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  1. I am in the same boat as you. I have a killer system, top of the line and can run any scenery with no problems. This one is terrible on performance. Don't know what is causing it.
  2. The monitor refresh rate set to 30mhz is the best solution to get rid of microstutters. It is truly great.
  3. You may also consider The Delta Virtual https://www.thedeltavirtual.com/. I got my first start at your VA Luke, and I can say it is a very well run VA. I won't knock it because you guys are great. I just think ours is a little better. Fresher ideas, better pilot interaction, and a website full of information and beauty! The thing you will find at both of these fine VA's is a mature staff that provides the best service to their pilots.
  4. Carlos, Great job on this airport! It looks really great and functions well too. Thank you for a wonderful product
  5. The Delta Virtual is pleased and excited to share their new website. Please visit https://www.thedeltavirtual.com Hope you enjoy! We are a professionally run VA with a large active membership. Join us for fun group flights and conversation. If you're looking for a quality VA with no drama, you have found the one.
  6. I visited your website. I am confused. All the news articles are dated April 1, 2020. It's February 2020. Also, all the links are broken. Just saying, you may want to fix your website before asking people to commit to a staff position in your organization.
  7. A week later, I get an email saying they are closing down and starting a new Delta VA. We need a good Frontier. There are plenty of Delta VAs
  8. It depends on the VA. Some have rules that say you have to fly a flight once a month, some say you just need to log in to their website every month. It is their choice how the choose to run it. Frankly, the ones that say you have to fly once a month are just creating busy work for their staff because pilots request to get reactivated anyway and always do.
  9. The Delta Virtual VA is rapidly growing. We just accepted our 200th pilot this week, and continue to grow at a fast pace. Take a look at all the fun going on at www.thedeltavirtual.com. We have a great community, that is very active on Discord, and we participate in Monday evening group flights. We constantly are updating our Delta and Sky Team members' schedules so that they are the most accurate. We are still working on our main site, but once you log in, we think you will like what you see.
  10. The single best thing I have ever done is set my monitors refresh rate to 30mhz. I set frame rates to unlimited, even though vsync on. My sim is as smooth as possible and my frames hover between 29.5 to 31 with zero stutters. I am one that for the last 15 years has tried to achieve the ultimate frame rates. Not anymore! 4k will take a lot our of your GPU. That's why I upgraded to a 2080ti.
  11. Is this update available yet? I have your 2015 version, where will I find the update when it is available?
  12. I would just forget about it. Like others have said, maybe the controller was having a bad night. I keep reading about all these horrible experiences on VATSIM recently and can honestly say I must be the lucky one. Out of more than 3000 hours flown on the network, I rarely have any issues and usually receive great service. Don't let one bad night ruin a good thing for you.
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