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  1. Finally got everything working correctly. Not sure how, but did a system restore, and everything now works and no more invisible wall.
  2. Well, I uninstalled every FSdreamteam product and reinstalled it. No more wall, but now half my add on products like Aerosoft aircraft and a lot of my scenery is missing. Did a system restore and gonna try again
  3. Happens at every FSDT airport now.
  4. At KMEM it's an invisible wall on the taxiways and the runway just about at the start of the numbers. Never had this issue before.
  5. I have noticed the same since updating the latest GSX update.
  6. Wow, what a great hobby we have isn't it? A lot of people on this post need to look in the mirror and grow up. I come to this forum to gain new knowledge about P3D, and this is the garbage we get to read every single day? Who knew P3Dv6 would be so polarizing to the community? I personally have gained a lot of knowledge from Adam and his videos. He is probably the most knowledgeable person outside of maybe the Lockheed developers on the subject of P3D and how to get the most out of the sim.
  7. Of course it works for version 5. I just ran the installer and chose my version 6 folder. Works perfectly.
  8. I found that if you can set your monitor refresh rate to 30hz, it is the single best way to get a fluid, no stutter experience.
  9. I know it's an old aircraft, but the Quality wings 757 works perfectly in V6
  10. I must say it is very smooth and I do see a huge improvement in a lot of areas. Now we must wait to see what works and doesn't work with it. If most payware somehow work, this will be a huge improvement over P3Dv5.4. Time will tell. I like what I have seen so far.
  11. I moved the scenery to the bottom of my library and it solve it for me.
  12. It has? I don't see anything on their website or in the app that shows an update.
  13. I really like the look and feel of P3D over MSFS, but that is just me. I find it funny how people start threads like these. Why does it bother people so much that there are some of us that still like P3D over MSFS? It's almost as if you have to convince yourself that MSFS is better for everyone, and we are beneath you. People enjoy this hobby in many different ways, and for me, it will remain with P3D. I am excited to see what version 6 has in store for those that still enjoy this great platform.
  14. Glad they are finally getting close to finishing this project. It's been in the works for so long. There was a great merge out there a year or so ago, but I believe the company took it off their website due to an issue with the original engine developer. Tropical something. I think they merged a Neo engine onto the Aerosoft model. Can't remember exactly the combo, but they didn't get permission or something and had to shut that download down. From the screenshots, it looked really well done.
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