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  1. It's not the size of the files but the number of files because what happened at loading time is MSFS trying to build a index of associate files to look up when the scenery needs to be loaded You can have a 1MB scenery project that consists of 1million random files of 1 byte and it will take probably forever to load. A lot of PG convert from Google Earth has thousands of fragmented files for some reason and that's basically what kills the performance. You can validate this by doing a count of files of the 80GB Orbx scenario and 15GB of MSFS scenery files. I think you would find the latter has way more files.
  2. My understanding is that that solution needs 2 PCs hooked to the same session so one could be the "pilot" and the other could be the "recorder" or "observer". So there might be some technical limitation to how easy/feasible this solution can be built on one PC
  3. To me it looks similar in terms of smoothness. I think the texture in the bottom one made it look rugged
  4. I second this. May be caused by some mod that modifies glass cockpit function
  5. The official MSFS forum has a section about tutorials and guides. You can contribute there while waiting for further directions here. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/c/guides/new-pilot-help-guides/167
  6. Could be a work from polygon reduction algorithm to save rendering time. I would imagine the non-smoothed version has order of magnitude more polygons to render than the smoothed one. Hopefully someday we could have a more optimized tessellation algorithm to reconstruct mountain surfaces. A quick Google search yields nothing on such topic 🤷‍♂️
  7. I got yelled at multiple times when IFR to PARO on a RNAV approach (maybe 15 I forgot) ATC gave me the following restrictions/directions at least * Speed limit 230 * Speed limit 180 * Speed limit 145 Circling approach using RNAV 15 to land on 33 I GG'd at the circling part ...
  8. Here' my take as a long timer lurker here and sort of a semi-active member on MSFS forum. On AVSIM you almost know who are the toxic ones so as long as you avoid those, the forum is pretty clean and the people here feel generally nicer On MSFS forum, you never know who's going to start another very opinionated topic and triggers a trainwreck discussion or debate. There are quite some knowledgeable and friendly folks but their voices are usually not heard because they are not loud enough. But I have to say, there are some jokes/banters on AVISM I just could grasp or understand...
  9. I like this view to browse the addons. Super helpful if you are only interested in a specific area https://flightsim.to/scenery-map
  10. Go with Zen 2 Ryzen if you can be GPU bounded, e.g. 4K resolution, ultra graphics, etc. Currently I am running 3700X with 2060S on near 1440P High/Ultra and I am mostly CPU bounded. My mid-term plan is to update my CPU to Zen 3 Ryzen if it can match current 10700K. Otherwise I will save for an Intel in the longer term.
  11. Those are seams from different mesh tiles. Looks like they are not perfectly aligned
  12. What I heard is that community folder is the culprit here. You may want to clean it up first.
  13. u/m1ss1ontomars2k4 from Reddit found out that the 2D instrument refresh rate is synced with the monitor refresh rate. By reducing the refresh rate of 2D instrument panels, users see improved FPS in the cockpit. However, tinker at your own risk because of potential side effect. This is my first post; nice to meet everyone.
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