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  1. Deltaguy

    HU: Another update for EVO2015

    Is this update available yet? I have your 2015 version, where will I find the update when it is available?
  2. I would just forget about it. Like others have said, maybe the controller was having a bad night. I keep reading about all these horrible experiences on VATSIM recently and can honestly say I must be the lucky one. Out of more than 3000 hours flown on the network, I rarely have any issues and usually receive great service. Don't let one bad night ruin a good thing for you.
  3. Deltaguy

    Great Product, A Few Questions

    Thank you Luke. My flight did get approved and recorded like you said, in about 20 minutes. The system seems to be working great on my end. The problem I had trying to close it has been fixed it seems. I noticed a new update the last time I used it, so that was probably fixed in that update. My other VA is extremely interested in using this program along with our custom ACARS. Most of the staff have been testing it out this weekend, and I have heard nothing but great reviews. I will have our technology team contact you to see how to code this into our website. Thanks again for a great product!
  4. Hey Luke, I just completed my second flight with this great product. I have a question in regards to filing this flight with a VA. I am a member at DVA as well as a few other Virtual Airlines. I flew this flight for DVA and selected Delta Virtual Airlines from the drop down tab before starting my flight. Once the flight is completed, how do I send it to DVA? I know I could just use their ACARS, but I wanted to test this feature out for one of the other VA's I belong to. Great work as always, good luck on your new endeavor! Mark
  5. Deltaguy

    Saitek X52 and Windows 10

    RODUSU soved the issue!
  6. Deltaguy

    GPU upgrade

    I purchased and installed the GTX970 last weekend and I am very happy so far. I had a GTX670 before and I have increased my framerates about 15-20%. It also seems much smoother. I bought the GEFORCEGTX970 by EVGA with the overclock and extreme cooling 2.0. Hope this helps.
  7. Deltaguy

    Nvidia GeForce 347.71 driver

    This driver has not worked very well for me. I kept getting pink screens and driver errors so I went back to an earlier version.
  8. An Airtran Airbus, I love it. You are so correct. Every month or so, I fire up FSX just to see what I am missing, and every month I find nothing. Yes, there are some nice sceneries made only for FSX, but not enough to make me want to switch over. I love my FS9! Great pics by the way!
  9. Deltaguy

    Scenery FlightZone 02 Portland, Wow!

    They also make a great scenery for KPVD.
  10. Deltaguy

    Airbus deluxe evolution with upgrade crash

    I have found that loading another aircraft first and then loading the Wilco works for me. It is a pain, but that is my solution.
  11. Deltaguy

    Ian Aka Pennkiwi Is Back

    Welcome back Ian. Sorry to hear about your terrible ordeal. I will tell you that my first simulator experience started in 2006 when my kid's bought me FSX for my birthday. Yes, I started out simming with FSX. I kept hearing everyone talk about FS9 and wondered to myself, "I've got to try this out, everyone says its the best, better than FSX?". So I found a copy and installed it and never looked back. Sure, I have FSX installed on my computer with $1000 worth of addons, but I just can't beat the look and feel of old reliable FS9. I never have crashes or memory errors and it looks better to me than FSX ever did. Sure people will say they get great FPS in FSX but then they show you a screen shot and it's because they have their graphics card turned down so low everything is just a bunch of jaggies. I'll take my FS9 with graphics set to full tilt and the sliders maxed out all day long over FSX. Yes, it's tempting when PMDG puts out their shiny new 777 and thumbs their noses at us FS9'ers, but then you look at a post that reads: Just flew 14 hours in the 777 only to have my FSX crash before I could finish the flight. Kinda brings a grin to my face.
  12. I recently uninstalled and reinstalled FSX because of start up issues. I use FS9 on 95% of my flights. My problem is that when I reinstalled FSX now when you click on the help button at the top of the menu bar in FS9, it says registry error. I have run the registry repair tool from Flight1, but that doesn't seem to help. I have my FS9 updated to 9.1 and use the no cd .EXE. I would hate to have to reinstall FS9 and all of my add ons. It doesn't seem to affect anything involved with running FS9 or installing additional payware, but just bugs me that it is not 100% correct.
  13. Deltaguy

    Flightbeam announces Denver (KDEN)

    You need to look a bit harder.. Taxi2Gate has released some very fine scenery recently. They released KMCO a few months back and it is superior.
  14. Well, I did post this in the FS9 version of the PMDG 737 and I have looked pretty hard to find one and still can't find a Delta 737-900 for the legacy version of the PMDG 737.