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  1. One of the last items on my pre T/O check is CAS..................Checked There should be no yellow or red msgs on the CAS. The only one you might have is a white msg that the Inertial Seperator is open if selected open during taxi out.
  2. If the bleed system was OFF you should have had a CAS msg (bleed off) & a master warning.
  3. I just did a ground engine run on the TBM & the throttle worked perfectly. Throttle is a Honeycomb Bravo.
  4. From my memory, Early Lockheed L1011's had Omega Nav system installed, which I think was a LF, system but different to the 247 type of LF nav.
  5. Now for those who want real world old navigation, for longer ocean crossings install a sextant mount & shoot the stars as they did in the pre mid sixties. Doppler nav was also popular until INS became available. In most 707's the INS installation was not approved for primary navigation (but it was used for that but not coupled to the autopilot. In my 707 days,( it was a long haul airline with ocean crossings), the crew had a navigator. Doppler nav was later fitted but relied on the accuracy of the onboard compass system to a level that the compass system was never designed for. I spent a lot of time tweaking compass systems to keep the doppler nav system accurate. How to do it was in your head, not in a Manul. Those were the good old days.
  6. @FakeWayne Thanks, I usually make my VFR flights in LNP or Navigraph. I will give it a go. Kev
  7. I know this has been gone through before but can VFR flights be created in Simbrief? Kev
  8. A couple of things. The hyd problem is exactly what it says, The hyd shutoff is closed. Check the 2 hyd switches on the front r/h side of the pedestal. Make sure they are in the normal position. If so, check the control menu for Hydraulics. Make sure there is nothing anywhere bound to the hyd shutoff function. PS BUTTON. Should be at normal. The pitot/static heat is now automatic. Dont turn it on. NO TAKEOFF. The trim is not in the green band. Also noticed no V SPEEDS warning on the PFD. Kev
  9. Foundi it. I didn't page down far enough on the map options. It is other options. Kev
  10. I have lost the green climb & descent green arc from the MFD. It was there prior to AAU1 but has gone now. I have searched the G5000 menus & can't find it again. If I remember rightly, it was somewhat hidden away before but I can't find it now. Any help?? Kev
  11. Hi, Each sim update has additional items in the various profile, general options & assistance menus. Keeping up with these is not easy (at least for me). Is there a list of menu changes/additions etc. at each update published anywhere? If so, where? Kev M
  12. Me too and don't regret it. Its like buying a car with the smallest engine instead of the bigger one. After a while you start to tow something & wish you had the extra power. Same here.
  13. @FakeWayne Thanks for that info. I have bound the bravo back (rev) switch as you said. Also I found a "AUTO THROTTLE DISCONNECT" in the autopilot section. I bound switch 2 on top of the alpha yoke (L/H side) to this. (It depends if you have a spare button to use). Works good. Kev
  14. I know this has been done to death before, BUT has anyone manged to bind a keyboard or Honeywell switch/axis to disconnect the longitude auto throttle. Taking your eyes off the outside right on landing to find the auto throttle button on the power levers does nothing to help the approach. Kev
  15. Sounds to me like the battery went flat (dead). Check that you had the generator(s) on. and the busses configures correctly. The engine will continue to run as it is a turbo prop and in normal operation in cruise it is self sustaining. (no ign required) The controls are purely manual so they wont be affected. Kev
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