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  1. Yeah it's really weird to see shadows disappear in the cockpit - whilst being in the cockpit :D Yeah no FSX is uninstalled and 64-bit makes all my dreams come true <3
  2. I've never seen that in FSX once in my life, I recently switched to P3D - would never turn back to FSX though
  3. But it's quite annoying though to have the sun disappear if I want to for instance test the oxygen on the NGX becasue I have to pan the camera to the left ahaha.. :(
  4. I've been having some trouble with the lighting (shadows?) and pretty much the sun as a whole. As you can see from the link below there's a significant change in lighting just by paning my camera slightly to the left or right. There's like a point whereas if I look east there's extra sunlight, and when I look a bit more to the south it goes away again. All shadows and sun effects just vanishes, or as if there's an extra sun somewhere that pops up and casts sunlight. :s Has anyone else encountered this before and is there a fix? I've been using PTA and ENVTEX but tried reseting to backup and the problem still persists. I've also tried removing P3D completely and reinstalling it. https://imgur.com/a/D4zid
  5. https://gyazo.com/8b5170882289cd9cf990175a39034ec2 Picture should say it all... I just bought the global package from ORBX + Norway and it basically digs the airport under the ground - making it impossible to actually use it. I've tried reinstalling both FSX and the ORBX installs but the same thing happens over and over. Does anyone have any solutions?
  6. Yeaah like I've said I've already tried that :/ Didn't cut it for me... Thanks though!
  7. I've tried reinstalling and everything. Simconnect installations have been run and I've tried repositioning the camera and nothing seems to work. I've flown the NGX for about a year now and I've never had any trouble with it.
  8. I have a quick question regarding this aircraft. It's as simple as will it run with FSX Steam Edition? It says that it requires FSX Acceleration or SP2. From my understanding FSX:SE does have all the packs included but I've found that other addons that I've tried installing would fail because it says I don't have Acceleration or SP2... I just don't want to waste money on an addon that won't work...
  9. Well basically how it works is you choose the CI you want to be cruising with when you're generating a plan (which in my VA is 100) and all I have to do then is set the CI to the same in the FMC
  10. Okay thank you very much for clearing that up. I have another question in that regard however. Because when I plan a flight with PFPX you get the flightplan with all kinds of information. Now what I'm wondering about are the times that PFPX estimates you'll be on each waypoint taking in consideration you CI and load and everything. I always tend to get super delayed even when I have strong tailwind! I start the clock upon takeoff and compare the estimated times on the flight plan to the actual times and sometimes I'm as much as 30 minutes late
  11. Hi I just have a quick question wether or not tailwind and headwind is simulated in fsx? I'm flying the NGX737 and occasionally I get really strong tailwinds or a really strong headwind but it doesn't seem to affect my plane at all. The same with speed really. So if I'm doing a flight that is say 2 hours long and I get like 50+ tailwind it would still take at least 2hrs if not more. And for the speed Like when the FMC estimates to arrive at the destination at a certain time and if I increase the cost index and fly at a higher speed it doesn't change at all, still predicts the same.
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