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  1. TalonMX

    KOAK Oakland Int'l Airport

    Bob Thanks again for the help. The offending file that was causing the bleed through for Oakland was LC_1518.BGL. Once I turned it off I no longer have bleed through issues with KOAK and KSJC.
  2. TalonMX

    KOAK Oakland Int'l Airport

    I’ll look into it. Thanks.
  3. TalonMX

    KOAK Oakland Int'l Airport

    I installed the scenery this evening and noticed I was getting nighttime ground textures in the daytime around KOAK on the approach end of 30 and near KSJC. I have The standard Orbx stuff installed except NCA. Once I removed the Oakland scenery the bleed through went away.
  4. TalonMX

    FSDT Chicago a few days from release.

    I agree that FSDT has been slow to release KORD but I don't see it as a waste of time due to MSFS. For one it will still be some time before developers release 3rd party add-ons after it's released. Second P3Dv4/5 is not going anywhere. Many of us will be flying P3D until MSFS has come to a point where we can transition over and not feel were missing something. It was this way from FSX->P3D->P3D64. There is still a lot of unanswered questions about MSFS to say they are wasting time or for others to say they will stop purchasing add-ons for P3D due to MSFS.
  5. TalonMX

    FSDT Chicago a few days from release.

    I guess coming in a few days doesn't include this week seeing they released another video. I would have liked to seen the video with weather, ai traffic and a payware plane in the video to see how smooth it is.
  6. TalonMX

    No really, PMDG is having a sale!

    My comment was based on your statement "MS announcement has here a first visible effect on the market. Do they try to revigorate declining sales (pessimistic view) or need more cash to adapt their products (optimistic view) ?" but then again I may have misunderstood what you're trying to say because of the way it is written. I have no clue what a pompom brigade so I take it is a jab of some type. Again no one knows what the intention was but you know what, it was a nice gesture by them.
  7. TalonMX

    No really, PMDG is having a sale!

    Unfortunately we don't have a crystal ball that will tell us what the future brings. There is no telling if current products can simply be converted via the SDK or if they will require a total rebuild. I rather enjoy today than guess what tomorrow might or might not bring. The sales just make it easier for me to enjoy the product today. Either way we know it will take some time to bring 3rd party addons up to current levels. Look how long it took developers to bring addons up to 64bit when v4 came out. We're still missing a lot of addons that are still 32bit.
  8. TalonMX

    No really, PMDG is having a sale!

    Your complaining about the exchange rate which is PMDG's problem how? I bet if they released a MD-11 at the going 777/747 pricing you wound't complain about the US/CDN exchange rate. For others the 22% is a considerable discount.
  9. TalonMX

    No really, PMDG is having a sale!

    Instead of a conspiracy theory on PMDG Sales / FS2020, how about PMDG is simply celebrating the last step in the big move to the new service, forums, site, etc. They have been working this for some time and a nice gesture to the community was having a sale to celebrate a major milestone for the company.
  10. I guess I won’t be buying anything new than. I’m not touching 4.0 until I need to do a clean install down the road because right now my sim has been running great for the last year.
  11. I wondered how long it would take before someone posted this on Avsim. Wonder if the site is going to take a hit now and how many will they have for pre-order. Update on the amounts, Honeycomb Aeronautical We're shipping almost 4000 units to the US to be shared with retailers. If we run out of our own inventory, our resellers also honor the pre-order price till October 1st.
  12. TalonMX

    Comment from PMDG

    Yep, this topic and several others have been talked about almost 2 months ago.
  13. TalonMX

    KOAK Oakland Int'l Airport

    Here is the FSElite article on Cloudberry Sim KOAK development back in March. https://fselite.net/previews/cloudberry-sim-announce-oakland-international-airport/?fbclid=IwAR3Ut3ihYwzqTPgnkFGV-8FTr-TnmxpTVv7V-UWZu50vsxb0Zu_KxsYhYzo Actual postings from the Developer. https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/oakland-international-airport.444892/
  14. TalonMX

    KOAK Oakland Int'l Airport

    I noticed this released this morning. Interested if anyone has tried it out yet. The price is not bad for what appears to be a better than default airport with some nicely added details. Don't get me wrong, any enhancement to a default airport is a plus to me. It's a large download, 1.1gb. That's close to high end scenery size. From looking at the initial pictures, the grass is very green for the area, probably photo real texture. I would definitely be turning that off so Orbx would mesh better. I do like the buildings and hanagers. Wasn't there another KOAK in works? Anyways, looking forward to the reviews. 😀
  15. TalonMX

    FSDT Chicago a few days from release.

    That's surprising. Its very smooth on my system and others I fly with online. We just did a small group flight into KORD in various aircraft and we were commenting on how smooth it was.