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Live ATC Autoplay for P3d 2.4 (LAAP)

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This is a nice shareware add-on that automatically overlays RL live ATC transmissions on top of whatever P3d provides:


I know there have been posts here about its use in FSX, but I tested it out in P3d 2.4 (which is supported) and it works like a charm. All you need in addition are:


1. The most recent licensed version of FSUIPC.

2. VideoLAN's VLC media player (freeware).

3. Either PLS (streaming URLs) or archived MP3 files for each of your airports and and communication types (tower, ground, approach, etc.). You can download these files for free from


LAAP's audio output tends to "step on" the P3d audio now and then but the author is working on an upgrade to fix that issue.


It's a nice companion app for your ATC add-on (like UT2, Traffic 360, WOAI or My Traffic Pro). The trial is free and can be extended indefinitely by downloading a new license key each month. or you can donate and get a permanent key.

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Thanks for HU. But the link does not work correctly.

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This one should work.



PS: Attention! The installation of the VLC player may hijack your browser with a "" link which is a bit difficult and annoying to remove. Whenever you start your browser it will be opened and not your previous saved tabs.

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It would be intersting to know how this behaves with other ATC addons like ProATC.

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I can't answer that question specifically, but LAAP runs as a LUA script via FSUIPC. Any time that you change radio frequencies, it checks its database to see if you have a PLS or MP3 file that matches the airport code nearest to you. Since it does not work using the P3D audio output, it should work with most other add ons.

Thanks for HU. But the link does not work correctly.

Oops, that link is for registered users. Spirit posted the correct link.

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hi guys...
have problem whit live streams from PLS files.
the STBY 123.5 works oke, but as soon i put in freq from for instance
EHAM eham03_rdr_river(100), than nothing happens and goose for all live streams i have
they were okeIin the beginning and loaded up, but no one started to stream.
and now nothing will even load up. what is going one here ?

also the menu keystroke shift +`, whits i found in a tutorial on the laap site is not working, nor can i start or stop it via FSUIPC.

the manual shows names like "eham01_app(100).pls" but EHAM has names like "eham01_app_tma_e(100)" whist i downloaded from the live site and only put the (100) after it.
i tried kbos_del and loaded on that airport but all the same

have spend a hole day to try and try things i could com up whit but noting helped.

so guys maybe somebody knows whats wrong here ?

have P3D V3
tried all whit PMDG NGX 737 LATEST
WIN 7 64 BIT


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You just have to rename the file downloaded from


For your example, the filename should be EHAM_APP(100).PLS and Laap will integrate it in its database.

In general, Laap will recognize files with that format : OACI_TYP(VOL).PLS or OACI_TYP(VOL).MP3.


If needed, feel free to contact Laap support directly from the contact page on the site.






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