. HI Zimmerbs, not sure atm! you should post as much info as you can under the appropriate section here first search our forums if someone encountered this issue prior,
  9. Thank you Mike YaY Rob \ o / :) beautiful piece, very very crisp!
  10. Thank you Mark unfortunately Matthew's case is slightly different, this is actually the only case in our history we had to turn down a customer :( its not that BM wont work on his system; our installers have security checks embedded in them, we have to validate Sim root dir prior to installing; the way his root dir is setup will instantly trigger a stop on our installer side, we install into every single sim root scenery folder; our installer logic doesn't know to look for prats of dir in multiple places, there is one workaround that could potentially help in this situation; but it is imo a band aid on a broken leg, nevertheless it should still work if sim root is showing all its folders with correct files in path, by manipulating file system with symbolic link directory pointers,
  11. where are you hiding Mike, very nice deep night shoots!
  12. Black Marble can be setup to work on any hardware Base and Vector together! Back Marble with all its pack just as Night Environment regional packs all work with all existing addons with no outstanding issues, performance is individual to each simmers setup; but rest assure no matter what your current setup Black Marble with Vector Pack can be made to run on any platform grade! the complaint you hear are from greedy (yes i said it :P) simmer who wont budge and insist on running high setting with no compromise consideration to their existing addons or settings!!!
  13. its just your screen brightness or your internal v4 brightness slider settings being too high!
  14. BM Settings

    there are many element you can adjust in your profile, try to spend some time on our members image section to get an idea what you find pleasing than start adjusting your profile toward, without a question about spesific feature settings its very difficult to answer your question,