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  1. littleterry

    Community Update 9 (v1.19566) Now Live

    is the update live now ?
  2. littleterry

    Community Update 4 (1.0.17761.0) Now Live!

    ok thanks...
  3. littleterry

    Community Update 4 (1.0.17761.0) Now Live!

    do i have to do anything to get the update?
  4. littleterry

    Flight Sim World is Now Live!

    if you really want to see the beauty of this game ,take off in a stormy weather ,looks amazing
  5. littleterry

    4k monitor

    i just tried it on 4 k monitor and it looks nice especially taking off in a stormy weather, cant complain for early access
  6. littleterry

    Flight Sim World is Now Live!

    im really enjoying it
  7. littleterry

    Update From the Dovetail Games Flight Team

    its coming out soon .....soon... soon i dont even know what to believe anymore february 2019?
  8. littleterry


    i been trying it using 1080 resolution but i must admit it looks great with 4 k monitor ,just hoping that we will be able to use the end product with 4 k monitor
  9. littleterry


    i will try that setting later@ eric escobar .... i just changed my monitor and it seems to be running ok now 30 - 35 fps (x plane 11) but the scenery looks a bit blurry with normal monitor ,is there a way of get rid or reducing stutters and shimmering
  10. littleterry


    Really ...only 1000$ will be waiting Thank you guys ,i have tried everything you suggested, but i think i have to change my monitor .
  11. littleterry


    is there a way of getting a refund? i have been try xplane for a week both 10 and 11 but its not just for me ,15 fps ,shimmering ,lagging even at lowest setting ,i cant click on the screen it keep on jumping to the left hand side of the screen,i will stick with p3d at least it runs smoothly
  12. littleterry

    4 k monitor

    im using geforce 980 4 Gig
  13. can x plane 11 runs on 4 k monitor because im not experiencing a smooth flying at all ,too much lagging but i can only use x plane when i reset the resolution to 1920-1080 and scenery looks awful with that resolution ,,first time on x plane forum :wink: 4790k ,,nvidia 980 ,,installed on ssd
  14. littleterry

    Simmarket Authorization Woes

    second time time of installing mine and im getting you must enter a name error .. after clicking on next ,can someone help ?
  15. littleterry

    Do I buy P3d V3.4 or wait for V4 ? Please Help

    how is the vas issues you were having? have you found the cause ?