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  1. This one is also great https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/guide-testing-the-new-airflow-visualization/549454?u=megariceball734 One picture from the post showing convection
  2. For DLSS3, this video is all you need. Very comprehensive and in depth
  3. Based on what I read from Tiger, it seems that Marwan hard-forked the WT G3000, modified the codebase and made his own version out of it. After forking, the two codebases became independent so whatever future changes to WT G3000 shouldn't affect Marwan's version. However, Marwan may choose to incorporate future WT G3000 updates into his version.
  4. Don't quote me on this but I read somewhere that the Fenix's EFB can be extended by other 3rd party developers (or 4th party developers?) to add more apps. It makes sense to design their EFB exactly like an iPad with extension of functions in mind Cannot wait for other interesting "Apps" to come later
  5. Washing my eyes after reading that thread on FSLab With that attitude, I truly wish they stay with whatever platform they enjoy the most forever and never come to MSFS. The toxicity is so strong that I may need to call authority to check if it's qualified as a bioweapon
  6. Here's the recorded session. I am very impressed as well. I am also impressed by how the smaller developers work together to overcome some common obstacles https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1483624442
  7. Imminent release of Fenix 320. I am a lurker here but surprised nobody mentioned it here already. Guess everyone is busy guessing what the price would be for PMDG 737-700 😅
  8. Does anyone remember the time window between posting DC-6 sales page and its release date?
  9. It simply comes down to random read speed and how many smaller objects do you have in each installation. On PC, you could ask yourself Do you have an SSD? What's the rating of 4K random read speed? Do you have addons? Some addons (especially non optimized ones) can increase # of object to read by multiple times compared to the base sim and therefore, could increase your loading time substantially On Xbox, could you try a cold restart and see what's the "actual" loading time of MSFS? There's way more caching going on in Xbox
  10. Exactly. Just assume when you turn on DX12, you join their open beta channel
  11. I mean, it gives us a glance of what MSFS would look like in 10 years
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