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  1. I have always wondered why a United VA would allow pilots to fly and even have schedules for all their major competition. What's the point of being a United VA if you let people fly American, Southwest etc?
  2. I would have to say it's really difficult to get a good measure whether or not P3D numbers are really down. When is the last time any new products were made for P3Dv5? For PMDG to say that sales are this and that is fine, but wouldn't sales decline because everyone has already purchased your stuff? IT would be interesting to compare a brand new product, say a 757, offer it in both platforms, and see what the sales figures tell you. I guarantee, P3D sales would be at least 40% of total sales. To compare sales of a new platform for basically a new product, vs an older platform with product the public has purchased for the last 5 years is not really reliable. They are free to do what they want, but until Lockheed says they are done developing P3D, there will be a lot of simmers still using the product.
  3. I have a really nice computer, one that can run P3Dv5 pretty much perfectly. My only issue is at some airports, whenever the dynamic lights come on, it's a stutter show and sometimes just crashes my computer all together. Other airports with dynamic lights are just fine, with hardly any loss of frames or performance. Like I can go to FLy Tampa KLAS and have zero loss of performance, but if I go to PACSIM KRNO, it's terrible and causes a computer crash. I usually run using 4XSSAA, but when I fly at night, I back that down to 2XSSAA. Any suggestions, other than not flying at these trouble airports at night.
  4. Oh wow! Another VA started by Zac. Looks like you took this tour straight off another VA's website. Is this like the sixth VA this guy has started? Maybe this one will last more than a few months.
  5. I have found one to be the right balance for me. They have a very nice website that is original to them. The pilot community is extremely active, like to the point where they have become my second family. They are a Delta themed virtual airline, but also allow you to fly SkyTeam and Delta's other partners like Hawaiian. I have been a part of virtual airlines for over 15 years and this by far has been my most pleasant experience. The VA I am referring to is The Delta Virtual. The website address is https://www.thedeltavirtual.com
  6. Been using it for a month or more. No issues at all, and I have pretty much most of the big add ons.
  7. Deltaguy

    VA Features?

    The best features for successful VA's are the people. I have been a member of several VA's, but it's the staff and the people that really make the difference. You can have all the fancy modules and websites, but if you don't have a staff that works together, you really don't have anything. Find people who really enjoy helping one another, and aren't there just for the job title.
  8. It's a shame people start these VA's for their own self interest. This is why so many of them fail within the first year. That is why the VA I am a staff member on is owned by the pilots. If you donate money, time, etc. it becomes the property of the VA and there is not one person that owns the VA outright. If the staff votes to remove the CEO or any of the top admins, that's exactly what would happen. In the year and a half since it started, we have had almost zero issues with the staff. It's sad to see this Zac character do this time and time again. He has had three or four VA's in the past three years, and they all end the same way. I was a pilot at his Frontier VA and he just closed it down with little to no warning.
  9. I am in the same boat as you. I have a killer system, top of the line and can run any scenery with no problems. This one is terrible on performance. Don't know what is causing it.
  10. The monitor refresh rate set to 30mhz is the best solution to get rid of microstutters. It is truly great.
  11. You may also consider The Delta Virtual https://www.thedeltavirtual.com/. I got my first start at your VA Luke, and I can say it is a very well run VA. I won't knock it because you guys are great. I just think ours is a little better. Fresher ideas, better pilot interaction, and a website full of information and beauty! The thing you will find at both of these fine VA's is a mature staff that provides the best service to their pilots.
  12. Carlos, Great job on this airport! It looks really great and functions well too. Thank you for a wonderful product
  13. The Delta Virtual is pleased and excited to share their new website. Please visit https://www.thedeltavirtual.com Hope you enjoy! We are a professionally run VA with a large active membership. Join us for fun group flights and conversation. If you're looking for a quality VA with no drama, you have found the one.
  14. I visited your website. I am confused. All the news articles are dated April 1, 2020. It's February 2020. Also, all the links are broken. Just saying, you may want to fix your website before asking people to commit to a staff position in your organization.
  15. A week later, I get an email saying they are closing down and starting a new Delta VA. We need a good Frontier. There are plenty of Delta VAs
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