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  1. Alex Thanks for that. It worked well. I did have to re specify the GLOBE data by copying it across from the old computer Kev
  2. I have moved LNM to a different computer and want to move the old aircraft trails over as I use them as a visual record of where I have been. Where are the files located so I can move them across Kev M
  3. Download the TBM930 Pilots Operating Manual. There are several available on the net. From this I make up my own checklists, leaving out the stuff that is not relevant to sim operations. In my case, the AP/trim sw, fuel auto sel & /boost pump Auto are part of my after start check. I an not sure if attaching word files is allowed on this forum . If so I could post my checklists here, but there are many others about.
  4. Try the AP/trim switch on the R/H end of the overhead panel. It is the master switch.
  5. All said above is true. The best way is to start with a clean sheet i,e make a custom profile & clear everything. Note what is bound to the Alpha yoke. You do not want any duplicate binds. Methodically go through the bindings & allocate them as you go. Recheck they work. For the throttles it can be a bit fiddly depending on the aircraft type. Keep perservering. There is a good 3D flap quadrant etc you can download. Sorry I can't remember the location. This turns the flap lever into a really useable thing. I fly the TBM and use the modified flap lever. Also I have mapped the flap up switch as starter & flap down as throttle adv. Works well on the TBM for engine start.
  6. Thanks for the info. I just like it to reflect my weight as the pilot at startup. 170 is a little on the low side for me.🍔
  7. I normally fly the TBM and would like to change the standard pilots weight. Where is the .cfg file to do this please.
  8. What control/axis do you have bound to the rudder trim control?
  9. Virgin Australia normal delivery route is Boeing Field BFI, Honolulu HNL, Nadi NAN, Brisbane BNE. Thats from experience.
  10. 5000 RPM, I hope it's not the 152 engine. Glad you sorted out the brake problem. There is a flight control app where you can see all the surface settings including the brakes. Can't remember the name though. I use it all the time for my flight control checks.
  11. I think i have fixed it. I was offline in the GENERAL, DATA area so could not select ASURE in the sound manu. Back on line & ASSURE selects OK. Tnks for the suggestions
  12. I think I have fixed it. In the GENERAL options list, DATA selection, DATA CONNECTION was turned OFF. Back ON & live weather is back. I don't know how it got turned off. TNKS for the suggestions.
  13. I have completely lost the ability to select live weather. The option is greyed out. Any ideas?
  14. Recently the ATC & aircraft voices have become partially garbled.Instead of a straight command I get additional information.eg. Instead of XX clear for take off etc. I get. XXX microsoft, clear & other vocal artifacts and eventually the take off clearance. Hard to explain. It also happens ocasionally to the aircraft replies but mainlt the ATC voices. Any ideas
  15. @snglecoil Thanks, I agree, it was that I like to assign commands to the controls rather than the mouse where it is possible. @109SqnSame thanks to you. I did not think of looking in electrics for the fuel pump. All good now. I like to try to bind as many switched on the bravo that I can.
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