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  1. Exactly. Just assume when you turn on DX12, you join their open beta channel
  2. I mean, it gives us a glance of what MSFS would look like in 10 years
  3. Wet pavement dries in 5 seconds, 5 freaking seconds!
  4. What I learned in Q&A Read API: The weather data in RAM may not be at the same resolution at different proximity so they need to find a way to homogenize the data for weather radar usage They want to prevent rogue scanning/crawling the raw data streamed from MB due to licensing constraint and data constraint (I think setting a weather data stream quota per account per day may work) Write API: They need to expose weather variables injected to the core weather engine. The list may be huge and hard to prepare but also potentially expose their engine IP
  5. I started with 1TB SSD and now I wish I bought the 2 TB instead. I think down the road with new updates, customized buildings and potentially future gateway airports, MSFS may take a lot more space than it initially required.
  6. Looks like "Low" setting got stuck - should be a straightforward fix As others mentioned already, the big game changer in reflection/lighting will come from DX12 update and MSFS incorporating new features offered by DX12
  7. Well I think what ended being is that Asobo/MS expanded their team, hired more new comers who are new to the codebase and created more code/version branches they can possibly manage. For example, the tree LOD fix was probably in a branch that was not merged into WU6 branch because the team is so big and the number of branches is too big.
  8. I think it's because their road map was planned 1-2 years out and consequently contracts with partners such as blackshark AI and Gaya were already sealed in the black. It's hard to imagine their contract with partners is on a on-demand basis instead of a fixed term/deliverables
  9. isn't it the opposite? Ultra means pre-cache everything at highest details so when you pan around, no addition LOD textures/polygons need to be streamed or loaded from disk to memory Basically for Low, you have internet to disk IO + disk to RAM IO + RAM to VRAM to CPU to GPU IO, each of them add latency (e.g. 1ms + 0.2ms + 0.01ms = 1.21ms) and on Ultra, you only worry about RAM space and the last IO (e.g. 0.01ms).
  10. Don't worry, it's just a sniff test to see if RAM clock speed may be the cause. If that's it, what I did was up the voltage from 1.35v to 1.4ish to make it stable, or fine tune the speed & timing to make it more stable (so instead of 3600CL16, you may try 3200CL14 or 3000CL13 to give you the same performance but potentially better stability)
  11. Can you try the non-XMP setting of your RAM (which would turn the clock speed to 2133 or something like that with lower voltage) and run MSFS again with ultra setting on everything to see if it's stable? I had the same RAM and it screwed my MSFS' stability on release. However, it was stable in every other stress testing or programs. I had to manually tune it to < 3200 with higher voltage to make it stable.
  12. Given how different the numbers of available models on each platform are, wouldn't it be more fair just to compare total flights?
  13. Couple suggestions Remove anything that is plugged in your laptop and test Downgrade to an earlier GPU driver - I am on 460.89 12/15/2020 and have been stable since. I remember someone recommended an even earlier version
  14. I wonder if we can model blue origin or virgin galactic low orbital spaceships in MSFS. Their operating altitude seems to be above 250K but not terribly over by too much (283K to 348K) Maybe Asobo is just thinking ahead and will release a DLC down the road to remove the limitation : )
  15. IMHO, the most interesting part of their reveals would be their potentially very different pricing strategies. I have a feeling that $200 would cover both in total sufficiently but the allocation may be very uneven
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