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  1. Actually, unless you have a CPU bottleneck, gains from a GPU OC can be fairly significant and is much more straight forward (easier as boost does 90% of the wor ) than a CPU overclock. Most of what you have to do is bump the power limit and keep the card cool, then just keep bumping the core clocks until it becomes unstable; rinse repeat for memory. Besides, just because you're OCing your CPU doesn't mean you can't OC the GPU as well. As for pricing, I would expect the Asus Strix to be around 200 (give or take) more than FE models with stock. cooler. Not a ton of pricing info available another than here: https://www.overclockers.co.uk/pc-components/graphics-cards/nvidia/geforce-rtx-3090 Which shows the Strix to be more expensive than other AIB/Nvidia.
  2. https://youtu.be/cWD01yUQdVA Looks like Digital Foundry has their hands on a 3080.
  3. If it's going to happen I don't think it'll be a year, I'm thinking when Big Navi drops for 800-1000 (speculation) Nvidia will drop the 3080S /Ti in the 900-1000 range. Another option is if AIB partners drop a 3080 variant with 16+ Gb Ram. But, it if takes till Q1-2 of 2021, I can wait. My 1080Ti easily has a year of good juice in it @1440p.
  4. Waiting for reviewer benchmarks with RT/DLSS Off to get a true measure of performance as MSFS and DCS don't use them. Also, really hoping for a 3080 Super or 3080Ti with 16-20Gb VRAM.
  5. I would wager that there's room for a 3080ti or 3080 Super with 16-20gb vRAM that may pop up when Navi pops up and if it's competitive.
  6. GPU field should be interesting in the next 6 or so. Very disappointing that 3080 only launches with 10... My 2 year old 1080ti has 11, so it would be a side grade at best. 3090/3080 Super (20Gb) pricing and performance will dictate my GPU upgrade. Interesting bit is from the "leaks" has 900 more Cuda cores and is only 30-40w more than 3080, I'm wondering if a power mod will really let this thing loose as it seems to be intentionality power limited, presumably to keep it under 400w. Today's announcement should be interesting, hopefully benchmarks are to follow.
  7. I'm also due for an upgrade, but I won't be buying on Day 1. Waiting on user benchmarks as well as a waterblock. If rumors on pricing are accurate (1,400 MSRP.. Which will end up being 15-1,600) I'll be opting for 3080 super 20gb version. My 1080ti is still quite capable, so not in a huge hurry to upgrade. Would be interested to see what AMD will offer as well. 3090 should be pretty beastly, though rumors say its not using the full die so I'd be curious is a new Titan is coming; today's livestream should be interesting.
  8. Save your money and buy one card as OP's assertion is incorrect. MSFS 2020 does not utilize more than 1 GPU.
  9. On on my 7700k with HT on I see utilization of all physical and virtual cores, averaging 50-60% load according to MSI afterburner. Zero stutter (minor stutters when new scenery loads, but it's barely noticeable it bounces back quick).
  10. As other have said, you're not going to cook your GPU. Maxwell max temp is somewhere in upper 90s. That being said, the Boost on the card will start to reduce voltage and downclock once temps go over 60c and then again at 72c (if I remember right from when I had my 980). Basically the higher the temp the more the card starts to downclock to stay within tempt range. The cooler you can keep the card the faster it will run. This is different from thermal throttling which happens when card hit the 90+ point.
  11. I'm using TWCS Throttle and Pedals VKB Gunfighter Mk2. With minor sensitivity dampening they are very smooth. I also tried the T16000m joystick that came as part of the FCS pack with the Throttle and Pedals (needed the most dampening) and it was also smooth. The T16000m FCS pack was very affordable, but that was a year ago before the MSFS craze. Right now it's hard to find in stock and not at ridiculous prices $400+. EDIT: Have you tried this tweak? I haven't needed to but it's worth a shot before you buy new joystick.
  12. As other have said, it's DX11 all around. Not sure where Tom's pulled thag one from.
  13. Turn NV link off and see what performance you get with one card. I would wager it'll be the same. Or within margin of error. For example, fly the lading challenge for Sydney and see what FPS you get. Just fly straight for a minute or minute and half (let everythjng load).
  14. Yeah I don't know how much I would trust that. I have no idea where it's pulling the numbers from. GPUz and Afterburner are well known and trusted apps and I would be more inclined to believe them than whatever windows is trying to show. They show that one of the cards is pulling roughly 250w vs the other which is pulling 50w or less and indicates 200mhz on memory which indicates that the board is idling. It would be awesome if NVlink worked in Msfs, however, in this particular example that doesn't appear to be the case. I wish I could test it but I'm not in position to drop 2k+ to satisfy my curiosity hehe. Guess I'll be waiting for 30xx single card solution.
  15. I'm not sure what that program is or where it's pulling its information from and how it interprets it. But judging by the GPUz screen shots it's showing one of two cards barely utilized (background)/idling.
  16. Thank you for the screenshots, they do indeed help. It appears that one of the GPUs (top of the Pic) is not being utilized and is idling . This is evident by downclocked core and memory speeds as well as minimal power draw of the card comparing to the other GPU that is being used. Without any other information it would appear NVlink is not active per-se, at least not in a way that would suggest that MSFS is utilizing both GPUs.
  17. Spelling aside, from your original picture it's hard if not impossible to tell the utilization of both GPUs. His screenshot using MSI Afterburner on the other hand, assuming NVlink is enabled and configured correctly, shows minimal (background) utilization of the 2nd GPU as indicated by GPU load as well as low-core speed (being downclocked by Boost due to lack of load). Could you please, if you don't mind, download MSI afterburner and show your GPU utilization in-game? Not trying to start an argument, but would like factual confirmation rather than anecdotal before I spend couple grand on two GPUs or wait for 30XX cards. Thanks!
  18. +1 for happy customer. Download went smooth and have been playing since the 17th. I fly primaliry GA, don't really have any desire for airliners so that may be why I have nothing to complain about. Don't have a blazing PC, but my 7700k, 1080ti and 32Gb Ram keep me chugging along at comfortable framerates (40-60 depending on density) @1440p on a mix of high-end and ultra settings. Honestly impressive to see the level of detail of aircraft and the scenery without spending a small fortune or downloading meshes and hundreds of GB of photo realistic scenery. Just pick a point and fly.... Can't beat that. For everything else, there's DCS.
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